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Daniel Mikolášik
September 26, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 5:13

Perm, Mullet Or French Braids. These Are The 6 Most Trendy Men's Hairstyles Of 2022

According to the barber Benzo, the boundaries seem to be non-existent. The world has been surrounded by incredible hairstyles that have been created by a fusion of historical trends and new techniques.

Daniel Mikolášik
September 26, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 5:13
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Perm, Mullet Or French Braids. These Are The 6 Most Trendy Men's Hairstyles Of 2022
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Although it may seem that men's hairstyles do not change trends as often as women's hairstyles, the opposite is true. Hairstyles, like any other fashion accessory, are the decoration of every man's final outfit, and therefore it is advisable to change them once in a while, make them special and try something fresh.

The year 2022 also brought new and interesting trends, but not everyone can navigate them and only a few men have the courage to experiment with their hair. Today we will show you 6 freshest trends and hot hits among men's haircuts in 2022.

"This year is all about creativity and long hair. The more the barber can work with creativity, the more interesting the haircut will be in combination with the right technique. For example, a mullet is in great demand this year," barber Maroš "Benzo" Ihnát, head of MMG Freedom Barbers & Shop.


Source: MMG Barbers


According to the well-known barber, this year, borders seemed to be non-existent, and the world was surrounded by incredible hairstyles, which are difficult to classify in a specific time period, precisely because they are created by a fusion of historical trends and modern techniques, such as fades and the use of colours.


"We barbers at MMG wish for more longer hairstyles. We advise men not to be afraid of it and, thanks to a consultation with a barber and regular grooming, achieve a longer haircut that will adorn them like a crown," added Benzo.



Permanent undulation, or "perm" for short, was for many years a type of purely women's hairstyle, which was popular especially in the second decade of the last century. Such a hairstyle consists of strong waves and curls, and its advantage is that it forms and maintains curls for a long time (even several months). In addition, the hair looks optically thicker.


Source: Instagram/@qlexhair, @hairsystems.heydecke, @londonhair.yyc


In 2022, however, this technique began to appear more and more on men's heads as well. It has undergone a proper modernisation and in combination with fresh cuts, it is gaining more and more attention and popularity.

Modern men's "perm" combines well with a fade and is suitable for both shorter and longer haircuts. Colored perm or special hair-tattoos are also popular. Perm is especially suitable for men who have a problem with sparse mane and want to achieve the desired volume.


Source: Instagram/@haringtonsreading, @masterpiece_barbershop2020


"Perm is becoming popular among men, I haven't registered it with women, thank God," leading hairstylist Nikolas Tichý told Refresher. The perm phenomenon has recently started to disappear among women, and in the case of men, on the contrary, interest in it is growing.

However, hairdressers warn of the fact that permanent curling has harmful effects, because during its process the hair structure is changed with the help of acid, which can be burdensome for the hair and can destroy it.


Source: Instagram/@thelook_salon



The mullet is considered controversial by many, but its popularity continues to grow in 2022, so it is an integral part of this year's list.

The hairstyle à la "business in the front, party in the back" has undergone a minor transformation and modernization since its 80s predecessor, but the basis remains the same. Its current version is also referred to by many as a neo-mullet. Not only men but also many women liked this trend, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are among the most famous.

"It's basically an old classic. Paul McCartney wore it. The hair is short on the sides and long at the back, sometimes to the shoulders. A very stylish comeback from the 80s and 90s," says barber Benzo. This type of hairstyle is great combined with longer sides, but also with short ones or even with a fade. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and so-called messy style.


Source: Instagram/@yankitoz_thebarber, @coiffeurstory, @mmg_barbers, @viktor_leske_berlin



In 2022, the so-called Afro-mullet became popular. You can probably guess from the name that it is a mullet combined with a typical Afro hairstyle. It was once worn by Kanye West during the era of the legendary album 808s & Heartbreak or The Weeknd during the era of the album Beauty Behind the Madness, and in 2022, many African Americans are starting to return to it.


Prestigious stylist Tariq Howe described the afro-mullet for GQ magazine as a massively growing trend that you can wear short with textures similar to a buzz cut, but also with longer, elegant curls or dreadlocks. Mullet is currently being increasingly innovated and customized according to the preferences of the client himself. Its advantage is that it can be adapted to almost all types of hair, head shape and face shape.


Source: Getty Images(Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic), Instagram/@_ujjs_, Reddit/Justfuckmyshitup


Buzz cut

Although the year 2022 is marked by longer haircuts, if you prefer short hairstyles, the buzz cut is a very suitable alternative and is still very fresh this year. In this case, the top of the head is cut to the minimum hair length and the sides are lost in a skin fade. However, don't count on the low or mid fade application here, as the short cut doesn't allow it.

The ideal buzz cut starts at 0 mm and ends at 3 mm on top of the head. However, it can easily be longer and adjusted to the texture. It is characterised by straight lines in the area of ​​forehead and sides.

However, the buzz cut is a very specific cut that may not suit everyone. Therefore, if you are not completely sure of the shape of your skull or facial features, consider it carefully. You will have to wait a few months to grow it back. Stars such as Tom Hardy or Conor McGregor often favour buzz cut.


Source: Instagram/@idntyco, @hayden_cassidy, @tuckercuts, @anthonythebarber916


Wolf cut

In the article about women's hairstyle trends of the 2022 season, we introduced you to the comeback of the so-called wolf cut, which was popularised by David Bowie in the 70s, and is now beloved by Generation Z. In 2022, a simple rule applies in the field of hair styling - naturalness.

This hairstyle, which at first glance resembles a modern shag, rejects gender norms and calls for individuality. It is, after Bowie's example, currently very popular among men as well. It is also worn by many celebrities, especially from the k-pop scene or the well-known Filipino influencer Bretman Rock.

It is essentially a combination of the 70s and 80s transformed into a modern look with specific thicker and mostly curly bangs. It can be worn messy, but also styled and straightened. Some combine it with shorter sides, resulting in something between a wolf cut and a mullet.


Source: Instagram/@bretmanrock, @coiffeurstory, @dylanhasselbaink


French braids

The last on the list of currently hot trends in men's hairstyles is the so-called French braids. It is perhaps the biggest classic among women's hairstyles, but in recent years it has been gaining more and more popularity among men as well. It has undergone a fundamental modernisation and currently most often consists of two braids that start at the forehead and continue to the back of the head.

A French braid consists of at least three intertwined hair strands, but if you want to achieve a thicker braid, don't be afraid to use more strands. In this case, however, this type of hairstyle is intended primarily for men with thick hair.

The French braid differs from the classic one in that, thanks to the entanglement of several strands of hair, it results in the effect of a spiral braid as if stuck to the head. 


Very often, men combine it with short sides and a fade, some even have dreadlocks braided instead of strands of hair. You can make it special with smaller and narrower braids woven between the two main ones. You can also achieve a very nice effect by dyeing one of the strands of hair in the braid. Do not forget the old well-known rule that there are no limits to creativity, not only with this, but also with all the hairstyles mentioned above.


Source: Instagram/@idntyco, @goldcigo, @viktor_leske_berlin
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