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Dominik Vetrák
October 3, 2021, 5:25pm
Reading time: 5:51

10 Most Expected Films & Series on Netflix, HBO, Apple and Other Streaming Platforms in October

What films and series are worth watching this month?

Dominik Vetrák
October 3, 2021, 5:25pm
Reading time: 5:51
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10 Most Expected Films & Series on Netflix, HBO, Apple and Other Streaming Platforms in October
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We haven't been relying exclusively on streaming platforms for quite some time already. Blockbusters are slowly flowing back into cinemas and this month alone we'll get to see Bond, Venom and Duna. Still, streaming platforms are a nice addition, especially for the fans of series. Once again, Netflix will offer the most attractive content out of all streaming platforms.


The Guilty – October 1st

Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Joe Bailey in a chilling thriller about a kidnapped woman he's trying to rescue from the position of a 911 emergency line operator. As an ex-cop, though, he doesn't have the same authority as before, which causes him a lot of stress. He suffers from extremely crucial and unpleasant life problems.


The Guilty is American remake of the Danish thriller of the same name, which we gave 9/10 points. The new version is a bit weaker, moreover almost identical to the original, so we recommend you to rather see the Danish version. But neither one of the films will disappoint you. They are both well-made thrillers with several exciting scenes and a great story twist that will flip the whole script.  



Maid – October 1st

You can recognize Margaret Quallay from Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Nice Guys. The extremely nice, beautiful and talented young actress has won many viewers hearts and we'll most likely love her even more after this miniseries. She portrays a character that we'll totally cheer for. Maid is a 10-part miniseries based on memoirs of the great writer Stephanie Land, with focus on poverty in America.


Margaret plays the main female character Alex, who separates from an aggressive man. He abuses and hurts her, so Alex decides to just leave and get through life on her own. Although she went to college and had a bright future ahead of her, relationship with a wrong man has turned her life upside down.


To make matters worse, she becomes a cleaner with university degree. She cleans disgusting toilets and places that get her nauseous. On top of all that, she has to take care of her young child. 



Inside Job – October 22nd

The animated series makes fun of conspirators. And that's basically all you need to know about it. The plot focuses on an eccentric employee of the center, from which the world, the Illuminati and everything related to conspiracies, is "organized". It's going to be a comedy, so don't try to take anything in the series seriously. Rather get a good laugh on how these organizations are perceived by some people who are into conspiracies and mysteries.


Army of Thieves – October 29th

This is a prequel to the zombie blockbuster by Zack Snyder Army of the Dead. The plot focuses on events before the zombie plague, specifically on Ludwig Dieter's character  (Matthias Schweighöfer - blonde guy from the Army of the Dead) and his biggest robbery in life.


The story of the film takes place at the beginning of the apocalypse, with Dieter leading a crew of aspiring thieves. However, they won't fight zombies. This film focuses on classic breaking into safes and theft across major European cities. Based on the first trailer, it doesn't look bad at all. It will probably be a fun B-movie with some solid action and pinch of humor for a relaxing evening.



On top of that, following series will be premiered: 3rd season of the criminal romance You, 2nd season Locke & Key, 2nd season of Sexy Beasts, reality show about dating , animated series Maya and the Three on Aztec mythology and more.


The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos Prequel) – October 1st

The prequel to Sopranos should air in most cinemas from 7th October. If not, you can see it on HBO Max. The main character of the film is Tony Soprano, cult character from the amazing mafia series, Sopranos. The film showing the events that took place long before the series was made and created by the same people as the legendary series, so we hope quality is not something to be worried about here.


Tony is portrayed here by Michael Gandolfini, the son of James Gandolfini, who portrayed Tony in the series in an unforgettable way, so it was undoubtedly an emotional shoot. Gandolfini was joined by Alessandro Nivola.


He portrays Tony's uncle and mentor in the world of crime, Dickie Moltisanti, the father of Christopher Moltisanti. In addition to them, you'll also see Ray Liotta and Jon Bernthal. The 1966 Newark story will also be affected by violent conflicts between African-American and Italian communities.



Succession – October 17th

The Roy family has captivated many viewers around the world. Dramatic series from the environment of rich oligarchs and owners of the media can be entrancing, surprisingly human and at times intense. In the 3rd season, a full on war breaks out in the family, after Kendall Roy's confronting his father at the end of the 2nd season.


This has pleased him in a way, he was finally proud of his son. It was as if Kendall had finally begun to profile himself as a character worthy of taking over the entire company after Logan Roy. However Logan doesn't give up easily. Vigorous lawsuit, intense family quarrels and drama.



Succession is one of the highest quality "new" series from original environment. The creators have truly written a wide range of unique characters that are brought to life by great actors. If you're looking for something really high quality and thoughtful that won't get you annoyed, this HBO production will satisfy you in the most perfect way.



Curb Your Enthusiasm – October 24th

Larry David returns with the 11th season of his undeniably hilarious and invincibly funny series. It's been airing for incredible 21 years and captures the life of a fictional version of the actor and producer Larry David. In this case, the creator of Seinfeld jokes about absolutely everything, whilt experiencing the everyday problems of American citizens.


In many cases, the series is created by Larry acquainting the actors with the story, and subsequently the actors improvise a lot of their messages and dialogues. This creates a number of unforgettable and funny situations. You may not recognize this series, but you've definitely seen some memes or gifs from it. Try to play a few episodes and see how it sits with you.



Know that some episodes are different, some you may not like, but others will get you rolling on the floor. Just as Larry David plays a fictional version of himself here, same goes for other actors. To mention a few, there's Ben Stiller, John Hamm, Shaquille O'Neal, Jonah Hill and many others.



Insecure – October 24th

As the name itself suggests, Insecure is a series about people who don't feel confident and often act and think under the pressure of low self-esteem. The last, fifth season, will start in October, and the fans are already sad. In the recent years, this has been an excellent series with a lot of quality humor and dramatic moments, which also satisfies the critics who constantly praise the series.


The story focuses on two young black women living in Los Angeles as they try to navigate a demanding life. Together, they address their life crises as well as the problems of the African American community.



Apple TV+

Invasion – October 22nd

Ted Lasso and See are coming to an end on Apple TV +. The Foundation continues, so does The Morning Show and a 200 million dollar sci-fi series Invasion begins. It looks like a classic blockbuster sci-fi and there's not many lof those out there at the moment.


Given the huge budget, it's clear it'll be an audiovisual gem with a lot of sci-fi footage, explosions and big tricks. We don't know much about the story, however, the trailer and title suggest that an alien invasion will occur, and the series will display this event from various locations on the planet.


The rest is hopefully complemented by quality script and direction. Creators of the series are Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Fantastic Four) and David Weill (Hunters and Solos), so we are slightly hesitant. Judging by the trailer alone, we're getting the impression that the series will be very enjoyable. Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) also plays one of the main roles.



Amazon Prime Video 

I Know What You Did Last Summer – October 15th

Horror slasher called I Know What You Did Last Summer is probably familiar to most viewers. And those who haven't seen the horror most likely have seen Scary Movie, which incorporated a parody of it. This will be a similar story. A group of teenagers share a common sense of guilt. They accidentally killed someone last summer and collectively decided to keep quiet about it. But someone finds out about their act and gradually starts killing them off.


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