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Martin Adam Pavlík
November 12, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 5:21

U Turn, Hustle, Anaconda Or Cell. These Are The Best Jennifer Lopez Movies

The American actress will soon star in the Netflix action thriller The Mother.

Martin Adam Pavlík
November 12, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 5:21
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 U Turn, Hustle, Anaconda Or Cell. These Are The Best Jennifer Lopez Movies
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You may know her mainly as a pop singer or dancer, but in fact she first became famous on the silver screen as an actress. Today, he has two Grammy Award nominations and two Golden Globe nominations.


It is true that Jennifer Lopez is not one of the A-list actresses who shine in the best or most successful films, but she has convincingly shown her talent several times during her rich career. So let's remember them. Here is a selection of her best movies.


Source: Google/Gigli


10. Anaconda (directed by Luis Llosa, 1997)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 89 minutes
RT rating: 4 out of 10


It's not a thrilling blockbuster, but Anaconda has surprisingly tense moments and is genuinely funny at times. Not to mention the bizarre cast that spices up a relatively simple story. In addition to Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, Danny Trejo and the demonic Jon Voight, who plays the main villain, if we don't count the huge murderous snake, also appear here.


The adventure-horror thriller focuses on a group of daring documentary filmmakers who venture into the Amazon rainforest to find the Shirasham Indian tribe. But instead, they find themselves trapped with a fanatical psychopathic hunter and a several-foot-tall monster that breaks bones and eats people whole.

9. Angel Eyes (directed by Luis Mandoki, 2001)

Where can you watch: Netflix
Length: 97 minutes
RT rating: 4,5 out of 10


If you like mildly mysterious romantic thrillers with multiple plot twists, Angel Eyes is for you. Here, Lopez portrayed an uncompromising and harsh policewoman Sharon, who falls in love with the mysterious stranger Catch (James Caviezel). He lost his family in a car accident and later saves her life from dangerous gangsters.


However, a relationship full of secrets never bodes well, so everything gets complicated and tangled until the hour of truth inevitably comes. An inconspicuous canapé that won't offend, but won't excite you too much either. However, Lopez is great here and takes the film to a higher level in terms of quality, as does the charismatic Caviezel.

8. Shall We Dance (directed by Peter Chelsom, 2004)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 100 minutes
RT rating: 5,7 out of 10


What almost always play a role in a man's midlife crisis? A love triangle. And who can compete with Susan Sarandon, if not the much younger Jennifer Lopez, with whom her husband (Richard Gere) takes dance lessons? Shall We Dance is a drama in which Lopez was able to make full use of skills other than acting and you can see that she enjoyed it.


We've seen similar stories about men looking for an escape from a "boring" passionless marriage a million times, but Chelsom is a cunning vixen who constantly confuses and tricks the viewer, not knowing how it will all turn out in the end. Although we know that Gere is crazy about Lopez and only goes to dances for one reason, it is not clear if she will reciprocate his feelings, since she is first and foremost a professional.

7. Money Train (directed by Joseph Ruben, 1995)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Lenght: 103 minutes
RT rating: 2,2 out of 10


If you haven't seen this fast-paced action comedy from the golden nineties, you should definitely do so. Two gamblers and thieves, played by Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, are trying to finally get their hands on a decent amount of money, but (understandably) fall in love with a new colleague, Grace (Lopez), and the world is in trouble.

6. Bordertown (directed by Gregory Nava, 2007)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 115 minutes
RT rating: 6,4 out of 10


Being an investigative journalist is not exactly the easiest task. Especially if you are going to the inhospitable Mexican Juarez, where women mysteriously disappear. The police later find them brutally murdered. In this gritty crime drama, Lopez played a journalist who fearlessly goes straight to a dangerous place to find out what happened to the girls and then write an article about it.


But she has to be very careful not to end up like them, bloody in the ditch. This is a bit of a problem, as she somewhat naively embarks on the fight against ruthless gangsters on her own. But her conscience won't allow her to let it go, especially when she sees that waiting for help from the competent authorities makes about as much sense as waiting for Godot.


Source: Capitol Films


5. The Cell (directed by Tarsem Singh, 2000)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 107 minutes
RT rating: 5,7 out of 10


What would you do if you found yourself the victim of a sadistic game played by a crazed psychopath with no escape and almost certain cruel death? Lopez has a difficult role in this visually stunning sci-fi horror that will leave you breathless at times.


Thanks to her special abilities, she must help the FBI find a strictly hidden place where a cold-blooded killer (Vincent D'Onofrio's sinister performance will leave you with chills for a long time) tortures and murders his victims. She only has 40 hours to do it, and she has to get into his really dark mind full of the most hideous ideas and thoughts you can think of.

4. Hustlers (directed by Lorene Scafaria, 2019)

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 110 minutes
RT rating: 8,7 out of 10


Imagine that you come to a club to have fun, you meet a bunch of beautiful women who show interest in you, flirt with you, and just when you think something is going to happen, you start to feel icky, you pass out, and when you wake up, tens of thousands of dollars are missing from your account. This is exactly what happened to a couple of Wall Street guys who were the target of "retaliation" by a bunch of sly strippers (one of whom is rapper Cardi B).


At their leader was Ramona, played by Jennifer. Not only did she use naive co-workers, including the shy Destiny (Constance Wu), to her advantage and stage several heists, she drugged the men and drove several to the hospital due to overdoses.


3. An Unfinished Life (directed by Lasse Hallström, 2005)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 103 minutes
RT rating: 6,7 out of 10


A small modest honest film that does not play for anything and does not need to deceive the viewer, with a slow pace, but also a lot of strong themes and a constellation of raging emotions. A contemporary "western" with a strong psychological line, set in a remote, bleak countryside, where men beat and humiliate women, pull out guns for joy and break faces for one evil look. Lopez and her daughter have to run away from an aggressive man to their grandfather, who does not care about their presence at all.

2. Out of Sight (directed by Steven Soderbergh, 1998)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 118 minutes
RT rating: 9,4 out of 10


We are approaching the finale. Soderbergh's immortal classic, filmed according to Elmore Leonard's model, is one of the best crime comedies of the second half of the nineties. It shows not only Lopez at her best, but also the great George Clooney. While he is a passionate bank robber, she is one of those who catch and lock up such villains. However, this does not prevent them from experiencing an unforgettable love adventure.


Source: Universal Pictures US

1. U Turn (directed by Oliver Stone, 1997)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length 125 minutes
RT rating: 6 out of 10

Even if U Turn is not as celebrated as Stone's other films like Platoon, JFK or Born on the Fourth of July, it is a top thriller in which you can't be sure of anything or anyone and everything can be completely different than it seems. John Ridley wrote the screenplay based on this model. He takes the audience on a wild ride full of bizarreness, sex and twists that will make your head spin. Jennifer Lopez has never been more seductive than she is here.


Source: TriStar Pictures


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