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Martin Adam Pavlík
May 20, 2022, 4:20pm
Reading time: 6:29

Johnny Depp Reportedly Behaved As A Cruel Misogynist, New Witnesses Claim In A Closely Watched Trial

New testimonies can be crucial to the outcome of the process.

Martin Adam Pavlík
May 20, 2022, 4:20pm
Reading time: 6:29
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After a one-week hiatus due to a change in Judge Penney Azcarate's program, Amber Heard  and Johnny Depp returned to the courtroom in Virginia, USA, on Monday, May 16. It is now Amber Heard's turn to testify. 


She accused Depp of sexually abusing her in addition to multiple physical assaults. With tears in her eyes, she brought up several details (according to the actress, for example, he put a glass bottle of alcohol in her vagina).

The famous actor from the film series Pirates of the Caribbean allegedly slapped her for the first time in 2012 and allegedly intervened with her acting career. Among other things, Heard said he was overly jealous and paranoid, and often attacked her verbally for the clothes she wore.

He held her hair with one hand and beat her with the other


Let's take a look at what's new in the trial, which is slowly but surely approaching its end. An important testimony was given, for example, by Sister Amber Heard - Whitney Henriquez. After her testimony, it definitely doesn't look good for Depp.

Depp's relationship with Henriquez had previously been discussed in court. The actor made no secret of the fact that they had a very good friendship. He said he called her "sister" and liked her very much. He also revealed that they did cocaine two or three times together. Henriquez and her husband lived in Depp's house and, as she said, did not pay for the rent, which was "very generous" from the actor.


She also revealed that she played the role of a "marriage counselor" in her sister's relationship with the actor, but she was not very successful. She also commented on the incident on the stairs, which allegedly happened at Depp's penthouse in Los Angeles in March 2015.


Amber Heard had previously discussed this in court. She said the actor had hit her sister Whitney, so she attacked him in rage. She said she was afraid that he would knock her sister down the stairs just like he did to Kate Moss once (Depp dated her in the 90's, and it was never confirmed that he threw her down the stairs. It was gossip).


According to the Independent, Henriquez confirmed this week that Depp had hit her from behind while she was standing face to face with her sister, and Amber Heard told the actor, "Don't hit my sister." She then hit him. According to Henriquez, the actor immediately grabbed her sister by the hair with one hand and began beating her in the face with the other.

Infidelity and the non-disclosure agreement of secrecy

According to British newspapers, she further testified that Depp was drunk and screaming like an animal. She and her sister reportedly stayed in the room all night, and when she left the next day, she found that her sister's wardrobe had been completely destroyed. She said she had found a so-called non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on the table, a confidentiality agreement she was meant to sign. However, she added that she refused.


The whole incident and quarrel were said to be preceded by Amber Heard finding text messages between Depp and a woman named Rochelle indicating that he was cheating on her. She told the nurse and the screaming began, which soon led to a physical conflict. Depp was first to throw a can of Red Bull into babysitter Debbie Lloyd, who was also reportedly involved in the incident. Subsequently, there was the fight with the sisters.


According to Sky News, Henriquez described another incident in the car, which was also described in court by Amber Heard. Her sister confirmed that Depp had pulled their dog out of the window while driving and held it there for a while. When he put him back in the car, he allegedly joked that he would put him in the microwave. Other testimonies that may become crucial to the outcome of the process were brought by actress' makeup artist Melanie Inglessis and actress' friend Raquel Pennington.

The former described how she covered the bruises on Amber Heard's face before her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on December 16, 2015. At the same time, she admitted that she had never witnessed Johnny Depp attack the actress in any way and did not know how she acquired the bruises she covered.

Torn hair and cuts

Pennington again said Depp referred to his "alternative personality" as a monster, and she admitted that she had concerns about Amber Heard's physical health during the couple's relationship. She said she saw how the actress had her hair ripped from her head in 2016, and that after returning from Australia in 2015, she saw Amber Heard with cuts on her legs and arms. However, when asked directly if she had ever seen Depp hit, kick or throw something at an actress, she said no.


At the same time, according to Sky News, she admitted that she saw Depp screaming aggressively at his ex-wife, and once she even wanted to intervene during their quarrel. "He didn't stop screaming, so I followed him and put my hands on his chest to stop and calm him down. He objected and pushed them away, so I walked straight over to Amber. I sat down on the couch next to her. She was crying, so I tried to comfort her. Suddenly he approached us a little and shouted at her. He said to get up or stop crying, something like that ... and he was getting closer and closer," Pennington said.


"I said to myself, that if he came even closer, I would simply take the ceramic ashtray that was on the coffee table and hit him with it," she added. According to Fox, Amber Heard's acting coach Kristy Sexton also appeared among the witnesses. According to her, Heard came to their meetings crying because of the fights with Depp. Sexton further revealed that the actress, paradoxically, had a problem with fake crying during acting lessons.


She described how Amber Heard's looks and moods had changed after the relationship problems with Depp began. She allegedly lost a lot of weight, and at one time the actress was just "bone and skin," she said. Sky News writes that Sexton also recalled Johnny Depp shouting at Amber Heard during her visit.


"I remember once Amber tried to get out of the room and then, when the door closed again, I just heard her muffled scream," she said. Sexton later confirmed Heard's words, which were previously said in court, that Depp had tried to interfere with her acting. "I've heard Johnny say several times - why would you want to take on such a role? - or - my wife will not play such a role. I have heard such things from him several times," she stated.

Cruel and jealous misogynist 


One of Amber Heard's friends, photographer and presenter iO Tillett Wright, also testified in court in Virginia. According to Sky News, Wright revealed that Depp had always been soberly amusing and kind, but after using drugs or alcohol, his behavior changed and he became malicious. Specifically after cocaine use, he behaved like a misogynist and was cruel.


Wright explained what the actor had told him when he was once drunk by the pool. "All she (Amber) has is her looks, she has no talent," Depp reportedly said. The actor allegedly told him that in the past he had suffered from jealousy during his relationships with Winona Ryder, Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis. According to Wright, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Depp spoke of his fans in a derogatory manner and was rude to his mother and his siblings. He also said that on the day of his wedding to Amber Heard, when he congratulated the actor during his reception, Depp replied, "Now I can punch her in the face and no one can do anything about it." 


Actress was also "grilled" with unpleasant questions by Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez during the cross-examination. Vasquez forced her to admit that she had not sent the amount she had promised from the money she had received after her divorce from Depp to the charity. However, the actress added that she still wants to send the money according to the agreement, but the reason why she has not sent it yet is precisely because her ex-husband is suing her. Elon Musk allegedly sent $ 500,000 instead. "You forced him to pay part of what you promised these two charities because you wanted to keep part of the settlement to yourself, didn't you?" Vasquez asked, and Amber Heard said, "You're very wrong about that."

More than thirty late-night visits


Depp's lawyer suggested, that the actress was editing bruised photos, which Heard denied, while also refuting the claims that she made up any injuries for popularity or money. To Vasquez's arguments as to why no bruises were seen in some of her photos, which she allegedly captured shortly after the physical attacks, she replied that she was covering them with makeup so that she would not look beaten in front of the paparazzi.


She added that she had lost some acting offers due to a lawsuit with her ex-husband and had to fight for her career to survive. She also claimed that the Hollywood studio Warner Bros. significantly reduced her role in the comic book film Aquaman 2.

A video featuring James Franco and Amber Heard in the elevator, resting their heads against one another, was also played before the jury and fuelled speculations about infidelity. Josh Drew, Raquel Pennington's ex-husband, who also lived in the actor's penthouse, also reopened this in his testimony. He confirmed that Amber Heard was visited more than 30 times late at night when Depp was not home.


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