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Martin Adam Pavlík
May 6, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 5:58

Johnny Depp Allegedly Put A Bottle In Amber Heard's Vagina, And Slapped Her For The First Time In 2012

Read more news from the closely watched trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which has been taking place in Virginia, USA since April 11

Martin Adam Pavlík
May 6, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 5:58
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As we informed last month, Johnny Depp is trying to clear his name for the second time, but this time in a US court in Virginia. He is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard, whom he divorced in 2017, for defamation of character and slander. If the actor wins, Heard will have to pay him $ 50 million.


In the last article on the process we brought you last week, we have summarised a number of key statements, evidence and information. In in you could find, for example, a video of Johnny Depp shouting angrily at his ex-wife, smashing a glass and how he wanted Amber Heard to cut him with a knife. We also revealed that actor James Franco will not testify in court and neither will Elon Musk. We also shared the testimony of psychologist Shannon Curry. which diagnosed the actress with two personality disorders.


Assault and sexual abuse

Does it seem to you that the card turned in favor of Johnny Depp and that Amber Heard was the abuser during their marriage? The coming days or weeks can easily convince you otherwise.


 While in the trial that began on April 11, the famous actor and witnesses nominated by his legal team had the main say in front of the jury, it is now his ex-wife's turn. And her first testimonies are not easy to hear.

Under oath with tears in her eyes, she revealed several shocking details from their intimate life and accused Depp of sexually abusing her in addition to multiple physical assaults. According to Variety, the actors' team presented their last witnesses on Tuesday morning. Subsequently, Amber Heard's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss, stating that Depp's lawyers had not provided sufficient compelling evidence.



However, Judge Penney Azcarate rejected the motion, leaving it to the jury to issue a verdict after all the evidence and arguments had been presented. Amber Heard's lawyers will now have the opportunity to present their full defence, meaning, that the actress herself finally gets the floor.



She testified for the first time on Wednesday. According to the New York Post, she managed to fire her PR team after the influx of poor headlines in the press. These have been accumulating since the beginning of the American trial.


Where is the money that was promised? 

The testimony of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Terence Dougherty is certainly worth mentioning. It points at another lie of Amber Heard.


According to Yahoo News, after the divorce in 2017, the actress publicly committed to send the $ 7 million she received to charity. Half were to go to a children's hospital in Los Angeles and the other half were to receive ACLU. However, Dougherty said his organization received only $ 1.3 million from the actress, with $ 500,000 from a fund tied to Elon Musk. According to Dougherty, ACLU learned in 2019 that the actress was in financial trouble and could not keep the rest of her promise.

Bottle in the vagina and loss of consciousness

Amber Heard's lawyers summoned clinical psychologist Dawn Hughes on Tuesday, May 3. It was she who questioned Shannon Curry's testimony before the jury. She made it clear that she did not agree with her diagnosis of two personality disorders. Variety writes that Hughes investigated the actress for 29 hours and also looked at treatment records, concluding that Heard suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to Depp's physical and sexual abuse.


Hughes spoke of many cases of alleged sexual violence motivated by Depp's "morbid jealousy" and desire to show dominance. Sky News reports that Heard had various injuries, from bruises to cuts to "vaginal pain from sexual assaults." The actress allegedly even lost consciousness a few times during the violent incidents, specifically in Australia and also in LA in 2015.


She added that Depp allegedly interfered in the ex-wife's acting career. Hughes said he didn't want her naked or showing breasts or ass in front of the camera, and also demanded that she not work with some actors.


According to FOX, Depp's lawyers pointed out that the psychologist had never met Johnny Depp, which she later admitted herself. They argued that Hughes could not properly assess the couple's relationship without talking to both parties, and noted that she had ignored some of the evidence presented in court so far .



Nevertheless, she presented several specific stories from the couple's relationship. Actor allegedly strangled, kicked, beat or threatened Amber Heard . "When Mr. Depp got drunk, he threw her on the bed, ripped off her nightgown, and tried to have sex with her," Hughes said, according to Variety. The psychologist went on to mention the incident in which Depp allegedly penetrated Amber Heard's vagina with a bottle.


Hughes also noted that the actress, just like Depp, suffered from parental abuse in her childhood and brought this experience to her relationship with Depp. "She believed she could fix Mr. Depp, just as she had tried to fix her father in the past. She really believed that she could get rid of her husband's problems, but it didn't work," Hughes added.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Let us now turn to the specific words of Amber Heard, who began her defense on Wednesday. The actress first clarified in what environment she grew up or how she "fell head over heels" for Depp. She remembered the good times of getting to know each other and how he had given her various gifts.


However, she later outlined how her ex-husband allegedly beat her. She revealed that he slapped her for the very first time in 2012. She said it broke her heart. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the actress compared her ex-husband to the main character in the novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

He was said to have two personalities. While the former was incredibly kind, sensitive, warm and generous, the latter was extremely violent and always appeared after drinking alcohol and doing cocaine. "When he first slapped me, I just laughed. I didn't know what else to do. I thought it must be a joke. He then said: Do you think it's funny? Do you think that's ridiculous, you bitch? Right after that, he slapped me again to make it clear that this was no joke," said Heard.


According to her, slaps were common. She also said that Depp often called several actresses "worthless cun*s" and insulted her for the clothes she was wearing. He was said to be overly jealous, which led to aggression. The actress described one specific incident during which he allegedly behaved rudely and violently towards the flight attendant during a private flight to Russia.


Hard backhand and scary car-ride


Amber Heard talked about how the couple took MDMA with the flight attendant during the flight. When the flight attendant became more "friendly" with the actress under the influence of alcohol, Deppa allegedly became enraged. "He took her hand and told her not to touch me. She defended herself and tried to clarify. He grabbed her wrist, hit the table and told her he could break her wrist," Heard said. At the same time, during her testimony, she reiterated the allegations and stories she had previously told before the court, Hughes, including allegations of sexual abuse.


As Sky News writes, the actress admitted that she wanted to end her relationship with Depp repeatedly, but she always changed her mind when he "transformed" from an aggressor into a nice gentleman who suddenly apologised. She added that she had also learned how to respond to certain situations depending on what Depp allegedly drank or took. "Johnny on speed was very different from Johnny on opiates," Heard said.



Heard also described how Depp once accused her in of sleeping with two different men, and then hit her hard with a "backhand". "He wears a lot of rings. I remember how I felt like my lip had entered my teeth and there was some blood left on the wall," said the actress. She also showed a selfie with a crushed hand in court. According to Sky News, the photo was taken in March 2013 and the actress allegedly sent it to her mother. She said she wanted to talk to someone about it and see how she could stop it.


In court, she pulled out a car ride with their dogs, Pistol and Boo, in Los Angeles. Apparently, Depp first began to howl while driving, and then he just grabbed Boo and pushed him out the window. He held him for a while, the car still moving, until finally the actress intervened and told him to bring Boo back inside. Apparently they were not alone while driving, and no one did anything. "Everyone just froze, it was scary," she said.

According to the New York Post, Heard also described how Depp's daughter Lily-Rose was once so frightened by her father's behavior that she had a panic attack and fled from her father's private island by helicopter.

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