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Jakub Paulík
May 3, 2022, 11:10am
Reading time: 7:22

Logan Paul And 10 Interesting Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Him

Will Americans elect Logan Paul as President of the United States? Youtuber would be interested.

Jakub Paulík
May 3, 2022, 11:10am
Reading time: 7:22
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Despised and beloved Logan Paul is currently one of the world's most popular influencers. He will never get rid of his homophobic, racist and other controversial stunts, and one day he might run for the president of the United States.



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Video with a hanged man

Logan Paul's career is full of controversy and is essentially based on it. However, nothing caused such hatred towards the young youtuber as a visit to Aokigahar's "suicide forest" in Japan in 2017, in which he filmed and laughed at a hanged man. Although the video received a number of views on Youtube in a short time, Logan Paul received well-deserved wave of criticism.




Hundreds of thousands of people have asked Paul to forgo his Youtube account. However, the well-known platform decided to punish the young man in another way. For example, they retracted his work from the Google Preferred program, thus leaving it out it from a list from which advertisers choose creators on Youtube. In other words, he lost some of his profits.


For obvious reasons, you will no longer find this video on his channel. Logan Paul expressed remorse and donated a million dollars to suicide organisations. His video, which deals with this topic, has been viewed by more than 30 million people to date. He later called his mistake from the forest in Japan "the greatest blessing of life" because it is said to have made him a better person, says Gamerant. Many would certainly disagree with this statement.



How Logan Paul lost millions

Losing advertising revenue - even if only temporarily - can be very unfortunate for youtuber. Logan Paul apparently didn't learn much from his past behaviour, so Youtube decided to take this action in early 2018. Paul, for example, urged his followers to undergo the so-called Tide Pod Challenge, in which people eat detergents.


We certainly couldn't call the video in which he tries to revive the carcass of a mouse with a stun gun. To this day, you can watch the bizarre video directly on Youtube. 


"After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul's YouTube channels. It was not an easy decision, but we believe that his videos show a pattern of behaviour that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers but also potentially harmful to the wider community of creators", the platform explained its move to The Verge. Logan Paul estimates to have earned about $ 1.2 million a month from youtube ads during the period.



– 15 % testicles

When you're shooting crazy stunts like the Jackass guys, you have to come to terms with the consequences. In the case of Logan Paul, these consequences were a surgery during which he lost part of his right testicle. In one of his videos, he clarified that an unpleasant accident occurred to him while filming a fight with "Dwarfzilla", a scaled-down version of the dreaded Godzilla, which Paul's friend Evan Eckenrode was disguised as.


Logan Paul pretended to be scared at the mall after Dwarfzilla arrived, so he jumped on table. He fell off a few seconds later, suffering a blow between his legs.


When he noticed a few days later, that his right testicle had grown to the size of an avocado, he quickly sought out a doctor. According to his own words, he lost 15% of his right testicle after the surgery. He also received additional reprehension from his mother, for not telling her about this problem sooner. She was afraid of the risk that she might not have grandchildren in the future.



Not all Asians are from China


If you want to be a social media star, you have to reckon with the fact that you will be under strict scrutiny. One takes responsibility not only for their current work, but also for anything  said or written publicly in the past, that was not deleted.


In 2012, Logan Paul stereotyped the size of the penises of Asians and African-Americans. According to his post, the first group consumes soy, which is said to increase the female hormone estrogen in the body, so they have smaller penises. Watermelons reportedly have the opposite effect on African-Americans, writes Nextshark website, in reference to Paul's claims.


His video, where he sticks a "Made in China" sticker on a number of products, is also controversial. Subsequently, he presses the sticker on the head of Youtuber Daniel Trung Nghi Nguyen, who is of Vietnamese-American origin.



Gay challenge or one month as a homosexual

Although Logan Paul promised to calm down, he produced a statement from time to time that tore down the Internet. At the beginning of 2019, through his podcast Impaulsive, he talked to one of the guests about New Year's resolutions.


Youtuber said he would become gay for one month and then move back to a heterosexual orientation. However, with this statement, he supported the stigma that a person chooses his sexual orientation, which has been scientifically proven as nonsense.



Influencer Daniel Preda, who was a partner of youtuber Joey Graceff, harshly criticized Logan Paul for his remarks, reports USA Today. "It's disgusting that Logan Paul joked about becoming gay for a month while many members of the LGBT + community are being killed or committed suicide because of their sexual orientation. He is still a terrible representative of the Youtube community and shows that he has learned nothing in the last year," he wrote.


The fact that this simply not how sexual orientation works was also pointed out by the organisation GLAAD - media monitoring organisation, founded as a protest against defamatory coverage of gay and lesbian people. Logan Paul admitted that he had chosen the wrong wording, and GLAAD invited him to the next part of their podcast so they could address the subject.



Jimmy Kimmel called him "the worst human in the world"

Moderator and comedian Jimmy Kimmel mentioned Logan Paul and former US President Donald Trump in one sentence and called them "the worst people in the world", and to that, the famous youtuber took offence, writes Complex. It bothered him that he was friendly to him on the show in 2017 and is now standing against him.


"Jimmy Kimmel, you idiot. Honestly, Jimmy, come on, bro. I'm not ... f**k it. How can you invite me to your show and be all warm and friendly and  then a year and a half later ... Fu** you, Jimmy Kimmel. Why now? ” Logan Paul complained on the Impaulsive podcast. Youtuber, who likes to make fun of everyone, paradoxically did not take the joke well.



He laughed at Mike Tyson


Logan Paul is not only a youtuber, but also an amateur boxer. He managed to stand his ground in the exhibition match against the former 44-year-old boxer Floyd Mayweather, as a result of which his ego increased considerably.


He even boasted that he would put boxing legend Mike Tyson, who is 55 years old, on his knees, says Unilad. Although Tyson is much more experienced than 27-year-old Logan Paul, youtuber thinks he would beat him because he is too old.


However, Logan Paul's lawyer disagreed with his client and told him that Mike Tyson would definitely "tear off his head." "I just went through all this. You can't tell me I can't beat Mike Tyson," said the confident Paul in Impaulsive. Mike Tyson is open to a duel. He expects that this would result in a decent package of money, writes the New York Post.



He acted like a "flat-earther"

With the current availability of scientific information, only the largest conspirators in the world can believe in a flat Earth. Logan Paul therefore said that he would shine light on this through a document. In the trailer for The Flat Earth: To The Edge And Back, he admitted that during the filming he himself became a so-called flat-earther.



Some believed his statement, others believed that he only wanted to attract potential viewers. The second group of people was right. While we may shake our heads at Logan Paul for various madnesses, he is certainly not one of the people who believe in a flat Earth. "I think it's the biggest stupid thing I've ever heard in my life," he said in a Mashable document. His trailer statement was therefore just a cheap clickbait.


One of the well-known flat-haulers Mike Hughes aka Mad Mike planned to sue him for his critical documentary, in which he wanted to show humanity that the Earth is really flat with the help of his home-made rocket, writes The Daily Beast. However, he died tragically in an unsuccessful attempt.



The most expensive Pokemon card in the world

Youtuber, an amateur boxer, but also a passionate collector of Pokémon cards - Logan Paul is all of these. According to the Guinness Book of Records, he currently owns the most expensive Pokémon card in the world, but his path to it was rather thorny, which was felt especially by his wallet. 


In early 2022, he confessed in one of his videos that he had been deceived by fraudsters and had lost $ 3 and a half million. He thought he would get the first edition of Pokémon cards, but in fact he got G. I. Joe cards.


However, he soon bought the most expensive Pokémon card in the world, which can be worth up to $ 6 million. He showed it to the public before his debut match in Wrestlemania, when he had a card hanging on a diamond pendant worth $ 80,000.



Logan Paul as the president of USA?

After all the controversy that Logan Paul has to his name, few would be able to imagine him at the leader of the United States. However, he himself probably wouldn't have a problem with that. Or again, he's just lying to get people interested ... You can't really be sure with Paul.


Whatever his real intentions are, in the 313rd episode of the podcast Impaulsive he announced that one day, he plans to run for president. However, as it does not currently meet the minimum age of 35, the 27-year-old youtuber will have to wait at least 8 years. Logan's younger brother Jake is also interested in the presidency, writes The Insider. In one of the interviews, he said that they were tossing a coin and that one of them would at least be vice president.


Logan Paul says he considers his candidacy necessary, but at the moment he can't say what he wants to change. Although Youtuber's idea of a president may be quite bizarre at the moment, in the past people also considered it unlikely that actors such as Ronald Reagan or Volodymyr Zelensky would become the leaders of a state.





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