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Peter Vnuk
December 12, 2022, 5:00pm
Reading time: 3:29

You Can Buy Quality Bluetooth Speaker With Great Sound For Very Little Money. These 5 Picks Will Convince You Of That

Most mobile phones do not have very high quality sound. Those who have it, on the other hand, do not usually have enough volume for a proper party.

Peter Vnuk
December 12, 2022, 5:00pm
Reading time: 3:29
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A Bluetooth speaker is a great thing when you're going to a cabin with friends, out when you want to become the DJ of the party. Before you give your neighbours an adrenaline rush or decide to get a speaker as a Christmas present, check out our tips.


A few tips before buying

Bluetooth speakers have several parameters in common. When making a decision, be sure to pay particular attention to the bass saturation. When you walk down the street with your chosen speaker, the bass will be the main thing that your surroundings will hear. They are also important because such a device is usually added to a mobile phone or other device that is structurally incapable of producing proper bass.

Individual models also tend to differ in design. You probably won't take a massive speaker with an amazing design to school or to the swimming pool with you every day. But you'll be happy to carry this small, handy variant wherever you go. A large speaker usually has a significantly higher volume, but larger version does not always mean a higher sound quality.

Although it is relatively common, not every variant also supports a wired connection. This will come in handy when the battery is dead and you urgently need to listen to the latest hits for retirees by Madonna.

We'll add one more perhaps somewhat unexpected tip - when you look at the individual models, notice what's included in the package. The manufacturers sometimes include various bags and cases.



The XTREME 3 model from JBL is one of the more expensive models. However, the company appreciates its universality, and the coverage of all frequency bands ensures that the speaker can be used by anyone and their taste in music. Whether you connect it to a laptop or to a mobile phone and go on the road, the shot from 50 Hz should provide decent bass, which laptops and mobile phones usually lack.


Source: JBL


Battery life is at the level of 15 hours, which is not that much, but it should be enough for a party from morning to night. In addition, you can take the 50-watt speaker with you to the pool or the wilderness, as it has the highest resistance to water and dust according to the IP67 protocol. In addition, thanks to the PartyBoost function, you can pair several pieces together and create a real rumble.


Price: 299 €


2. Niceboy RAZE Radion 4

The manufacturer of the RAZE Radion 4 model promises a 30-watt output, and you may be interested in the fact that it can also be used as a power bank. Apparently, it has enough energy for that, since it can play for 24 hours straight.


Source: niceboy


For stereo reproduction, you can connect two speakers using bluetooth 5.0. It does not lack resistance to water and dust according to IP67, so both are at their maximum. The surface of the device is rubber, which enhances the durability. The built-in MaxxBass function is in charge of emphasizing bass frequencies, which this model handles from 65 Hz.


Price: 57,90 €


3. Marshall Stanmore II

The retro style of the construction of the Stanmore II model is made to impress. It should have a power of a very respectable 80 W and its bass starts at 50 Hz. Someone will certainly be pleased with the aptX codec support from Qualcomm, which should ensure fast streaming of high-quality sound, for example, when playing games, but also when watching movies and listening to music.


Source: Marshall


The price is higher, but users praise the extremely high-quality and powerful sound, as well as the already mentioned elegant retro design, which gives the speaker a premium touch. If you are not going to carry it with you, choose the right location for it. A 35-centimeter and almost 5-kilogram speaker will require it. Just consider the weight if you plan to carry it often.


Price: 293,49 €


4. LAMAX Sounder2

This model doesn't really care about placement, as its sound spreads in all directions. Despite the fact that the lower limit of the bass at the level of 115 Hz does not sound that deep, according to user reviews, there is no need to worry about the richness of the bass sound. An important detail in the form of a clever rotary volume control will also please you.


Source: Lamax


It does not lack resistance according to the IP67 protocol, and in addition to a wireless connection, a wired connection can also be used thanks to the included cable. 


Price: 69,90 €


5. Creative Muvo Play

If you are looking for the smallest speaker possible, this will be the right choice. The dimensions of 8 × 11 centimetres predestine it for a vacation, but thanks to the possibility of connecting several pieces together, you can also use it with a computer or laptop, for example. Muvo Play also supports voice assistants and connection to an audio source using a cable with a 3.5 mm jack connector.



Source: Creative


The bass starts at a frequency of 70 Hz, which is not exactly peak, but this speaker will reward you with its low weight (0.36 kg) and low price, and the sound quality does not suffer significantly.


Price: 36,90 €


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