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Peter Vnuk
December 3, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:18

7 Tech Gadgets That Will Make The Perfect Christmas Present

Giving a memory card or power bank as a gift is not a bad idea, but if you want to reach for something original that will please not only the technology enthusiast, these are some of our some unique tips.

Peter Vnuk
December 3, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:18
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1. Pocket synthesiser – Artiphon Orba 2

This is a suitable Christmas gift for a music fan or even a budding musician. Artiphon Orba fits in the hand and its eight touch surfaces respond to various types of gestures, tapping, scrolling or vibrato.



The built-in synthesiser can generate the sound of various musical instruments, including percussion, and the gyroscope allows its user to use various movements such as tilting or waving and shaking to give free passage to their own musical talent. It can also be connected using a bluetooth MIDI or USB interface and it also has its own mobile app.


Price: 119 €
Link: https://www.recordcase.de/en/artiphon-orba

2. Wireless charger and UV cleaner Oblio

Your cell phone is probably one of the dirtiest things you own. The combination of a wireless 10-watt charger and an antibacterial bath is definitely a good idea. The manufacturer claims that this charger will destroy 99.9 percent of bacteria on the surface of your smartphone within 40 minutes. After 20 minutes, the device must be turned around. The elimination is supposed to be effective even against the H1N1 virus, which is responsible for the covid-19 disease.


Source: Lexon


The phone is inserted into the Oblio charger, which looks like a flower vase, from above, and the LED indicates its correct insertion. Disinfection takes place in 360 degrees and there is also detection of the insertion of foreign objects.


Price: 80 €
Link: https://lexon-design.com/en/product/oblio

3. Oura smart ring for fitness or payments

Oura rings are becoming more and more popular recently. They simplify the use of functions that would be somewhat more difficult with a smartphone or smart watch.

The manufacturer offers several models that, in cooperation with the mobile app, help monitor the quality of sleep, monitor sports activities, temperature, stress level, heart rate and other parameters.


Source: ouraring.com


At the same time, Oura rings act as an elegant accessory and at first glance it is more of a piece of jewelry than a technological gadget. As many as 86 percent of users are said to have reported that they sleep better with this smart ring. And what could be a better Christmas present than quality sleep, right?


Price: between 314 and 576 € (depending on model)
Link: https://ouraring.com/product/horizon-silver

4. Self-cleaning bottle Larq

Many of us do not take our drinking regimen lightly. We carry reusable water bottles with us, but keeping them clean is not easy. Larq appeals to the customer with a relatively simple logic: How dirty is your reusable water bottle? (Answer: Really.) How disgusting is it to not wash her every day? (Answer: Very much.)


Source: livelarq.com


Larq bottles try to make the cleaning process more pleasant for the user. Every hour, a UV lamp is activated in the bottle, which kills the vast majority of bacteria inside it. It can also be activated manually and disinfected when necessary. Different colors and different models are available. The filter in the bottle has a lifespan of two months or 151 litres of water.


Price: 48 € 
Link: https://www.livelarq.com/shop/larq-bottle-filtered

5. Home point of Fizzics Draftpour

Every beer connoisseur will certainly be pleased with a smart home brew. Those from Fizzics can be powered by batteries, so you can enjoy a freshly tapped beer even on a hike. The second option is powering with a USB cable, which means there is also an alternative for a more permanent power supply from a computer, phone or power bank. Interestingly, Fizzics products use patented sound wave technology to preserve the freshness of the hoppy drink.


Source: fizzics.com


The body of the Draftpour device can use a bottle or can and does not require any CO2 or N2 refills. There are several colours and models to choose from.


Price: 125 €
Link: https://store.fizzics.com/products/original-fizzics-beer-system

6. Smart mug Ember Cup

There is nothing better than the feeling when the smell of morning coffee and you can set its temperature to exactly the level you like. The smart mug is connected to a mobile application and its built-in battery allows it to keep coffee hot for as long as possible. It will be especially appreciated by those who often forget to drink their beverage. However, Ember can also be used for other drinks.


Source: ember.com


The temperature range is 50 to 62 and a half degrees Celsius, and the mug can maintain this temperature for about an hour and a half when placed on the charging surface. It turns on and off by itself and indicates the correct temperature of the drink with a green LED.


Price: 125 €
Link: https://uk.ember.com/products/ember-cup 

7. Massage in your pocket – Theragun Mini

Being able to massage yourself wherever you go would be great. This is possible thanks to Theragun, which is a small, relatively universal pocket massager. It can fight against pain, help with regeneration after exercise and finally also with muscle relaxation.


Source: therabody.com


The manufacturer emphasises that the use of Theragun and the patented "tapping" massage increases blood flow and oxygenation, which helps to warm the body and, among other things, improves flexibility and posture.


Price: 172 €
Link: https://www.currentbody.com/products/therabody-theragun-mini

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