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Dominik Vetrák
December 6, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 4:18

10 Must Watch Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry Every Time

These are some of the most emotional movies that are guaranteed to make you feel emotional or cry.

Dominik Vetrák
December 6, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 4:18
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Some of us are embarrassed to cry at movies. Especially if we are in a circle of acquaintances or strangers. Below we will present you 10 great films that are very emotional, some of them literally so-called "tearjerkers", whose task is to make you cry at any cost.


1. Life is Beautiful (directed by Roberto Benigni, 1998, Amazon Prime)

Roberto Benigni wrote, directed and acted in his Oscar-winning film about the beauty but also the pain of life as the magnum opus of his career. The plot begins in 1939 and shows Guido's efforts to win over the teacher Dora, but her parents have promised her to someone else. Finally, he wins her, they have a baby, and together with his father, he is taken to a concentration camp. Guido has Jewish roots. The emotional part of the film begins right here, when Guido tries to make life as easy as possible for his son in the camp.

He gives him her food and drink, tries to make him laugh and plays make-believe games with him to occupy his mind. He constantly tries to protect him from reality and creates a bubble around him that protects his childish mind. The finale is crushing and we're getting emotional just thinking about it. Life is Beautiful is a wonderful portrayal of parental love and what parents are willing to do to protect their children.



2. Saving Private Ryan (directed by Steven Spielberg, 1998, Amazon Prime Video)

One of the best war movies in history, we love it for many reasons. Its emotional punch comes at the end, when we see one of the heroes of the war aged and weeping at the grave of his saviours, hoping that he did all he could with his life and that there was meaning in saving him.

It's about James Ryan (Matt Damon), the last of 4 siblings fighting in World War II. The US Army decides to rescue him, so they send a special unit led by Tom Hanks' character after him. You won't be prepared for the death of your favourite characters, and the ending will crush you. 



3. Notebook (directed by Nick Cassavetes, 2004, Netflix)

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are perfect as the central couple, the director deftly navigates the very fine line of kitsch, and the script is surprisingly cinematically functional. It has a few flaws in terms of logic and character behaviour, but romance is meant to be experienced with the heart and not the head.

Gosling and McAdams play a couple in love, in a story not dissimilar to Romeo and Juliet. In the story from 1940, one is rich and the other is poor, meaning, society does not make their relationship easy.



4. Sophie's Choice (directed by Alan J. Pakula, 1982, Youtube za 4 eurá)

Here, Meryl Streep plays a Polish immigrant and Holocaust survivor. In the film, fate puts an impossible task in front of her - she has to decide which of her two children to send to die in a gas chamber and which to send to a concentration camp. The decision she had to make then tormented her all her life.



5. Schindler's List (directed by Steven Spielberg, 1993, Netflix)

Director Steven Spielberg appears on this list for the second time. It only proves how perfectly he can handle human emotions. However, the film's only similarity to Saving Private Ryan is that it takes place during World War II.


In the drama, Liam Neeson played businessman Oskar Schindler, who spent all his money to save as many Jews as possible from deportation. He saved more than 1,100 human lives, but his reaction to it at the end of the film will still move you. The ending itself is probably even more heartbreaking.



6. Grave of the Fireflies (directed by Isao Takahata, 1988, Amazon Prime Video)

Director Isao Takahata made a very depressing film about the value of life set in a post-war Japan that was destroyed by bombs. It doesn't matter at all that it's animated, its mature and terrifying themes capturing the aftermath of war will emotionally devastate you.



7. The Iron Giant (directed by Brad Bird, 1999, Google filmy/Youtube)

You can perceive the animated film directed by Brad Bird as an "ordinary" animated film. But he works with the more complex theme of the anti-gun and anti-war initiative. In both cases, the result will be the same: your tears, and not only at the very end of the picture. All of it caused by a small boy's relationship with a giant mechanical robot that becomes his best friend and protector.



8. Bridge to Terabithia (directed by Gábor Csubó, 2007, Amazon Prime Video)

It probably doesn't matter if you see it as a child or as an adult. The emotional twist will hit you as hard as the remorse of one of the characters. It is possible that you do not know it, so we will not reveal it. The main experience of the film rests on a friendship between two children (Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb), that bond after imagining that they are spending time in the magical fantasy world of Terabithia, which only they know how to enter.



9. Hachi: A Dog's Tale (directed by Lasse Hallström, 2009, Amazon)

This movie is almost a legend and has been seen by almost every fan of emotional movies and dramas about animals. In the center of the plot is the dog Hachiko, who devotedly waits for his master (Richard Gere) every evening when he returns home from work by train. We don't want to tell you more, but know that the dog's devotion will move you. 



10. Coco (directed by Adrian Molina, Lee Unkrich, 2017, Disney+)

One of Pixar's best films in recent years is also one of their most emotional. Anyone who didn't cry during the final scene with Mama Coco probably doesn't have a heart. The film tells the story of little Miguel, whose big dream is to become a musician.

However, his family forbids him since his great-grandfather was a musician and it hurt the family a lot. Miguel ventures into the world of the dead to find out the truth about what really happened. But he has to hurry or he will stay there forever.



Some more emotional films: 

Terms of Endearment

Brief Encounter 

My Girl

Brokeback Mountain

Me Before You

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Brian’s Song

My Sister’s Keeper

Manchester by the Sea



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