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Martin Adam Pavlík
December 10, 2021, 10:18am
Reading time: 8:16

10 Disturbing Facts About Marilyn Manson

Read about the most shocking moments in controversial singer Marilyn Manson's life.

Martin Adam Pavlík
December 10, 2021, 10:18am
Reading time: 8:16
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10 Disturbing Facts About Marilyn Manson
Zdroj: Getty Images/E. Charbonneau/Staff
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Musical icon, intelligent artistic soul or scary manipulative monster and misogynist? Fan or not, many people have wondered about these type of questions, especially after several singers accusations of sexual abuse and ill-treatment. Better question is: What if he is all of the above? Is that even possible?

Marilyn Manson is undoubtedly one of the leading figures in shock rock and industrial metal. He made his debut in the first half of the 90s with the album Portrait of an American Family, in which he addressed American values, nationalism, racism, religion, conservative hypocrisy and showed the other side of the American dream.

He liked to provoke from the get go. His pseudonym, after which his band is named, is connected by the first name of the famous American actress Marilyn Monroe and the surname of the serial killer Charles Manson. The singer later changed the history of rock and metal music with his image and eccentric performances forever. Last but not least, songs like The Beautiful People, This Is The New Shit, The Nobodies or Heart-Shaped Glasses.

These 10 most shocking, bizarre and horrifying moments from his career or private life may make you rethink your relationship with him as an artist, musician or person.

10. Nuns in latex with machine guns and bazookas

Outrage of orthodox Christians by obscene or violent music videos has always been one of Manson's main missions. He confirmed this in 2017 with a disturbing, shocking music video for the song We Know Where You Fucking Live from the album Heaven Upside Down, where a group of women disguised as nuns, wearing latex, march with machine guns and bazookas into christian house to destroy everything they find there.

Malicious nuns rape a married couple in their own house, turn all the crosses upside down and enjoy all of it smilingly. The singer takes an active part in the video as an assistant who holds a gun to the couple's daughter's head, forcing her to watch the horror scene. The singer has make-up on his face and lips painted with lipstick.

This type of Manson's attacks on believers are closely related to the fact that as a young child he attended a Christian school, which negatively affected his perception of the institutionalized Christian church. He later compared it to totalitarian regimes, such as fascism. Manson is also a Satanist. According to ABC News, the singer said: "To me, Satan ultimately represents rebellion. Lucifer was the angel that was kicked out of heaven because he wanted to be God. To me, what greater character to identify with? ”

9. Tearing and burning the Bible at concerts

Aside from videos, Manson also openly despises God at his tumultuous and often decadent concerts. He likes to tear or even burn the Bible during his performance. The video below illustrates how he wipes his saliva or blows his nose with the Holy Scriptures. He also puts the torn pages in his mouth and sings into a microphone in an incomprehensive way.

He usually does this during the song Antichrist Superstar from the second studio album from 1996, where he sings: “Time has come it is quite clear. Our Antichrist is almost here. I am the Hydra. Now you'll see your star. When you are suffering know that I have betrayed you. "

8. Reverend of the Church of Satan

According to Rolling Stone, during Manson's tour with the band Nine Inch Nails in San Francisco, the singer received a phone call that the founder of Satan's Church, Anton Szandor LaVey, wanted to meet with him. Eventually, they did meet, and LeVey told him he wanted to turn him into a reverend. "He gave me a crimson card certifying me as a minister in the Church of Satan" the singer wrote in his autobiography, Long Hard Road Out Of Hell (1998).

Source: Getty Images/Pierre Perrin


For Manson, it was like getting an honorary degree from a university. The controversial musician also wrote a preface to LaVey's latest book, Satan Speaks!, which was published in 1997. As an epilogue, he wrote: "Anton LaVey shared his magic and I think it has made this wretched f*cking planet a better the place. Thank you for your support and inspiration. ”

7. Cutting himself on stage

According to USA Today, Marilyn Manson went for a rather bizarre act at a concert in 1995. With a broken beer bottle, he deliberately cut his chest on stage in front of hundreds of fans. This left him with a very deep scar. Manson didn't explain why he did it, but on the other hand, it's not a surprise considering his nature.

Possible explanation might be his statement to Rolling Stone magazine: “My point on Earth is chaos. I’m the third act of every movie you’ve ever seen. I’m the part where it rains and the part where the person you don’t want to die dies.” Manson didn't stop self-harming on stage there. At one concert in 2016, he started cutting himself with a razor blade again.

6. Smoking human bones

Imagine the most bizarre, craziest thing in the world. Say it to Marilyn Manson and he is guaranteed to do it with a smile on his face will do. He's not afraid of anything. According to Evansville Courier & Press, singer once said for the High Times in 1995 that once he was in New Orleans, he went to dig a grave and found human remains in it.

He took a few bones to the hotel and decided with his friends to cut a few pieces out of them, put them in a pipe and smoke them. "It smelled like burnt hair, gave you a really bad headache and made your eyes red," the American singer recalled the night. He also persuaded some other friends to smoke Tic Tac candy. Not that crazy anymore, but it's still irrational. 

5. Ironing the Nazi flag and imitating abortion

Manson's concerts are unpredictable and unforgettable til this day. Fans have witnessed him braking his leg, wiping his genitals on a bodyguard, or performing with his good friend Johnny Depp (who also played in Manson's video to Say10) and with singer Watkin Tudor Jones, nicknamed Ninja, from the band Die Antwoord.

His first concerts of the 90's were on another level of weirdness. Incident that the singer mentioned in his autobiographical book Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is a good example. As he writes, at one concert, he had a pregnant actress iron the Nazi flag on stage. Later during a show, a woman with her legs spread out on an ironing board pretended to be going through an abortion.

4. Peeing on a deaf fan

The prestigious Rolling Stone magazine writes that during the recording of the single Lunchbox, which featured on the debut album Portrait of an American Family, the singer invited a deaf fan to the studio and asked her to get undressed. He then decorated her with hot dogs, salami, pig legs and took a picture of her.

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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Marilyn Manson (@marilynmanson)

Later, band member Stephen Gregory Bier, known under the stage name Madonna Wayne Gacy or under the nickname Pogo, was said to have sex with her, and Manson and bassist Twiggy Ramirez urinated on her. In the book, the singer described the event as follows: "I think she, too, found it to be art and was having a good time." However, this incident takes on a whole new dimension in connection with the singer's latest allegations.

3. I can kill you, I can kill your family

"I can kill you; I can kill your family; I can kill everyone you know," Marilyn Manson reportedly threatened Spin magazine editor Craig Marks behind-the-scenes after a concert, according to USA Today. The reason for the dispute between the two men was allegedly that the singer was withdrawn from the cover of the magazine.

Manson and Marks later filed lawsuits against each other, but they eventually settled everything out of court. According to Alternative Press, the musician later recalled the event as follows: "Once I got arrested for putting a gun in the mouth of the editor of Spin and I hid out at the Trump Tower."

A statement also appeared on Manson's website, in which the singer wrote: "I had a conversation with Craig Marks expressing I was tired of Spin's immature business behavior and the series of deals they had broken with me."

2. Soundproof chamber for bad girls, ax chasing or electric shocks 

If all of the above seems weird to you, hold tight. It's almost beyond compare with what his ex-girlfriends or mistresses revealed in recent allegations. According to Rolling Stone, Manson had a so-called soundproof chamber at home, which he called the "bad girls' room" and locked his girlfriends into. He kept them inside for hours to punish them for even the slightest transgressions.

The singer's ex-girlfriend, model Ashley Morgan Smithline, revealed to the magazine that Manson had misused her there several times against her will, strangled her, bited or cut the initials MM to her thigh. "Even if I was screaming, no one would hear me. First you fight, and he enjoys the struggle. I learned to not fight it, because that was giving him what he wanted. I just went somewhere else in my head," Smithline recalled in horror.

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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Marilyn Manson (@marilynmanson)

Actress Esmé Bianco, who also appeared in the Game of Thrones series, claims that the singer gave her electric shocks, whipped her against her will, raped her or chased her around the apartment with an ax. The incriminated location was reportedly decorated with blood, swastikas, cropped photographs from porn magazines, and a spray-painted sign "AIDS" was allegedly right above Manson's bed. According to The Independent, just last month, the police raided Manson's apartment based on accusations of several women.

1. He fantasized about breaking her skull with a hammer 

Another actress, Evan Rachel Wood, with whom the singer lived for several years, has been a victim of Manson's violent behavior. He started dating her when she was only 18 years old. In 2007, she starred in his video Heart Shaped Glasses (the song appeared on his album Eat Me, Drink Me). In the video, they have sex while bloody rain is falling on them. In the chorus, Manson sings, "Don't break my heart and I won't break your heart shaped glasses."

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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Evan Rachel Wood (@evanrachelwood)

"In the beginning, he was nice, charming, and I never thought he would hurt me. He moved very fast in our relationship, telling me I was his soulmate and that we should move in together just shortly after we started dating,” she said, according to Rolling Stone Wood. Over time, however, he forced her to break off contact with family or friends and completely isolated her, according to Rock Feed. The actress also said that he allegedly collected illegal information about various people for the purpose of blackmailing them and was tight with real gangs, which scared her and she feared for her life.

At the same time, he listened to her cell phone conversations, hacked into her email and social networks so that she couldn't seek help. Wood first broke up with the singer during the first year of their relationship, which inspired Manson to write a song called I Want to Kill You Like They Do In The Movies. In 2009, the singer told Spin magazine that he imagined how he would break her skull with a hammer every single day. The couple finally broke up in 2010. Wood was engaged to Manson.

This February, the actress wrote on Instagram: "I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him, before he ruins any more lives.” The singer allegedly "brainwashed" her since she was a teenager and deceived and abused her constantly.

Source: Getty Images/E. Charbonneau/Staff


According to Rolling Stone, over the course of this year, several women claimed that the singer intoxicated them with alcohol and drugged them, manipulated them, controlled their eating and sleeping habits, or kept them in captivity until they gave in to him. When they wanted to leave, he allegedly threatened to kill them or commit suicide. Manson denied all of the allegations and called them fabricated. Every sexual intercourse with his partners was allegedly always with consent.


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