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Richard Balog
November 2, 2023, 12:00pm
Reading time: 4:02

Even celebrities have fake clothes or accessories. Jake Paul with Richard Mille watches or fake diamonds 6ix9ine

Even a master carpenter sometimes makes mistakes. See the list of athletes and rappers who have been photographed wearing imitations of famous brands.

Richard Balog
November 2, 2023, 12:00pm
Reading time: 4:02
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Even celebrities have fake clothes or accessories. Jake Paul with Richard Mille watches or fake diamonds 6ix9ine
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If you're interested in fashion, chances are you've fallen for online retailers or market stalls and bought a fake model with an iconic brand's logo - whether it was a fake Supreme sweatshirt, Louis Vuitton scarf, Nike sneakers or Gucci handbag.


It may seem surprising, but even celebrities with millions to their name have been caught wearing knockoffs of well-known products. Check out this list of 6 famous athletes and rappers who believed that no one would (maybe) notice if they posed in front of photographers in fake clothes and accessories.


However, it could also have happened by accident. Imagine spending $400 thousand on a fake Patek Philippe Nautilus watch like rapper Lil Baby.

Lil Baby ukázal fake hodinky Patek Philippe na Met Gala 2021. Source: Instagram/@lilbaby

Lil Baby with a fake Patek Philippe Nautilus watch on the red carpet

Lil Baby is known for his love of expensive jewelry and watches. However, he showed off a fake Patek Philippe watch on the Met Gala 2021 red carpet. The rapper paid $400-thousand dollars for a knockoff of a luxury Swiss PP Nautilus model with the reference number 5711/1P "40th Anniversary" to a jeweler named Rafaello and Co. After the scandal broke, XXL Magazine told XXL Magazine that the fake watch was sold to the artist by mistake.


Unlike the 2016 original, which was produced in a limited run of 600 pieces for $113,400, the knockoff had the wrong shape and size of the hands, the wrong font on both the date face and the Swiss Made inscription, or the wrong proportions of the steel case and bracelet, according to a profile of the Fake Watch Buster.


Source: Instagram/@richforever

Rick Ross with fake Louis Vuitton luggage

Another rapper who happened to wear fake jewelry, or watches, accessories and clothing is Rick Ross. The founder of music label Maybach Music Group last gained media attention in 2020 when he boarded a private jet with fake Louis Vuitton luggage.


Pieces from the LV2 collection, created by designer Nigo, were completely different from the originals in the rapper's outfit - the monogram and leather labels were in the wrong places, the Louis Vuitton lettering was missing from the side pocket in the case of the backpack, and the travel bags had the wrong color leather handles.


Bývalý basketbalista Dwyane Wade vo fake súprave Supreme na letisku v Los Angeles v roku 2017. Source: LAXPICS/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Dwyane Wade in Supreme kit

Supreme is one of the most copied brands of recent years, as former basketball player Dwyane Wade found out first-hand. The star point guard was captured by photographers outside LAX airport in Los Angeles alongside his wife Gabrielle Union in a fake set with a Supreme box logo that screamed at first glance that it was a knockoff.


In this case, Wade is wearing a white screen-printed sweatshirt with a comically large version of the streetwear icon's logo. The shorts are also fake. The former Miami Heat player wasn't the only person to fall for fake Supreme models in 2017. Italian father-and-son duo Michele Di Pierro and Marcello have long exploited trademark loopholes to sell fake Supreme apparel around the world - filing trademarks under the names Supreme Italia or Supreme Spain in countries where the real Supreme brand wasn't yet located.


In 2021, they were sentenced to heavy prison terms and had to pay millions of dollars in fines.


Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa VladTV (@vladtv)

6ix9ine with fake diamond necklace

The rapper, who launched a successful career in Slovakia, regularly boasts of his vast wealth and millions of dollars of gold jewellery. In 2018, however, 6ix9ine a.k.a. Tekashi69 experienced the embarrassment live on air when he talked about his diamond necklace in a video for VladTV, holding up a diamond tester to see if his jewels were genuine. Unfortunately, the stones under the tester didn't beep and the performer, who was condemned by much of the scene for snitching on the Nine Trey Bloods gang, was left laughing at everyone.


Jake Paul s fake hodinkami Richard Mille. Originálna verzia stojí 400-tisíc dolárov. Source: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Jake Paul with fake Richard Mille watch before the title boxing match

Youtuber and boxer Jake Paul showed off a watch that looks like a fake of Richard Mille's "Bubba Watson" RM 055 at a 2021 press conference. The authentic version normally sells for more than 400 thousand dollars. Paul wore the watch in a photo promoting his MVB belt, designed and painted by Alec Monopoly, and it looks possibly even worse than the actual white piece on his wrist.


Multiple Instagram accounts that focus on watch originality, including @superwatchman and @fakewatchbuster pointed out the poor quality construction of Paul's model. According to both experts, the strap screws are placed too close together and the case is too thick to be an authentic RM 055. The Richard Mille "Bubba Watson" RM 055 watch was originally designed for golfer Bubba Watson and is made of ceramic, while Paul's model looks like plastic.


Odell Beckham Jr. with a fake limited edition Richard Mille watch worth approximately $2 million

The end of the list belongs to one of the most iconic players in American soccer this millennium. Odell Beckham Jr. experienced a faux pas with a fake watch back in 2019.


The skilled wide receiver wore two different versions of the Richard Mille watch during pregame warmups during the first few weeks of the NFL season. Which wouldn't have been anything special, as the watch was made to withstand poor conditions, but the second version was a knockoff.


Beckham Jr. wore a fake Richard Mille RM 56-01 on his wrist, which is a skeletonized tourbillon set in an all-sapphire case with a price tag of nearly $2 million. Only a few examples of these were made. Although Beckham's version of the luxury sports watch replicates the gorgeous all-sapphire case, it is actually made of cheap plastic. It was a poorly made replica, as confirmed by Professional Watches according to available photos.


OBJ declined to comment on the situation, but told a news conference, "I have no comment. I think the Daniel Wellington could be a better watch than this, a little classier, not as gaudy as this." A few days later, the footballer was unveiled as Daniel Wellington's new brand ambassador, so it's possible this was just a clever promo.


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Photo: Getty Images, InstagramThumbnail: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images
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