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Tímea Krauszová
January 17, 2021, 2:38pm
Reading time: 14:23

Girls on OnlyFans Talk About Their Experience, Earnings and Boundaries They Set for Themselves

All agreed on the fact that they're not ashamed of their work. According to them, it's work like any other.

Tímea Krauszová
January 17, 2021, 2:38pm
Reading time: 14:23
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Girls on OnlyFans Talk About Their Experience, Earnings and Boundaries They Set for Themselves
Zdroj: Instagram / @horynca_
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Over the past few months, the spicy OnlyFans site has emerged to the forefront. Probably also due to the pandemic. Many have been tempted by the opportunity to make easy money, others try to overcome the loneliness of isolation, by looking for company online. By the end of 2020 there was over 50 million registered users already. 


Even though the site is known for mainly its erotic content (which, unlike on other social networks, is not forbidden at all), you'll also find cooks, personal fitness trainers, or musicians there. It works kind of like Patreon, so you're supporting your favorite creators directly by sending them money and they give you exclusive content in return. 



We've approached some more- and lesser-known Czech and Slovak faces from the platform. These women create content for OnlyFans and promote it through various social media. We've asked the same six questions to all of them : 



Keep reading to find out what the local girls on OnlyFans think of their work, whether they make a full living out of it and what the reactions of their closest circle are. 

Petra Sela

Petra teases spicy photos on her Instagram with more than 27 thousand followers. Her monthly OnlyFans subscription costs 15 dollars, but you can also buy 3-month or yearly subscription at a discounted price. In her profile, she promises she'll be "your online girlfriend". At the time of writing this article, she's got about 90 pictures and a few videos in her repertoire. 


1.  You can make good money, depending on the energy you're willing to put into it. For me it's approximately 500 € weekly.



Source: Petra Sela


2.  I'm not ashamed of my work, for me it's a hobby. Woman's body and nudity are very natural in my opinion and you really can't be more yourself than when you're fully naked. It's also a major shift within the sex business, because both guys and girls are their own bosses here. They can decide on their own what they will and won't do. And unlike pornography, people are not stuck with low payouts or long workdays without the option to say 'enough'. 


3. I always try to meet the clients requests, but I never do anything that I don't agree with. The farthest I've went was porn. 


4.  No, a lot of people know I'm on OnlyFans. My boyfriend supports me, he even helps me with the shoots. (laughs)


Source: Petra Sela


5.  Thank God, fans are not recognizing me in public yet. But maybe it's also because I look like a homeless person: no makeup, sweats, you get the picture. (laughs)


6.  It's hard to tell who's more generous. Slovaks, Czechs and foreigners alike pay what's necessary, but you always run into cheap folks that ask for free nudes on Instagram. 



Valéria, also known as Xholakys, has almost 70 thousand followers on Instagram. She has two OnlyFans accounts: her private one and one that's shared with Horynca. Together they publish mainly videos and all of their posts are lesbian. Both of them have answered our questions. Xholakys charges 25 dollars for monthly subscription, with a discount in the case of a three-month subscription.


1. As for my OnlyFans earnings, it's private and I don't want to talk about it. It's not a small number, but I don't want to get into details. 


2. I wouldn't compare OnlyFans to porn, I think it's two separate things. The work is very different compared to porn or prostitution, where they have intercourse with someone, providing sexual services. We don't do that at all. And no, I'm not ashamed of it. Most of my pictures are professional. If they're unprofessional, I try to take the best shot possible. I enjoy teasing, shocking and capturing my body on pictures. I find my body attractive, I like it, I like other girls as well and I even subscribe to some of them on OnlyFans.


Source: Xholakys archives


3. I try to buy different costumes and lingerie. The lesbian videos with my friend Horynca. We make out, touch each other, suck on each others nipples and that's pretty much it. I don't do open legs, just topless (open legs are shots of intimate parts with legs spread out, topless are pictures with the upper part of the body exposed). There's videos of me where I strip, but I keep the bottom part covered up. 


4. My parents know I do OnlyFans, since I've had provocative pictures like these on Instagram for free, ever since I was 16 years old. As long as I'm happy and enjoying it, they're satisfied. When I found out about sites such as Patreon and OnlyFans, I said to myself, why shouldn't I get paid for it after doing it for so many years. I took advantage of it and I'm glad. 


As for my parents, even if I'd shoot porn - which I'm not - they'd support me, because they want me to be happy and do well. My boyfriend is cool with it, he even took some of the pictures of me on OnlyFans. Some Czechs consider it a form of prostitution, in US it's a totally normal thing by now. I'm glad my boyfriend accepts it, gives me advice and takes my pictures.


5. Yes, they often recognize me. Mainly in my hometown. I grew up there, everyone knows me and when I walk down the street, 90% people recognize me. Even in Prague, when I go to the store somewhere, I usually get recognized by at least one person. 


Source: Xholakys archives


6. In my opinion, Slovakia and Czech Republic are only discovering OnlyFans and Patreon now. They really want to make their moneys worth. Foreigners are grateful for everything and they even leave tips. But I'm not trying to insult Czechs and Slovaks, there's also many generous and kind people amongst them. I get wonderful messages from them. 




Another Czech girl that presents herself under the nickname Horynca. On her OnlyFans profile, she "welcomes you to hell", even though at the time of creation of this article, there was a 50% discount for 30 days (10 dollars instead of 20). Just like some other girls, she also offers bargain deals. She already has more than 120 posts.


1. This type of information is something I don't really want to make public. It is a private matter, after all. I've been active on OnlyFans since August, relocating from Patreon, because OnlyFans has a lot more people on it, including foreigners. Regarding the earnings, I'll just say I was able to finance my nose job from the money I've made


2. That's a very difficult question, I think, cause a lot of people don't understand it at all. I'm absolutely not ashamed of it. I'm comfortable with nudity, I consider it something very natural and normal. 


It feels good to me. Unlike pornography, which leaves traces behind on the internet. OnlyFans does too, but not as much as porn. Showing a little something, so people can support you, is okay in my opinion, once you already have fans. Leaking from OnlyFans is not really all that common. On the other hand, if you shoot porn, it's everywhere and you can't get rid of it. People download it or make copies. I'm not saying that can't happen on OnlyFans, but it's more secured. People have to pay in advance. On top of that, with porn you get paid once and suddenly it's everywhere. 


3. I do topless, I might be naked, but open legs is where I draw the line. We have a separate OnlyFans account for lesbian content with my flatmate Xholakys. There, we do touching and caressing. Once she licked my feet, for example. People mostly ask for pictures of my feet. For a few bucks they get it exclusively in a private chat. I get a lot of requests, mainly for open legs, but I just won't do it.


Source: Instagram / @horynca_


4. My mom and auntie are totally fine with it, of course, the grandparents don't know about it. (laughs) They know I take topless pictures, but they don't make any specific comments on it. Mom sometimes even takes my pictures, she doesn't consider it something bad. She knows I enjoy it and that it's natural for me. Everyone respects it, nobody ever told me not to do it. Even my boyfriend told me that I'm free to do it as long as it's fun for me. 


5. It has happened to me a few times, definitely not often. I don't have that many fans. Last year it happened in a water park (laughs). But the people have a different, internet based idea of the person. The reality is different. Most people that know me are aware of the fact that I'm different in reality than on the internet. 


Source: Instagram / @horynca_


6. I'd say it's definitely foreigners. I'm not saying that there's not a few good souls from Czech Republic or Slovakia as well. I've got a few loyal fans, but there's also many that want everything for free. And if they don't get it, they curse me off and say they might as well just play some porn. But I'm at peace with that already. 



Týnuš, with a clever riddle name on Instagram, likes to also present herself on OnlyFans as a girl with voluptuous breasts. "I love my body and you'll love it too" says her simple, yet alluring title on her profile, that you can subscribe to for $6.50 monthly. She has more than a hundred posts.


1. OnlyFans earns me monthly around €230-380, roughly it's at least 300. Of course, I've only been doing it for about 4 months, so I'm quite new. Every month, the number increases. 


I could make more, but I made a rule not to expose nipples or genitals, which greatly reduces my earnings. Men are often insulted that I'm not willing to post something like that. They're irritated that they can't have everything, so they send it online amongst each other out of spite. Many men then don't pay for my OnlyFans, because they see the pictures elsewhere. 


Source: Instagram / @1k.o_o.k1

2. OnlyFans is a very, very, very light form of prostitution. There's a lot of girls like me there that don't sell every single piece of their bodies. It's almost free money - there's minimal effort and time invested. 


I'm not ashamed of doing it. It's also not something I'm proud of, it's merely a fact. I'm simply making money by posting half-naked pictures on a website and people pay me for it. (laughs) I never got paid for sex, even though a lot of people think so. People judge me and I say to myself "if you could afford it, you'd buy yourself a wh*re like that too". It's people that watch porn, masturbate to it, consume the content, but they condemn me. I'm not a c*nt, but this type of insults comes in daily. Usually they get nasty, because they can't afford to buy the person or because they get rejected

3. I don't sell nipples and genitals. Even though I take pictures naked, I always censor it. Once I revealed the nipples and it turned against me. It was someone I've trusted, but suddenly he had the urge to share with the world that he was the one I've revealed myself to. So this is where I draw the line. My pictures only show what's common on other social media as well these days, which is also often considered as art. 


If the fans pay for it, I sometimes talk with them on the phone. Needless to say, many men who turn to OnlyFans need love, however corny that sounds. It's not just about the need for a picture or a video. 60% of them want to talk to you about regular things. They want to feel that someone cares for them and gives a damn.  


Source: Instagram / @1k.o_o.k1

4. I've got a great relationship with my father, but I never told him "listen, dad, I'm selling my half-naked pictures on the internet". He knows I take nudes, we both make fun of it, but I'm not planning on telling him. Although I doubt he'd have a problem with that. 

My friends don't mind at all, one of my friends even got inspired and started doing it herself, they're all fine with it. I've always been an exhibitionist, always revealing myself, because it makes me feel good. It's not just about the attention of others, I would walk around naked all of the time, if I could. (laughs) Even the boys I'm dating don't have a problem with it. 


Source: Instagram / @1k.o_o.k1


5. I don't know if they recognize me in public. I don't assume someone who pays for my OnlyFans account would come up to me to confess about that. (laughs) 

6. Most of my fans are Czech, but the foreigners are the most generous. I'm not saying they're richer, they just don't seem to have an issue with paying for things - one guy offered me money for my Snapchat.

Sandra Mašková

Sandra is best known with the kickboxing and MMA fans. In 2017 she even won at the World Championships. She has an OnlyFans account under the name Medojed, with almost 150 posts and monthly subscription for 11 dollars. She also offers a few bargain packages if you purchase more months at once. She promises to show the feminine side that hides behind her warrior disguise, and she emphasizes that sexuality is natural. 


1. My profitability from OnlyFans is more intimate to me than sharing my bare ass on social media. (laughs) I'll just say that it covers my monthly expenses (housing, food) and in my case, also one or two books. I'm grateful for it, because at the moment, I can't do my job as a kickbox trainer. 


2. I do not consider OnlyFans as a synonym for prostitution. The original purpose is to be able to support a creator that produces interesting content. I follow one sports trainer that shares his trainings there. The fact that the ladies from the porn industry took over the platform is another story. (laughs)


I wouldn't call my content pornographic. Some experts explained that it' doesn't even qualify as nudes, because even though I'm completely naked on some of the pictures, "you can't see anything" (laughs). In my words, I don't show boobs, holes or donuts (laughs). I tend to work more with the imagination than with actual images. 


Source: Sandra Mašková


Whether I'm ashamed? No, I see no reason. I don't show anything more than I would at a nudist beach. I perceive nudity as something natural, human body is beautiful. I am fascinated, though, by the possibility of making money off of something that's so normal and fun to me. 


3. My boundaries are fixed: No boobs, holes or donuts. I like artistic nudes. In a way I admire how the women are able to share their naked bodies and there's not even a hint of vulgarity in it. For me, it's pure beauty. But I don't know if I'll ever dare to make such art myself. 


4. Parents are cool with it, when I showed them my profile, they didn't see anything outrageous about it. The level of outrage is quite related to the degree of invasion into sexuality. Most of my friends don't see anything dramatic in it. And my partner? I've got an amazing partner by my side, who shares my opinion on sexuality and the nature of the naked body. On the contrary, he sometimes even helps me with the content creation. He has a a special radar that helps me predict the success of some posts. (laughs) 


5. Given that my fanbase is mainly from the environment of martial arts, then yes. I have no idea how many of them also have my OnlyFans as well. 


6. Mostly, I communicate with the Czech followers, but I can't tell who's more generous. For the foreigners, I'm just a random girl that won't show anything, so I have nothing to offer. Czechoslovak audience knows me as a fighter. For them, it's interesting to see me in a non-fighting, feminine perspective. 


Source: Sandra Mašková

Melancholia Blackbile

Melancholia is a drag queen, dedicated to burlesque, queer performing and modeling. On her OnlyFans she mainly focuses on kink (thus unconventional sexual tactics, such as BDSM or fetishism). Monthly subscription is 10 dollars, with an option of a few discounted packages as well. 


1. I've had OnlyFans for about a year and a half and the first months were quite weak. At the beginning of 2020 it started becoming more profitable, and I have to say that as a performer and actress that's dependant on active nightlife scene and culture, it saved my ass during the spring lockdown. In the summer I wasn't active, but the autumn brought another shutdown of theatres and clubs. At the end of the summer, my OnlyFans took off and now I'm making four, sometimes five-digit amounts per month. 


Source: Instagram / @melancholiablackbile


2. My attitude towards sex work is definitely positive, it's a job like any other and it's been around since the beginning of times. I support it in all of its forms, as long as there's mutual agreement. OnlyFans is definitely bringing a shift to the prostitution and porn industry, especially since the models have a much bigger control over things on OnlyFans.


I am definitely not ashamed of my work, none of its aspects and it would never even cross my mind to judge someone based on their profit off of sexual services or creation of erotic content. If someone doesn't like it, they just don't have to consume it. 


3. Subscriber finds everything uncensored on my OnlyFans. If there's a special wish, there's an opportunity to get everything personalized.


Videos with toys or custom made striptease videos in costumes that I also wear to the shows are very popular. People seem to like that they get to see something extra and have it all to themselves. One of my limits and a big „no-go“ is definitely anything involving feces or vomit.


4. As long as I know, my parents are unaware of my OnlyFans. But I'm sure that a parent, whose opinion I care about, wouldn't have a problem with it, because they'd understand that I'm a grown human. Even though they might not understand some things I do completely, I'm lucky to get all of the support in everything I do. 


Most of my friends are from the queer or BDSM community, so I mainly receive positive reactions to my work Relationship-wise, I'm single, but I have a few so-called play partners and they all know about my OnlyFans. They don't have a problem with it. Instead, some of them also make content for OnlyFans, or help me make pictures or videos for mine. I can't imagine being in a relationship with someone who would limit me in doing what I do. Out of jealousy or the idea of owning me in any way, regardless. 


Source: Melancholia Blackbile archives


5. Since I'm a drag queen and I've been a part of the Prague scene for a while, people do recognize me on the street sometimes. But it's mainly because they've seen me perform somewhere, or they follow my Instagram. It has never happened to me that someone knew me specifically for OnlyFans.


6. Honestly, that's hard to tell. Large portion of followers doesn't communicate with you on OnlyFans. They don't have a name, just some nickname, so you don't always know where they're from. My fans are Czechs, Slovaks, but mainly foreigners. I have to say that there's many generous people in all of these categories. 

Kameko Epitaph

Dominika or Kameko, is also doing shibari aside from OnlyFans, and she's a rigger (the one who applies bondage). On Instagram, you'll find her in the role of a model. Despite the fact that some prefer anonymity on OnlyFans, according to her, she doesn't mind to show her face on pictures. 

Loves fashion, fairy tales and she's also into kink (mainly the aforementioned shibari or petplay). Monthly, you'll pay 18 dollars for her content. She also offers the possibility of agreeing on what she will use in a picture or video (you can buy it for her and send it over). Mainly it's animal ears or fairy tale costumes.


1. After 2 years of doing it, it's a few hundred euros. 


Source: Instagram / @kameko_epitaph


2. Sex work, just like any other work, has it's own pro's and con's. Some do it because they enjoy it, some for the money, others for the fame. All of the reasons are valid, in my opinion, as long as the person does it voluntarily. OnlyFans has a strict policy regarding prostitution. It's explicitly forbidden to arrange appointments and messages of this character are censored. 


Regarding pornography, it opens up the possibility for the consumers to interfere with the creation process, which is not happening during the traditional productions. The person that creates the content usually performs all of the tasks, directing, production, styling. I am not ashamed of creating content on OnlyFans. I used to do the same thing before, just for fun. Everyone should do what they want as long as it's not intentionally harmful to others. 


Source: Instagram / @kameko_epitaph


3. I create content primarily for myself and my pleasure, so I wouldn't do anything that's not pleasing to me. As an example, it occurs to me, that I once haven't shaved for a long time, even though I prefer to be completely shaved. 


4. Friends support me, we often create content together, exchange subs [subscribers] and we help each other out. I wouldn't want to have someone in my life who has a problem with it. My partner doesn't mind at all, he's rather happy to receive "premium content". (laughs)


5. Fortunately it only happens in the good sense of the word. 


6. Foreigners are definitely more generous.


Source: Instagram / @kameko_epitaph





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