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refresher team
December 17, 2022, 10:00am
Reading time: 2:28

7 Best McDonald's Campaigns. Do You Remember Them?

Creativity was definitely on the menu

refresher team
December 17, 2022, 10:00am
Reading time: 2:28
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Benches made of plastic cutlery, hanging out in hipster cafes, love in the time of a pandemic and fries à la Banksy. We are talking about the immortal McDonalds. Those who hold it dearly in their hearts, are well aware of its "stepped up" campaigns and projects that promote hamburgers, fancy foods and drinks, or eco-new products in restaurants. Check out the best of them.


Limited series benches made of plastic cutlery and trays

Source: McDonald's


In 2021, as part of a responsible approach to the environment, McDonald's decided to replace plastic cutlery with wooden alternatives, thereby eliminating up to 16 tons of plastic waste annually. By recycling the last stocks of plastic spoons, knives and forks, a limited edition of five original benches with an iconic design was created. For their production, the company used 400 kilos of the remaining plastic cutlery. This year, they made another seven pieces, but this time from discarded plastic trays. Most recently, they said goodbye to plastic straws.


French Fries à la Banksy

Source: Adweek



In 2018, the franchise muddied the advertising waters with inspiration from the art world. When Banksy shocked the participants of the auction at London's Sotheby's gallery by shredding his own work, McDonald's responded promptly. He created a visual that promotes the irresistible fries. It looked exactly like a half-shredded Banksy work.


McDonalds's also found a clever way to promote itself during International Women's Day, by turning its typical "M" upside down on all its digital channels, thus creating W as woman.

Together, even if apart

Brazil's McDonald's played around with the logo during the pandemic and temporarily changed it by separating the iconic golden arches of the letter M, thus drawing attention to the need to be apart. A sweet pandemic love story was used by a Spanish McDonald's to promote a drive-thru food order pick-up service. The story of two young people was a demonstration that love can be found even during a pandemic.


Source: Adage


Simply delicious coffee

A few years ago, McDonald's was making fun of coffee drinkers and hipster cafes. Everyone knows a person who is capable of doing anything for the best coffee. They try the trendiest coffee shops in town, order expensive coffees, and sometimes have no idea what they will get. According to McDonald's, people really just want coffee. This is exactly what McCafé is about. It opens early in the morning and freshly ground arabica is prepared for an affordable price. The successful clip caught the attention of the Internet and foreign TV stations.


Don't forget the reindeer at Christmas


In recent years, the Christmas McDonald's has relied on animated "Reindeer Ready" advertising concepts. They appealed to the children, according to the American tradition, to be ready to reward even the reindeer for bringing gifts. Two years ago, the brand depicted this through the story of a mother and her teenage son. He acted differently in the campaign than his inner self suggests.


Love for McDonald's blooms in every season

Source: McDonald’s


The French food delivery campaign promoting the McDelivery service was also emotionally charged in 2021. Its central motif was the diverse residential buildings in Paris, which we look at through a rainy window. It's exactly the look that makes you think you're not going to leave the house today and have your food delivered.

The ad intended for the British Isles was also austere and exceptionally minimalistic. Not only was it without a picture, but also without a logo. Perfectly sufficient for true soft drink lovers, isn't it?


Source: McDonald's


Say no more

The experiment of the 2019 visual campaign on advertising carriers only showed unfocused samples of the most famous dishes that the McDonald's offers. They underlined this bold move with the apt inscription "Say no more".


Source: McDonald's


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Thumbnail: Adweek/McDonald's
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