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Jakub Paulík
December 12, 2022, 10:00am
Reading time: 3:58

Eat Raw Meat, Advised Influencer Liver King. In Reality, He Was Taking Steroids And Making Millions Off The Naivety Of His Fans

He built his brand on "ancestral principles". But in reality he was doping with steroids.

Jakub Paulík
December 12, 2022, 10:00am
Reading time: 3:58
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A year ago, a new star under the nickname Liver King appeared in the world of the fitness community. His "prehistoric" approach to body culture, consisting of eating raw meat and training outside the gym, captivated millions. In order to maintain his "natural reputation", he categorically denied that he helped himself with steroids.


New evidence points to the fact that he lied and allegedly paid thousands of dollars a month for steroids. His "ancestral principles" were built on a lie. Similarly, he misled people with recommendations, such as, that they should sunbathe their testicles.


Source: Liver King

9 principles of our ancestors

He lives the life of a caveman, eating raw liver, bull testicles or bone marrow every day and lifting weights while surfing. He lives the life of a man who was inspired by our ancestors and rejected the modern approach to sports and nutrition. This is how 45-year-old influencer Brian Johnson, known as the Liver King, presented himself for a long time. His bulky muscles and eye-popping gigantic six-pack suggested that he was not "clean".

However, Liver King has categorically denied the allegations of steroid use, saying that he has never used them and will never use them. If he admitted to this obvious fact, he would damage his carefully built brand and reputation.


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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Liver King (@liverking)


Many fans of the Liver King believed that they could achieve this significantly muscular figure by eating raw meat or buying his products. Liver King managed to not only get a lot of followers in about a year (Tiktok - 3.6 million followers, Instagram - 1.6 million, Youtube - 234 thousand subscribers), but also started a successful business, in which on the web AncestralSupplements.com started selling pills with beef liver or fish roe.


Source: ancestralsupplements.com


Liver King presented his 9 ancestral principles to followers. He recommended them to fans who wanted to follow in his footsteps. He talked about exercise, food, quality sleep, but he forgot to mention the 10th secret principle - the use of steroids.


The emergence of the Liver King phenomenon


The pose he presented to the world has recently collapsed. Youtuber Derek from the More Plates More Dates channel has accused the Liver King of using steroids in his new video. The obtained material full of evidence is a huge success and more than 4 million people have already managed to watch it.

It is not the first time that Derek focused on the Liver King's statements. In the past, he criticised his recommendation that men should sunbathe their testicles in order to increase the amount of androgens (male sex hormones - editor's note).


According to experts, there is no direct evidence linking testicular tanning to an increase in testosterone. However, you can cause a decrease in sperm count or skin cancer.


Derek later talked about his new findings in a podcast with Joe Rogan. "There's no way he looks like this after forty," commented Rogan about the character of the Liver King.



Derek was able to access alleged email communications from mid-2021 between the Liver King and a coach going by the alias VigorousSteve (his statement on the subject). Among other things, the couple discussed the use of steroids in the emails. The monthly cycle of Liver King is said to have cost 11,000 dollars.


In an e-mail communication sent to Derek by a trainer, Liver King allegedly wrote about his plans to gain millions of followers, which he did. However, in the process of gaining fans, he purposefully misled that he acquired his muscles thanks to his customary "ancestral principles".

"I hate to break the dreams of those who think that following this system will make them look like Liver King, but that's just not going to happen," VigorousSteve tweeted to Liver King fans. He also called on other people who have evidence of his steroid use to come forward with the truth like he did.


Source: YouTube/More Plates More Dates


Excuse or defense?

In a 2021 email to the coach, the Liver King reportedly complained that he had hit the limits of his physical capabilities and needed a little kick. "Back fat is fucking killing me," he wrote. However, instead of raw meat, which he presents as a panacea, he decided to use steroids. Confronted by Derek's incriminating video, Liver King finally admitted to using steroids and apologised to fans.

"I'm making this video to apologize. Because I screwed up, I'm ashamed and embarrassed. Because I lied and misled a lot of people,” Liver King repented in a Dec. 2 video. He readily admitted to using steroids.

However, he claimed that his motive was to raise people's self-esteem, pointing to many cases of psychological problems and suicides. Joe Rogan criticised him for the fact that perhaps people's unsuccessful attempts to achieve the Liver King figure using his methods could lead to discouragement.



After the Liver King's confession, Joe Rogan publicly addressed Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, whose musculature is abnormal for a 50-year-old man. There are accusations of steroid use in his case as well. Rogan therefore challenged him to come out with the truth.

Source: IG/The Rock


Liver King claims that he covered up the use of steroids for a long time in order not to be a bad role model for young men. But now he thinks he made a mistake and has promised to speak directly and openly. However, he denies that he created the persona of Liver King in order to increase sales of his products.

He claims that his company was doing well even before he went public under the Liver King moniker. It is said that his goal was not to quickly gain a lot of followers, which, however, contradicts the words from the alleged e-mail communication.

Liver King claims that within his ideology there is room for modern medicine that would be "run by a trained hormone doctor". So it is not excluded that he will stay on steroids despite everything and will only modify his "ancestral principles". He does not mention the possibility that he would drop them off in the apology video.



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