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Peter Vnuk
December 5, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:30

5 Great Wireless Headphones Worth Buying Right Now. Lot Of Music For Little Money

Wireless headphones are now so affordable that almost everyone uses them. In the evening when falling asleep, on the train, but also on the street. We have selected 5 tips that make a worthy purchase.

Peter Vnuk
December 5, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:30
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What to think about before your purchase

So we chose the True Wireless models and you will find most of these characteristics in all of them. For example, the possibility of charging from the case, replaceable ends in case they do not fit your ear properly, or support for voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri from Apple and others. We will draw your attention to the features that distinguish them and that are worth paying attention to.

Usually what is different, is their level of water resistance, which covers not only rain, but also sweat. So, if you run or do other sports with headphones, assign priority to this parameter. It is also good to find out on the manufacturer's website which model is heavier (weight and dimensions) and which is lighter. Sometimes it doesn't look like it in the pictures, but after ordering, something arrives at your home that will - figuratively speaking - bring your ears down to your knees.

Also think about this - the noise canceling function can sometimes be very dangerous. Find out in advance how it is used for your specific model so you don't get hit by a car and so you still hear your mom when she yells at you, that lunch is ready.



1. AirPods Pro 2022

Let's start with the classic headphones from Apple, which contain the H2 chip. They can actively suppress ambient noise, so be careful especially while moving around in traffic. According to Apple, the noise cancellation effect is twice as strong as with the previous generation. Functions such as automatic playback shutdown after removing from the ears are interesting, thanks to which you can also actively use one earphone.


Source: apple.com


Control is solved with a touch area on the headphones and not only the headphones themselves, but also their charging case is water resistant according to IPX4. This means resistance against splashing water, which means that they are, of course, not suitable for swimming in the pool. Forgetful people will probably appreciate the possibility to find their lost case in cooperation with the iPhone. The case has a speaker.


Price: 298,90 €

Buy them here.


2. JBL Vibe 200TWS

This model will provide you with 20 hours of operation. However, it must be said that the earphones last five hours on one charge from the case, and you can repeat this three more times before the case runs out. Resistance according to the IPX2 protocol means resistance to dripping water, so intense rain will not suit them.


Source: jbl.com


The bass range from 20 Hz will certainly be enough for listening to music, watching movies and possibly playing games. The manufacturer emphasizes that thanks to the sensitivity of 108 dB/mW, the model can enhance the sound from a weaker source, so you don't have to worry about reviving that MP3 that has been lying somewhere in your drawer for years.


Price: 59,99 €

Buy them here.


3. Sony True Wireless WF-C500

If the possibility of choosing less traditional colours is important to you, you are at the right address. The green, white and orange-red variants cost the same as the classic black. In addition to connecting to a smartphone, users can also connect to a computer with Windows 10. The SwiftPair function supports connecting to Windows using bluetooth.


Source: Sony


The manufacturer emphasizes the low latency of the connection, which you will appreciate especially when playing games. The battery life is at the level of ten hours, and you can add another ten hours with a charging case. They are controlled via physical buttons, which can be an advantage for someone who doesn't like touch controls.


Price: 49 €

Buy them here.


4. Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Since we mentioned headphones from Apple, we must not leave out Samsung. The premium quality can be seen, for example, in the resistance against splashing water according to the IPX7 protocol. Compared to cheaper models, you also get support for Dolby Atmos and surround sound in a virtual 7.1 configuration. Thanks to Dolby Head Tracking, the sound even adapts to the current position of your head.


Source: samsung.com


Battery life is at five hours, and the round charging case can add another 13 hours of operation to this model. There should also be suppression of ambient noise thanks to three microphones and support for Hi-Res sound. Noise cancellation is automatically turned off if someone speaks to you. Fans of the Samsung ecosystem can pair the headphones with multiple devices and then easily switch between them.


Price: 197,60 €

Buy them here.


5. Niceboy Hive E3

Wireless models can also include those that are interconnected by a short cable. These are headphones designed for physically active users and athletes. Thanks to the cable, they stay in your ear and you won't lose one during a sudden movement. Hive E3 from Niceboy belong to the cheaper category, but still people praise the sound quality and durability.


Source: niceboy.eu


Splash resistance according to IPX5 is a decent level, and the battery life of 10 hours is also commendable. The model can be paired with two devices, so it can be used by partners, each with their own smartphone. The control for this type of in-ear headphones is located on the controller built into the connecting cable.


Price: 17,95 €

Buy them here.

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