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Martin Adam Pavlík
April 29, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 7:45

Amber Heard Has Two Personality Disorders, Said The Psychologist. Neither Elon Musk Nor James Franco Will Support Her In Court.

Read more news from the closely watched trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which started again on April 11th in Virginia, USA.

Martin Adam Pavlík
April 29, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 7:45
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Amber Heard Has Two Personality Disorders, Said The Psychologist. Neither Elon Musk Nor James Franco Will Support Her In Court.
Zdroj: TASR/AP/Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo
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The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is evolving every day, bringing in a number of new revelations. The actor is suing his ex-wife in America (after he was found guilty by the Supreme Court in Britain) for defamation of character. He is trying to prove that the actress falsely accused him of domestic violence and presented false evidence.

Source: TASR/AP/Steve Helber, Pool

Exhausting psychological battle

Courtroom cameras carefully capture every smirk, sob, or hint of uncertainty. While Amber Heard shows a disrespectful and offended expression, her ex-husband shows prudence, patience, peace, and notorious charisma. His spontaneous witticisms often make everyone present laugh.

While he was "grilled" by the actress' lawyers, even he stuttered or took his time with the answers. It was clear a couple of times, that their questions are annoying him. He responded to the most unpleasant ones with ironic remarks. For both Depp and Heard, this is undoubtedly extremely exhausting, psychologically, and it is obvious that both of them would rather be anywhere else.

No wonder. Their truly unpleasant conversations, quarrels full of insults and screams and secrets, which were never meant to see the light of the world, are aired in front of the whole world every day. Let's look at what testimonies were made, what recordings were heard in front of the jury and whose side is looking more favourable at the moment.


Source: TASR/AP/Steve Helber, Pool

Video of aggressive Depp

The video submitted by Amber Heard's lawyer, showed that Johnny Depp was definitely not an angel. His ex-wife secretly recorded him pounding on the kitchen counter in rage or pouring himself a glass of wine, which he later aggressively smashes on the ground. 



In this 2015 video, you can also hear him screaming and cursing, finally forcibly grabbing and turning off the camera when he finds out that he is being recorded. As The Independent writes, Depp responded to the recording in court: "I poured myself a big glass of wine. I considered it necessary. And yes, I attacked a few lockers, but I didn't attack Miss Heard. I didn't try to intimidate her. If she was intimidated, why was she filming? If she was really scared to death, why didn't she leave?”


Despite the fact that Depp was really scary on the video, it did not show him attacking the actress directly. However, according to her, there was physical contact. In another, this time a sound recording presented in court, Depp allegedly admitted that he had hit his ex-wife in the head. However, he explained the incident as unintentional. It allegedly happened when he tried to calm her down and restrict her movement, and as a result of their interaction, they hit their heads together.

Cocaine with Marilyn Manson and with Amber Heard's sister

Reading Depp's 2014 texts to Amber Heard, in which he admits that he is "wild" and regrets his behaviour towards the actress, didn't much help his case. In other reports from 2013, in which it is not specified to whom they were sent, he again described the ex-wife as an "idiot cow" and wrote that he would hit the "ugly b**ch".

 In addition, Depp admitted to Amber Heard lawyer Ben Rottenborn that he had behaved aggressively in hotel rooms in the past and that he drank and abused drugs, for example with his good friend, the singer Marilyn Manson (he also faces several charges of domestic violence or sexual abuse), or with the actor Paul Bettany.


Depp exchanged some scary texts with Bettany about how they would burn or drown Amber Heard together. However, the actor later explained that none of this was meant seriously and it was just an exaggerated humour. He added that Amber Heard had an argument with Bettany on vacation. Bettany's 18-year-old son also got involved, and according to Depp, the actress became so mean that she brought him to tears and eventually left.


Johnny Depp admitted that he once gave Marilyn Manson his medication so that he wouldn't talk so much anymore, which amused everyone present. Depp's relationship with Amber Heard's sister Whitney was also discussed in court. He made no secret of the fact that they had a very good friendship. He said he called her "sister" and liked her very much. He also revealed that they did cocaine two or three times together.

„Put the knife away, Johnny“

Amber Heard representatives released another sound recording in front of the jury, in which the voice of the frightened Amber Heard is heard after Johnny Depp pulled out a knife and wanted to cut himself. He also asked his ex-wife to cut him. But she just begged him to put the knife down. "I know you want to. Cut me, come on, you hate me, you fu**ing hate me," said Depp. "Please don't cut yourself. Why would I cut you? I would never do that, put that knife away, Johnny,"  Heard replied.



However, Depp subsequently clarified the context. It happened in 2016, shortly after Amber Heard filed a restraining order against him and he was bombarded by the media due to charges of violent behaviour. "I was at the end. I was broken. I said to myself: This is the only solution. I told her: Here's my blood, that's all I have left and what else I can give you. You took everything from me, do you want my blood? Take it," the actor said.

The tables have turned

While the above evidence and information did not much help Depp in clearing his name and restoring his reputation as a peaceful gentleman, his testimony was sincere. And also the determination that, despite all the dirt from his personal life, he can prove that he was the victim of domestic violence, specifically physical attacks. He confessed all the unpleasant things with peace of mind and eventually explained the context, and there is still no evidence suggesting that he was actually attacking his ex-wife.


This was confirmed by several witness testimonies, such as Keenan Wyatt - a sound engineer and Depp's friend, and Ben King - the manager of Johnny Depp's estate (who at the same time described the incident when Amber Heard injured Johnny Depp with a bottle, who lost a piece of his middle finger as a result of the injury), Gina Deuters, Alejandro Romero or Tara Roberts.


Tara Roberts witnessed a turbulent quarrel between the couple at the time, but like the others mentioned, she never saw any signs of a physical attack on Amber Heard. She also did not see that Depp was violent and aggressive towards his ex-wife. According to her, he always tried to avoid quarrels, and when he tried to escape, it was Heard who kept pouring oil onto the fire and escalating the conflict.

According to Roberts, the Heard once told Depp that he would die as a fat lonely old man. She also took his car keys so he couldn't leave the house, so he had to walk away. She also witnessed Depp blame Amber Heard for hitting him in the face with a can (the actor later clarified the circumstances of this incident in his testimony).

Two personality disorders

Depp has repeatedly testified that his ex-wife treated him violently. According to one of his testimonies, she once aggressively tried to get to his bathroom, and after he opened the door for her, she started kicking constantly, which resulted in the door hitting him in the head.  Depp's bodyguard Sean Bett testified, that he noticed various traces of injuries several times.


Apparently, the groundbreaking testimony in the previous trial came on Tuesday, April 26. According to Fox, a clinical psychologist hired by Johnny Depp's legal team testified that the testing she conducted on Amber Heard included responses that showed signs of "gross exaggeration."


Dr. Shannon Curry diagnosed Amber Heard with two personality disorders Source: TASR/AP/Brendan Smialowski/Pool Photo


Dr. Shannon Curry testified that Heard was diagnosed with two personality disorders (borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder), suggesting that the actress' claims did not necessarily reflect reality.


According to Healthline, people with histrionic personality disorder (HPD) have a distorted mental picture of themselves. They often base their self-esteem on the approval of others, which creates the need to be the center of attention. Because of this, people with HPD may resort to overdramatic behaviour.


Symptoms of this disorder include rapidly changing emotions, exaggerated emotions, and theatricality. People with this disorder are also said to be easily influenced by other people or circumstances and consider relationships more intimate than they really are. In addition, Heatline points out that if a person suffers from HPD, they may be easily frustrated or bored with the routine, make hasty decisions before thinking about them, or may threaten to commit suicide to attract attention.

No signs of violence 

During the trial in Virginia, it turned out that Amber Heard lied several times. Heard claimed that she was carrying the All In One Correcting Kit - a compact set of colour correctors by Milani. According to her own words, she used them to cover the bruises she allegedly had after the violent attacks by Johnny Depp.

"She got used to it very quickly," her lawyer told the court, a palette of colour correctors in her hands. However, according to court documents, the physical attacks between them allegedly took place in the years 2012 to 2016, while the mentioned set of correctors did not reach the market until 2017. The company itself pointed this out.


Actress' another lie was confirmed by a pair of LAPD police officers, whom she called on Depp on May 21, 2016 after they had an argument. She was allegedly a victim of violence. However, officers Melissa Saenz and Tyler Hadden said during a pre-trial statement heard in court on Tuesday and Wednesday that when they arrived at the time, they saw no evidence of a crime and found no evidence of physical violence. In addition, Depp was not even present.

Depp's win

Another turning point that could significantly affect the course of the trial was the hearing of an audio recording in court, presented by Depp's team. It is recording of a phone call between the couple of trial. "Tell the world, Johnny: I, Johnny Depp, man, am a victim of domestic violence, and you will see how many people will believe you or lean towards you," Amber Heard said.


After the actor's lawyer asked Depp how he responded to these words, he said clearly and confidently, "I said, Yes, I am a victim of domestic violence." Depp also revealed that he wanted a peaceful settlement outside the courts and intended to write a joint statement with her in the form of a letter, where they would explain everything to the public. In the end, this did not happen.

Without Elon Musk a James Franco 

There were speculations that both Elon Musk and James Franco were Amber Heard's lovers during her marriage to Depp. However, according to Fox News, Elon Musks's lawyer Alex Spiro has confirmed that Tesla's boss will not testify in a court in Virginia, despite being listed as a witness. However, no further details on why he did not do so have been released. It is debatable whether the testimony of the already mentioned witness Alejandro Romero or other previous findings in court is responsible for this.


As a doorman at Depp's penthouse, where the couple lived, Romero revealed that Musk had visited Amber Heard several times in 2015, but always when Johnny Depp was not home. According to the New York Post, James Franco will not appear before a jury in Virginia to help Amber Heard . He was to clarify in court if he had seen the alleged bruises on her face to prove that Depp had hit her.


Source: Flickr/Ivaj Aicrag/na voľné použitie, Getty Images/C Flanigan


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