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Tímea Krauszová
December 19, 2022, 10:00am
Reading time: 2:36

Tinder Revealed How We Dated In 2022: Young People Avoid Toxic Relationships, Drink Less And Want Fidelity

Young people don't want to waste time dating anymore. They look for people with similar values and they care about social issues.

Tímea Krauszová
December 19, 2022, 10:00am
Reading time: 2:36
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Dating app Tinder publishes its annual report on dating trends based on its own data. The report mainly monitors what users write on their profiles. In 2022, new types of "non-relationships" dominated, young people avoided alcohol when dating more often and expressed their political and social attitudes in their profiles.

They looked for love in the stars

According to data from Tinder, the most used emoji of the year was the letter P. Although the emoji refers to a parking lot, people on Tinder were more likely to refer to the hit Pushin P. The dating app claims that young people put the symbol on their profiles because they were looking for positivity.

The phrase "pushin P" has several meanings, but loosely translated it means achieving financial or material gains. It is mainly used when showing a lot of cash, luxury clothes, watches, jewelry, cars, real estate etc.


The Ukrainian flag also appeared among the 10 most popular emoticons, a clear message about who, according to daters, is the aggressor and with whom they sympathize in the conflict. Beer and wine emoticons are no longer as popular, their use in profiles has dropped by 40 and 25 percent, indicating that young people no longer want to drink as much when dating.

This is also confirmed by data from Tinder's internal survey, in which more than 25% of respondents said that they consume less alcohol on dates than last year. In addition, up to 72% of app users do not drink at all or rarely. Therefore, new places for dating also came to the fore: from bars and restaurants, young people move to forests, parks or cars: drive-in restaurants and longer road trips were among the most popular.


In addition to the classic phrases about how they like to travel and love life, Tinder profiles also added symbols from the horoscope. People under the sign of Leo, Scorpio and Cancer mentioned them in their bio most often, and all those who had their sign in their profiles had a high probability of matches with people of the same sign.


Source: Tinder


End of toxic relationships, young people prefer to accept "situationship"

Young single people seem to have a little more precisely defined what they actually want. One-night stands aren't enough for them, but they don't rush into traditional relationships either. Among the trends appeared the so-called situationship (instead of relationship), 49% more users had it in their profiles. It can be described as a romantic or love relationship without a formal name. Labels were simply not trendy in 2022.


Among the trends, there was also a red flag (a reference to the so-called red flag or warning signals in people) and clouds (a reference to gaslighting, which also became the word of the year). Young people no longer have the time or appetite for these toxic ways of dating. More than half of the respondents said that they are good at recognizing warning or positive signals when dating. They are clear about what they don't want in relationships, and if there are warning signs, they prefer not to enter into one.

Young people were looking for a sense of humour on the app. Up to 73% of all respondents wanted someone who knows what they want and has good hygiene. And what are the most important qualities for them in a potential partner? They look for loyalty (79%), respect (78%) and an open mind (61%). Good looks come a bit lower in the value rankings.


It's not just about the values you profess. If you want to succeed in the app, you have to know what you stand for. As many as three quarters of single people on Tinder were looking for someone who is interested in social issues. In terms of interests that you can fill in your profile, the number of people who marked activism (84% more) and voting rights (37% more) increased dramatically.

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