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Denisa Šútorová
November 24, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:56

9 Interesting Facts About Miley Cyrus: How Many Tattoos Does She Have, Where Did She Work And What Is Her Real Name?

"I remember telling my mom that I admire women in a different way. And she asked me what it meant. And I said, I love them. I love them as much as the boys," admits Miley Cyrus.

Denisa Šútorová
November 24, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:56
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9 Interesting Facts About Miley Cyrus: How Many Tattoos Does She Have, Where Did She Work And What Is Her Real Name?
Zdroj: Getty Images/James Devaney
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American singer, actress and rebel Miley Cyrus celebrated her 30th birthday in November. It seems like yesterday when we were all in love with Hannah Montana songs on the Disney Channel.

During two decades in the spotlight, in addition to prestigious music awards including the MTV Music Awards and the first rungs in the Billboard music charts, Miley managed to go through a change of identity and a divorce from Liam Hemsworth, whom she replaced with a woman. In the article, we bring you 9 interesting facts that you might not have known about the untamed American star.


1. Miley was not supposed to be Hannah Montana

Despite the fact that she started her career with the series Hannah Montana, she was not originally supposed to be one at all. As Rolling Stone reports, Miley Cyrus applied for the supporting role of Hannah Montana's friend Lilly, which was eventually played by actress Emily Osment.


However, she impressed the producers so much that they could immediately imagine her in the main role. At the same time, they hesitated over casting her because of her young age (she was only 11 at the time). The higher forces finally decided, and after several castings and camera tests, Miley got the role of a lifetime.


Source: Presley Ann/WireImage


2. Miley is not her real name

The world knows her as Miley, but the American star was born under the name Destiny Hope. It must be recognized that the parents really won with this. The nickname Miley came to her thanks to her father Billy and is a shortened version of "Smiley" (smiling) because she smiled a lot as a child. In 2008, the singer legally changed her name to Miley and said goodbye to Destiny Hope forever. The only family member who still calls her Destiny is her grandmother Loretta.


3. Singer's sexuality ended her marriage with Liam


Miley and Liam Hemsworth have had a long and at times tumultuous relationship, but when they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at their home in Tennessee in 2018, fans around the world went wild.


However, they did not last long in their married state, and two years later, news of their divorce appeared in the media. As Miley revealed in an interview for E! News, the reason was supposed to be irreconcilable differences, too many arguments and the shared trauma the couple experienced when their house burned down in Malibu. In the song Midnight Sky, Cyrus sings that she doesn't belong to anyone and hints that she doesn't need Liam's love.


Not long after the news of the end of the relationship of the Hollywood couple, however, there were also pictures of Miley exchanging passionate kisses with Kaitlynn Carter, the former partner of Brody Jenner from the Kardashian clan. It it thus possible, that the reason for the divorce was the singer's sexual orientation.



4. Her first sexual experience was with a girl


Despite the fact that she lost her virginity at the age of 16 with Liam Hemsworth, she had her first sexual experience earlier, with girls.

She revealed that she was bisexual at the age of 14 to her mother, who found it difficult to understand, but nevertheless accepted her daughter as she was and supported her throughout her life. "I remember telling my mother that I admire women in a different way. And she asked me what it meant. And I said, I love them. I love them as much as the boys," Cyrus said, as reported by People magazine.


5. She was expelled from school... for a kiss

Miley didn't become a rebel overnight. Despite the fact that her star profile is associated with scandals and controversy, she had something on her record before. Rumor has it that she explained to her classmates at a private evangelical high school what a true french kiss is. The stinging details led to her expulsion.


Source: Miley Cyrus/Wrecking Ball


6. She started out with an unconventional job


A very unusual job for teenagers, but nothing too special in the Cyrus family. In addition to acting, Miley also earned extra money by working part-time for her father, a well-known country singer. He was supposed to pay her $10 an hour to pick up underwear thrown at him by crazy fans on stage. If you're unhappy with your current job, always remember that Miley also started somewhere...


7. He has over 70 tattoos, one of which supports the LGBT community


The star does not hide the fact that she loves tattoos and on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! revealed that she has more than 70 of them. One of her ring fingers was adorned with an equal sign, which symbolizes her support for the LGBT community. "Many people mocked me and asked me - What happened to you? You used to be a Christian! And I said - If you were a real Christian, you would have clearity about the fact that Christianity is about love," explained Miley. In addition, there are inscriptions such as I'm proud of u or freedom on her body. There are also tattoos of motorbikes, hearts and female figures.


Source: Getty Images/James Devaney


8. She founded the Happy Hippie Foundation


Miley has not only career achievements on her list, but also good deeds. In addition to fighting for animal rights, she also founded her own non-profit, the Happy Hippie Foundation. Its aim is to unite young people to fight against the injustice faced especially by homeless youth, LGBTI+ youth and all vulnerable members of minorities.


9. Her biggest idol is Elvis Presley

In addition to Pharrell Williams, Miley also adores the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. He is supposed to be her biggest singing idol and fashion model. You probably had no idea that he was the one who inspired her album Younger Now and its title track of the same name. In the clip, Miley poses with a hairstyle and costumes in the style of Elvis Presley.



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