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Dominik Vetrák
December 23, 2022, 5:30pm
Reading time: 4:45

The Best Netflix Movies Of 2022

We've picked the 10 best movies Netflix released in 2022.

Dominik Vetrák
December 23, 2022, 5:30pm
Reading time: 4:45
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The Best Netflix Movies Of 2022
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Netflix is known for releasing a lot of average and sub-par movies and series. They follow the motto of quantity over quality, for which they have recently been criticised among others, Ben Affleck.


But every month there's something interesting and quality on Netflix, so we were able to put together a list of the 10 best Netflix movies we've seen this year.


10. Knives Out 2 (directed by Rian Johnson)

Detective Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, solves a completely new kind of murder and crime case. It all happens on the private island of a certain genius millionaire (Edward Norton). Director and screenwriter Rian Johnson filmed a somewhat unconventional sequel and surprised us both with the style and the case itself and its resolution.

It is not as complex and striking as in the first part, just as this time there are not so interesting characters, but it is still a very fun and unique detective story that entertained us from beginning to end.



9. Athena (directed by Romain Gavras)

Protests of disgruntled residents of French suburbs sometimes seep into our media. Frequent conflicts inspired director Romain Gavras to create a unique hybrid of ancient tragedy, action flick and social criticism.

The new Athena from Netflix asks: what could a civil war look like in the suburbs of Paris? Despite the occasional loss of pace and the relative flatness of the characters, Athena is definitely worth watching thanks to some brilliant plot twists and originality.



8. Pinocchio (directed by Guillermo del Toro)

Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro came up with his own version of the story of Pinocchio, which is a bit more depressing and works with the themes of fascism and the troubled relationship between fathers and sons.

The director managed to tell a wonderful and emotional story about the most famous wooden boy who longed for the recognition and love of his father. This film is from the genre of animated stop-motion, so you will see unconventional animation, but in perfect quality.



7. White Noise (directed by Noah Baumbach)

Noah Baumbach, who you may know as the director and screenwriter of the Oscar-winning film The Marriage Story, has this time filmed something funnier and less depressing. Adam Driver plays Jack Gladney, a professor of Hitler studies.

Jack is the husband of Babette and the father of four children. The plot captures his struggles and joys as his city suffers a chemical pollution disaster and he must try to keep his crazy family together.



6. Enola Holmes 2

The sequel to the popular detective film starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill managed to surpass its predecessor in quality and that's all we asked of it. If you like arguments and dialogues of sympathetic characters, a mysterious plot and decent action in a story from the end of the 19th century, Enola will please you. In addition to the new case, it also advances the relationship between Sherlock and his sister, but we are sorry that the other brother did not appear at all.



5. Hustle (directed by Jeremiah Zagar)

The sports dramedy with Adam Sandler in the lead role made us very happy. Sandler once again proved that he is a great actor and in addition to entertaining sports moments from the basketball court, he also brought dramatic scenes and a lot of good humor.

Hustle isn't a revolution in the genre, and it doesn't bring anything new, but it still works as a unit. The plot follows Sandler's character, a basketball scout for the NBA, who finds a diamond in the rough in Spain in the form of a 22-year-old construction worker with enormous talent.



4. Entergalactic (directed by Fletcher Moules)

The film uses an animated format to incorporate various surreal scenes into the narrative plane. It was created by rapper Kid Cudi, Hollywood producer Kenya Barris and others, with Kid Cudi providing the entire soundtrack for the film (Entergalactic is also the name of his new album). You will fall in love with the characters, their behavior and funny dialogues.

But you definitely have to tune in to the African-American community and the atmosphere that only this group of people can create. Beautiful animation, fine actors, a very sympathetic love story and an authentically acting modern processing of a romantic relationship will get under your skin. We haven't wished for the main characters to get together and be happy while watching a movie for a long time.



3. All Quiet on the Western Front (directed by Edward Berger)

The best war film since the premiere of 1917 won us over with its harsh authenticity, excellent camera work and top-notch visuals. We enjoyed the action scenes, but much more important and thematically significant was the processing of the book model itself, according to which the film was shot.

Erich Maria Remarque's literary anti-war classic has received a fantastic film adaptation that sells the writer's anti-war ideas well enough. The actors and the entire crew, who took care of the visuals and atmosphere of the First World War, also stood out.



2. The Sea Beast (directed by Chris Williams)

If you liked How to Train Your Dragon, The Sea Beast will be your new favorite anime. It has a similar story, but in a completely different setting and with different creatures. However, the creators of the film managed to create similarly charismatic characters and also incorporated a nice message into the story with a functional finale, which in 90% of other anime would seem like a cliché.

From the beginning, the picture shows the efforts of the monster hunters to catch the most dangerous of them, and the little orphan Maisie is determined to help them in this. In addition to the nice story and characters, you will also appreciate the high-quality animation and charming scenes at sea.



1. Apollo 10 1/2 (directed by Richard Linklater)

In our opinion, director Richard Linklater made one of his best films. The plot is mostly about what it must have been like to grow up in Texas in the 1960s, near a NASA facility. The main character is a boy, Stan, who imagines what it would be like if NASA commissioned him to become the first man on the moon.

Much more than his fantasizing, however, we enjoyed the glimpse into the 60s and the nostalgic scenes about life in a period that was not ruled by digital devices and which we also experienced a little. Apollo 10 1/2 is an excellently shot, edited and told story that will put a smile on your face.



Bonus: Furioza (directed by Cyprian T. Olencki)

The Polish film told the story of football hooligans who go to matches primarily to fight. The characters in the story live lives where breaking bones and brutal violence are the order of the day.

Furioza is over two and a half hours long, but you will never be bored. The movie has good action scenes but the lead actor disappoints. It doesn't really go into the depth and psychology of hooligans and their meaning, but it's still a quality film with strong themes that is very well watched.


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