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Martin Adam Pavlík
May 27, 2022, 2:00pm
Reading time: 6:48

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Photos Of The Actress With Bruises Have Been Edited, Expert Says. Yet, They Were Used As Evidence.

Read more news from the closely watched trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Court has been in session since April 11 in Virginia, USA.

Martin Adam Pavlík
May 27, 2022, 2:00pm
Reading time: 6:48
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Surgeon denied Depp's testimony 


Dr. Richard Moore, who operated on Depp's hand after the incident in Australia in March 2015, was the first to sit in front of the jury. The actor had his fingertip cut off, stating that his ex-wife had caused him an injury by throwing a bottle of vodka at him.


According to Sky News, Moore said he had been working as a surgeon for 25 years and performed a thousand similar surgeries. During the cross-examination by Amber Heard's legal team, he revealed that Johnny Depp's injury had not been caused by a bottle throw from above, suggesting that the actor's previous description did not correspond with the facts.


He then explained how he arrived to these conclusion, using detailed photos and X-rays to explain actor's injury. Moore was then questioned by Camille Vasquez, and the doctor finally admitted that you could not rule out that the injury was caused by a bottle of vodka. However, he reiterated that he could rule out the possibility of a specific injury, such as Depp stated in his version. According to his ex-wife, he caused the injury himself.

Criticism of a psychiatrist and response from Depp's fans


Another witness was psychiatrist and doctor David Spiegel. He talked about violence in a relationship and the traumas it brings. He stated that, on the basis of court reports, he had concluded that Depp was clearly showing signs of narcissistic behavior and that he might have been the one in a relationship, who had abused his position or acted violently.

Spiegel had not met the actor before, but reportedly asked for Depp's profile again before he was to testify. The actor and his legal team allegedly rejected his requests and questioned his qualifications.


According to the Independent, Johnny Depp's fans began bombarding the doctor after his critical testimony in court with comments and negative one-star reviews. They often referred to his statement in court.

For example, they identified him as a person who needed professional help and criticized his arrogant behavior. In addition, Depp's lawyer, Wayne Dennison,confronted the doctor during the cross-examination, saying, that he allegedly calledthe actor an idiot during his testimony, which Spiegel said he did not mean literally because he did not know Depp's IQ.



According to Entertainment Weekly, Spiegel's testimony was challenged in court by psychiatrist Richard Shaw a day later. Spiegel allegedly violated Goldwater's rule that psychiatrists should not provide expert opinion on public figures who they did not personally treat. Shaw therefore called Spiegel's conclusions unreliable.

Damages worth up to $ 50 million or speculations?


According to Sky News, entertainment producer and expert Kathryn Arnold also testified in court. She described the financial losses of both actors, stating that it was not only Depp suffered significant losses. According to her, the actress' losses due to a negative light from the trial with her ex-husband can climb up to $ 50 million.

She said that the negative campaign against the actress made it very difficult for filmmakers and other companies to work with Amber Heard, because everything negative was automatically transferred onto the film in which she appeared. She also referred to the long-awaited film Aquaman 2. Heard reportedly received only $ 2 million for the second installment, fighting to keep the job at all.

By comparison, the protagonist of the film Jason Momoa received 4 million for the first part and 15 million for the second. Arnold added that Amber Heard had been told not to come to the film festival, which hosted all the other Aquaman 2 stars, and said that the comic blockbuster had finally cut out the character that Amber Heard was portraying in the big final action scene. It was the scene, for which the actress trained for about five hours a day.



However, Marca writes that latest testimony from lawyer Richard Marks suggests that Kathryn Arnold's estimates are speculative and have no basis. He added that Amber Heard's career was not comparable to that of her Aquaman colleague Jason Mama, who had been a big star before, as he appeared in the popular fantasy series Game Of Thrones.

Michael Spindler, an expert on economic damage and forensic accountant, later agreed with Marks. Like his predecessor, he questioned Kathryn Arnold's statement.

Lack of "chemistry" with Aquaman

According to Deadline, a film manager, producer and CEO of Warner Bros., also testified. Walter Hamada, who worked on Aquaman 2, revealed in court that the company had talked about a possible recasting of Amber Heard, but it had nothing to do with what was happening between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.


This was allegedly due to insufficient "chemistry" between the actors. He denied that Heard had lost her contract, but he also said that Warner Bros. did not plan to pay the actress more for the sequel than for the first part.

Plastic surgeon David Kulber, who also operated on Depp and treated his finger injury, also testified via a video recording. The incident happened, as we mentioned in the introduction, in Australia in 2015.


According to Sky News, Amber Heard was allegedly attacked again the month of the incident, while he had a cast on his hand. The actress' team tried to question whether the actor could have caused the damage shown in the photos (the actress' destroyed wardrobe) and whether Amber Heard could have been struck.


Kulber testified that Depp could hit someone with a hand in a cast, but it would cause further damage to his hand, and he does remembering seeing any such demage. He clarified that Depp could not clench his fist with the cast on. However, he did not rule out that he could have caused the shown damage with his other hand. 

Important testimony of Kate Moss and no evidence of PTSD

Top model Kate Moss testified in court as part of a closely watched trial between John Depp and Amber Heard. She lived with the actor in the 90's. As part of her testimony a few weeks ago, Amber Heard stated that she knew of a fall from the stairs in which Depp was supposed to behave like an aggressor.


However, this tactic did not work out, as top model Kate Moss states, according to the BBC, under oath in court that the popular actor was caring. She thus refuted another false claim made by Amber Heard.


Moss described how the incident happened during their vacation together in Jamaica. "We were leaving the room, Johnny came out before me. It was just a strong storm. As I was leaving, I slipped on the stairs and injured my back," she said. She described how she screamed in pain. "Johnny came to my aid, took me to my room and provided me with medical help. He never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down the stairs," she added.


Another witness who testified in favor of Johnny Depp was forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry. She had testified in court before, stating that Amber Heard had two personality disorders (borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder). Another psychologist, Dawn Hughes, subsequently challenged Shannon Curry's statement. She said the actress suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to Depp's physical and sexual abuse.

This time, Curry responded to Dawn Hughes' statements. According to Sky News, the psychologist "distorted" the tests and results she used to evaluate the actress. She clearly disagreed with her, about Amber Heard suffering from PTSD. After observing the actress' behavior during the 12-hour evaluation and reviewing extensive comments from previous therapists as well as legal documents, she concluded that there was no evidence that Amber Heard suffered from PTSD. However, she admitted that it is this disorder that has symptoms that overlap with personality disorders.

Disgusting, ridiculous, painful false accusations

After a long time, the actor himself sat in front of the jury again. This was the last chance to speak, as the closely watched trial is coming to an end. During his testimony, Depp revealed several things and questioned several of the ex-wife's allegations, such as that he took eight to ten MDMA (ecstasy) tablets at a time, while in Australia.


He made it clear that if that happened, he would be dead. Depp also refuted that he hit her during their honeymoon in August 2015 in the Orient Express from Thailand to Singapore. On the contrary, he said that Heard hit him and in one of the photos he showed in court, his bruise is even visible.


According to Yahoo, the actor said it was crazy to listen to all the accusations of recent weeks, and even suggested that the actress' team could fabricate evidence. According to him, the actress' accusations of violence or sexual violence were disgusting, ridiculous, but also humiliating and painful. He also added, that they were all fake.

The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean series further confirmed Kate Moss' version of falling down the stairs, noting that Amber Heard had abused false gossip during her testimony. He also commented on Whitney Henriquez, sister of Amber Heard. She testified that she saw Depp hit the actress, and that he subsequently allegedly wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


As Sky News writes, Depp has reportedly witnessed as Heard spilled wine into the face of Henriquez. He revealed that the relationship between sisters was as "a swing", with constant ups and downs, but it was Whitney who always tried to please her sister. According to the actor, Heard treated her sister like a punching bag.

Edited photos as evidence

Bryan Neumeister, an expert in digital forensic analysis, came with important testimony. He analyzed photographs of Amber Heard's injuries, which were presented in court as evidence. He had to find out if they were genuine or if they had been altered. He researched so-called exif data, which speaks of the type of lens used, flash firing, and so on.


Three versions of the photo with bruises on Amber Heard's face were shown in court. "All three of these photos had to go through some type of transformation to change the size," said the expert. According to Neumeister, they do not agree forensically. Neumeister believes that several photos were additionally manipulated and allegedly passed through the Photos 3.0 editing software.


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