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Dominik Vetrák
December 2, 2022, 6:50pm
Reading time: 2:07

Best Of November Netflix 2022: How Many Of These Movies And Series Have You Seen? Do You Need To Catch Up?

Here's the best Netflix had to offer in November. Did you see them, or do you need to catch up?

Dominik Vetrák
December 2, 2022, 6:50pm
Reading time: 2:07
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Best Of November Netflix 2022: How Many Of These Movies And Series Have You Seen? Do You Need To Catch Up?
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Last month was very colourful on Netflix. Many movies and series have been released, but only some of them are worth your attention. We have selected the best that was released on Netflix in November.


1. Dragon Prince

The new season of the animated series arrived after three years. No level of quality justifies such a long wait, but you'll forget about it when you watch the new episodes. The story has moved forward in a predatory way as we have also experienced a time jump of several years, so that the characters are more capable and deal with more mature themes. We were also traditionally pleased with action scenes and fights with dragons or magical creatures.



2. Enola Holmes 2

The sequel to the popular detective film starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill managed to surpass its predecessor in quality and that's all we asked of it. If you like arguments and dialogues of charming characters, a mysterious plot and decent action in a story from the end of the 19th century, Enola will definitely please you.



3. My Father’s Dragon

Cartoon Saloon's latest (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, and Wolfwalkers) isn't as good as their past efforts, but it's still worth seeing. The plot is about a boy Elmer who gets to a magical island. There he makes friends with the dragon Boris, with whom they must save the island.



4. 1899

At the end of the 19th century, immigrants went to look for a new life in America, so a group of people boarded a large ocean liner bound for New York. Everything goes wrong when the ship picks up the SOS signal of a different ship, that was lost 4 months ago. What follows is a tangle of secrets, mysterious events and mysterious characters with a dark past. 1899 was filmed by the creators of the show Dark, so you know you can count on a gripping plot.



5. Wednesday

The new series from Tim Burton is aiming at the teenage target audience and it is a pleasant watch whose strongest weapon is the visuals and the wonderful actress Jenna Ortega in the role of Wednesday, the dark daughter of the Addams family. In the series, she attends a new school, where she has to cope with the expectations and discrimination of her surroundings, but also with a mysterious murder.



6. Dead To Me

The final season of this crime series full of dark humour did not answer all the questions, but did close the story emotionally. The creators focused mainly on portraying a strong friendship and relationship between the main characters, who not only like each other above all else, but are also forever tied to each other as accomplices in a brutal crime. The last series was funny, played on feelings and gave space to wonderful characters.



7. Stutz

Stutz is an enjoyable short documentary by actor Jonah Hill. He worked on it together with his therapist Phil Stutz, who completely changed and improved his life. Their conversations bring up with new and positive thoughts, lot of fun, but most importantly discuss, how the therapist helped the actor with his depression.




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