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Dominik Vetrák
October 31, 2023, 12:00pm
Reading time: 3:11

Netflix in November: Stallone reveals his secrets in documentary and Squid Game becomes the world's biggest reality show

What's the most worth watching from Netflix's November lineup?

Dominik Vetrák
October 31, 2023, 12:00pm
Reading time: 3:11
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Netflix in November: Stallone reveals his secrets in documentary and Squid Game becomes the world's biggest reality show
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Netflix will once again release a numerous new series and movies this November. No one can keep up with the rush of new releases, so we've put together a selection of the most exciting, the most anticipated, and the best-looking (at least according to the trailers).

Onimusha (series 1) - November 2

The famous Japanese game from Capcom studio will have an animated adaptation. However, this will significantly alter the story, which will be centered on one of the best and most famous swordsmen and samurai in the world, Miyamoto Musashi. He will be fighting monsters and other samurai in a fantasy version of Japan during the Edo period. The animation was created with a combination of hand-drawing (backgrounds) and 3D animation (characters). The anime looks very action-packed and fun.



Sly - November 3

After a successful documentary series about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Netflix will also release a documentary about his biggest rival, Stallone. The hour-and-a-half long film will focus on Stallone's career, personal life, the business he started with his family and other interesting tidbits from his life.




NYAD - November 3

Netflix nakrútil s oscarovou herečkou Jodie Foster film o nezabudnuteľnom výkone ženy, ktorá uchvátila celý svet. 60-ročná plavkyňa Diana Nyad (na Oscara nominovaná Annette Bening) sa v roku 2011 rozhodla zvládnuť preplávať z Kuby na Floridu, a to bez klietky ochraňujúcej ju pred žralokmi. Nikto to pred ňou nedokázal a už vôbec nie v takom veku. Pomôže jej v tom jej kamoška a trénerka zároveň (Jodie Foster). Snímku režírovala dvojica Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi a Jimmy Chin (oscarový dokument Free Solo, The Rescue). 



Blue Eye Samurai - November 3

Fans of anime and animated series must love Netflix. In October, they enjoyed the excellent Big Mouth, Pluto and Captain LaserHawk and in November, they'll be cranking it up a notch with Blue Eye Samurai in addition to the animated Scott Pilgrim and Onimusha.


This is another action-packed, dramatic series with beautiful animation and gritty fights in which samurai and other warriors will cut off each other's limbs. Interestingly, the story for the series was created by Michael Green, co-writer of blockbusters like Logan and Blade Runner 2049.



The Killer - November 10

The latest film from David Fincher (Gone Girl, Fight Club, Mank) will once again be a thriller. The main character is a ruthless and professional killer with no name (Michael Fassbender). One day he starts to feel remorse and becomes unsure of his moral values. He steps off the "safe" sidewalk and it results in a fight for his life.



The Crown (Series 6 - Part One) - November 16

One of Netflix's most prestigious series is The Crown, a historical drama series about the royal family of Elizabeth II. The sixth series will be the last. Netflix has split it into two halves, with the first coming out in November and the second in December. In it, viewers will see the events surrounding the death of Princess Diana and the state of the kingdom in the 21st century.



Scott Pilgrim Takes Off - November 17

That someone hasn't seen the feature film Scott Pilgrim? That's not a problem. In the animated series, though, viewers will hear the voices of the actors from the successful film, but other than that, they won't have anything in common. The series will tell the story of outsider Scott trying to win the affections of the girl of his dreams. But first he must face her seven ex-partners who will make his life miserable. According to the trailer, it will be a fun musical ride with cool characters and a laid-back style.



Leo - November 21

Adam Sandler voices Leo the lizard, who has lived his entire life in an aquarium. At the end of his life, he decides that he wants to experience something interesting and see the real world. However, he doesn't realize how dangerous it will be for him. In the animated film, viewers will also hear the voice of comedian Bill Burr.



Squid Game: The Challenge - November 22

Netflix has made the world's biggest reality show. It featured 456 contestants from around the world playing for $4.56 million. They competed against each other in both group and individual games based on the drama series Squid Game.



Obliterated (series 1) - November 30

Special agents complete a challenging mission to defuse a bomb threatening all of Las Vegas. They decide to celebrate with sex, drugs and alcohol. The next morning, in addition to a bad hangover, they are also faced with unpleasant news.


A fake bomb has been defused and the real one is about to explode and level the whole of Las Vegas. The drunks have to fight their way through dozens of enemies and save a lot of people. The series was created by the creators of Cobra Kai and stars mostly unknown actors.


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