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Adam Novosad
July 27, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 9:19

Who Is The Internet Craze Andrew Tate? He Earns Hundreds Of Thousands On Naked Women In Front Of Webcameras.

The ex-kickboxer has taken over social media with his motivational videos but mainly with controversial opinions on women, relationships and the society.

Adam Novosad
July 27, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 9:19
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"People ask me why I bought this car and didn't buy that one. Listen, I bought it because it's nice. I don't know. I got a dude because she's pretty. When's her birthday? I don't know, I don't care," Andrew Tate, who has become an internet sensation in recent months, says in one of his many viral videos.


The controversial influencer has had a successful career as a kickboxer, but as he himself stated, the millions of dollars he can enjoy today were not earned by professional kickboxing.


It opened the door to his success, but it's the dozens of young women who sell their naked bodies online via webcams that have made him the most money, and Andrew is happy to run this business. In the UK alone, Andrew has 11 sexual harassment charges on his record, and in Romania police even raided his home on suspicion of human trafficking and rape. He doesn't make a big deal out of it.


"I'm at the very top of the food chain. Anyone I interact with wants something from me. Even if it's just my time. I wake up every day with a thousand messages on Whatsapp. This woman wants this, my mother wants that, that woman wants this, my car dealer wants me to buy another car from him," Andrew says in the video, where he laments how problematic the life of an extremely wealthy man can be.


A successful kickboxer who, however, got his ass kicked in Žilina, Slovakia

He usually describes his career as a kickboxer, Andrew Tate, as intense and successful. On his official website, he proudly reports that he is a four-time world kickboxing champion thanks to his wins in tournaments organized by the International Sport Karate Association.

However, not many people know that Andrew Tate fought in Slovakia in 2014 and did not leave Žilina satisfied. It was there that he took part in the Enfusion Live tournament in the category up to 85 kilograms, where in the semi-finals he lost to the Slovak fighter Miroslav Cingel with a clear result of 3 : 0 on points in favor of the home fighter.


Nevertheless, he managed to book the title of World Champion at Enfusion Live in the same year in the weight category up to 90 kilograms. Over time, he hung up his career as a kickboxer. He took his last fight in 2020 and since then he has been full time in business.


"A lot of people ask me if I got rich from kickboxing. The answer is no. Even as a world champion, the most I made per fight was a hundred thousand dollars, which sounds like a lot of money, but it's really not a lot of money. Most kickboxers are broke," Tate states in a video where he explains to the audience how he got rich.



He had a very unorthodox style, says the Slovakian who beat Tate


When Andrew Tate fought in Zilina in 2014, he took on Slovakian kickboxer and now trainer Miroslav Cingel. Despite Tate's gradual rise to stardom, he had no claim to victory against Cingel in the semi-final bout and succumbed to him 3-0 on points.


We reached out to Cingel to ask if he remembered his bout with Tate. "He was quite unorthodox, he didn't have such traditional over-drilled combinations, but rather went so instinctively. He really had a style that was very difficult to prepare for and I had to be very alert because I knew he could punish even small mistakes very badly," Miroslav Cingel told Refresher.


Cingel then won the entire Enfusion Live tournament in the U85kg category in Žilina. "Luckily, I was very well prepared then. I managed to pull off the victory and advance to the finals, especially with good tactics," he said in retrospect of his performance.


"I registered him as a good fighter and watched his fights before the offer to fight him ever came," explains Cingel, saying that he still considers the victory over Tate as a very valuable scalp.


Success based on winning 5,000 euros in a Slovak casino


In a video about how he got rich and made his first millions, Tate reflects on the fact that back in the days of professional kickboxing, there was a chance to go to the UFC, get a lucrative contract and make millions. That never happened because, in his own words, he repeatedly broke his arm and realized that he couldn't make a living in professional sports in that condition.


Motivational, inspirational and rousing sermons are some of Tate's most viral videos. Together with his brother Tristan, they once trudged through life, Andrew himself has publicly described on several occasions how when he was younger they had no money, couldn't afford anything, and so it was his career as a kickboxer that taught him that in life "nobody cares about excuses, you just lose or you win".


It was brother Tristan who once recalled on the stream how he and Andrew visited Slovakia together. "We were both in Slovakia, but I had to go back because my vacation was coming to an end and I had to go to work," he recalls. However, Andrew stayed in Slovakia a day longer and suddenly he got a call saying that he had managed to win five thousand euros in the casino.


"I say to him: Perfect, we need money for rent and for the car lease. Take the five thousand euros and don't go back to the casino,' Tristan says in the video. However, Andrew did not return home to his brother with cash, but with a Versace watch. When an angry Tristan asked him why he had bought the watch, Andrew only replied that "we're going to make even more money anyway".


In the end, the brothers did make millions, but Tristan still wears Versace watches to this day, even though he "drives a $250,000 car." Supposedly, this story is a testament to the determination and boundless confidence Andrew has always had in his abilities. Today, when someone asks Tristan why he still wears the watch, he only replies: "Because I like it."



Women bear responsibility for rape, according to Andrew


But it's not the get-rich-quick stories that are problematic. Rather, it's the views that Andrew Tate preaches to hundreds of thousands of young people on Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram that are far more controversial. Nor is the way the Tate brothers managed to get rich any better, understanding that Andrew would not make a dent in the world as a world-famous kickboxer.


Andrew Tate, by all accounts, has always had an unusual relationship with women. In 2016, British television Channel 5 had to kick him off the reality show Big Brother when a pornographic video of Tate beating a woman with a belt was leaked to the public. He had to leave the competition, but it was only later revealed that the woman had apparently consented to the use of the belt and it was not a violent assault as first thought, Sportskeeda reports.



This fact doesn't change the fact that Andrew Tate has a peculiar opinion about women. He caused a huge stir in 2017 when, in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which for years saw him systematically sexually abusing women in Hollywood, he wrote that rape victims, in his view, usually share some of the blame for being sexually assaulted.


"If you put yourself in the position of being raped, you have to take some responsibility for it. Sexual assaults never blame the victims one bit," Tate wrote on Twitter, for which he received harsh criticism," Metro reports. "You're way over the line this time," he wrote in response to fans who didn't like how Tate was downplaying and generalizing all sexual assault cases into "his own universal truth."


Tate has stated that he finds sexual harassment disgusting and inexcusable, but in his opinion, "a man looking at you, whistling at you, or asking your name is not harassment."


"Any thing that both parties disagree with is unacceptable," he was countered on Twitter by people who believe that whistling at women or staring intensely at a woman on the street, which might make her feel uncomfortable, is inappropriate and should not be allowed to happen.


Well-known streamer xQc, who had an online debate with Andrew a few days ago, told Tate that much of the views he presents are "directed at women". "Most of his views are legitimate misogynistic ideas directed at women," xQc concluded after the debate. According to him, if everyone started behaving the way Tate advises, total chaos would be unleashed in society and no one would respect each other.


Women are like Lamborghinis, you don't let anyone try to steal it


Although Tate still faces criticism for these views on women today, he clearly has not changed his worldview significantly. To this day, he still likes to argue that men should be able to date an unlimited number of women, while women, in his view, should not be allowed to date more than one man.


In one of his videos, Tate compares women to cars. In it, he says that he wants to have as many beautiful cars as possible, but other men must not even come close to these luxury pieces.



"If you have a Lamborghini and you know no one can steal it, you still won't let anyone try to break your window and try to get in," he concluded, comparing the luxury Lamborghini to a beautiful woman who is faithful to him but still doesn't want anyone to flirt with her.


Tangles with the law, and in particular 11 allegations of sexual harassment and violence in the UK, forced Andrew to move to Romania a few years ago.


In a now-deleted video, he explained to his fans that he moved to Eastern Europe mainly to make it easier to get rid of the sexual assault allegations. "It's 40 per cent of the reason I moved to Romania," he states in the video, which no longer exists on the official channel.


The lucrative business of webcam nudity from Romania

Tate, from Romania, runs a company that employs dozens of young women as online models exposing themselves to viewers via webcams on the internet. For this, of course, viewers pay fat sums.


The women are called by men who pay $4 a minute for the calls and often, according to Tate, gradually come to believe that they are in a relationship with the women. If they want, they can pay for a private sex show.


"When a woman made $100,000 a month, I gave her 25 percent of the money she made. She got 25-thousand and I got 75-thousand. Some people tell me that this is an extortion and why I paid them so little. Little? I'm the genius who thought it up, I'm the technological backer, I'm the emotional support, I'm the one who told her what to say and do. She's just the face of it all. I'm the feminist," Tate smiles in the video.



Despite the fact that this business model is seemingly working reliably and he's not doing too badly at all in Romania, the sex business has already gotten him in trouble with the law.


In April 2022, Romanian police raided his home on suspicion of human trafficking and rape because they received information that Tate was allegedly holding a young American woman prisoner in the house. During the search of the house, the police found not only the American woman, but also a young Romanian woman, only Tate claims that they were both staying with him voluntarily and that he was not imprisoning anyone.


For now, Romanian police say the investigation is still ongoing. Tate himself defends himself by saying that he was set up by a jealous boyfriend of a woman who started working for him in Romania. He said he didn't like the kind of work the girlfriend was doing. Apparently, only a police investigation will decide whether Tate is telling the truth.



Thousands of people are paying him for Hustler's University


Andrew Tate has gained more than a million new followers on Instagram since the beginning of July. If you open Tiktok, you'll probably see one of his statements pop up as a suggested post after a while, and the same thing happens on Instagram. This is happening mainly because Tate has come up with a seemingly ingenious way to mass distribute his content on social media.


Instead of spreading his content around exclusively on his own, he set up a project called Hustler's University, where mostly young people pay him for membership. This 'university of hard work and entrepreneurship' operates on the social network Discord and reportedly has nearly a hundred thousand paying members. Membership costs USD 49. In addition, Tate has classes in which he teaches men how to seduce women.


Hustler's University aims to teach a man how to make money, according to the influencer's official site. "I have personally vetted every professor. Each of them earns between 10- and 500-thousand a month in their industry," the site reads.


By "teaching" young people how to make money from stocks, cryptocurrencies or copywriting and social media marketing, Tate is actually showing them how to share his content in the form of short videos with controversial statements, which social media algorithms then readily distribute to millions of people. And apparently it works well.

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