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Denisa Šútorová
December 2, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 4:41

These Are The Most Iconic Fashion Moments Of 2022: Bella Hadid Shocked With A Naked Body, "Weird Girl" Trend Took Over TikTok

The Coperni brand and Bella Hadid's naked body are responsible for the most viral moment.

Denisa Šútorová
December 2, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 4:41
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These Are The Most Iconic Fashion Moments Of 2022: Bella Hadid Shocked With A Naked Body, "Weird Girl" Trend Took Over TikTok
Zdroj: Jacquemus, Nike
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Lyst, the fashion technology company and premium shopping platform used by more than 200 million people this year, has revealed its detailed fashion report for 2022. In its ranking, you will find the hottest fashion trends and brands that have taken over social networks, internet search, and our wardrobes.

From the obsession with everything pink to the unstoppable rise of top model Bella Hadid, in this article we bring you the best moments from the fashion world that rewrote the history of the industry.


The Coperni brand and Bella Hadid's naked body are behind the most viral moment of the year

In what has become one of the hottest and busiest fashion seasons in recent years, Parisian brand Coperni has risen to the top. The end of the October Paris Fashion Week show was marked by a spectacular finale that rewrote the history of fashion.


Bella Hadid was closing the Coperni show during a spectacular moment. A substance was sprayed on her body, which hardened into a textile dress. Source: Getty Images/Pierre Suu


The brand used a special spray called Fabrican, which was sprayed on the naked body of model Bella Hadid. Thanks to the innovative technology, within a few minutes the white spray turned into fabric and immediately into a simple and elegant white dress that perfectly emphasizes the model's figure. The unexpected moment instantly went viral, garnering over a million views under the CoperniDress hashtag after the show.



The rising star of the year is Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeny did not take a break from work this year, which undoubtedly affected her career. In addition to her role in Marvel's Barbarella and Madame Web, she also managed to earn two Emmy Award nominations and pose on the covers of the Hollywood Reporter, Cosmopolitan and Time magazines.


Source: Jeff Kravitz/Contributor/Getty Images/Filmmagic, Inc


Tom Ford, Balmain, Rokh, Saint Laurent, Rodart and the Reformation brand took care of her red carpet outfits and she undoubtedly became one of the most stylish personalities of the year. Lyst crowned her the rising star of 2022.


The biggest red carpet moment belonged to Kim

Kim Kardashian may have gone too far during her ninth annual Met Gala, but according to Lyst, she earned the biggest moment on the red carpet in 2022. It was there that she appeared in the company of Pete Davidson in a Marilyn Monroe dress, in which the famous blonde sang the song Happy Birthday to President Kennedy.


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A post shared by Met Gala (@themetgalaofficial)


Searches for the name of designer Bob Mackie, who created the dress for Marilyn, increased by almost 500 percent, but Kim, on the other hand, earned a wave of criticism for not walking the red carpet in a replica.


The brand of the year is Miu Miu

According to the Lyst platform, the best brand of the year is Miu Miu. Over the past few few seasons, this Parisian luxury brand and a sub-brand of Prada has gained popularity thanks to a number of viral products, including the pleated mini skirt that jumped out at you from every magazine.


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A post shared by New York Times Fashion & Style (@nytstyle)


The luxury brand is especially popular with young people from generation Z, among whom the ballet-core trend (wardrobe inspired by ballerinas) became popular thanks to it, and it is adored by Bella Hadid, Sydney Sweeney and Rosalía.

The logo of the year was won by the Diesel brand

Another brand that has received great prestige is Diesel under the leadership of new creative director Glenn Martens, who is also responsible for the return of the letter D to the monogram. The brand worn by Rihanna, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner earned the title of logo of the year in the fashion industry.


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A post shared by LYST (@lyst)


Balenciaga had the show of the year

Given that Balenciaga consistently reigns supreme on Lyst as one of the world's hottest brands, it's no surprise that it appeared on this year's list. The brand takes home the fashion show of the year award thanks to its haute couture show for autumn/winter 2022, after which searches for the brand on the platform increased by 525 percent.


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A post shared by Balenciaga by Demna (@demnagram)

In addition to the fact that the show was in the spirit of a dystopian universe, Plexiglas face shields, upcycled vintage models and denim outfits were also interesting. Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the surprise of the evening was created by the star cast on the catwalk consisting of Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid.


Collaboration of the year

The ranking of the biggest fashion events of the year would not be complete without the collaboration of the year, which this year, belongs to Jacquemus and the sports brand Nike. After announcing this joint collection, Lyst recorded more than 50,000 searches in the first 23 hours.


Source: Jacquemus, Nike


The fifteen-piece collection combines luxurious silhouettes with an athletic and casual undertone, which it transforms into clothing, sneakers, and elegant costumes. It's no wonder the collection sold out immediately, with prices ranging from $40 to $200. 


The trend of the year is pink

Thanks to Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling co-starring in next summer's upcoming Barbie movie, the world has gone pink this year. According to Lyst, the trend of the year is Barbie-core (wardrobe inspired by Barbie).


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A post shared by Déspi Naka (@despi_naka)


The trendiest couple of the year is Kravis

If you definitely couldn't miss something on Instagram this year, it's the provocative photos of Kourtney Kardashian Barker with her new husband Travis Barker. The couple gained attention thanks to their punk looks, which at times, seem like they were cut out of the fairy tale Dead Bride.


Source: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian Barker


Incorporating sex appeal, punk and brands like Raf Simons, Maison Margiela and Olivier Theyskens into their wardrobe, Kourtney and Travis stole the title of the most stylish fashion couple this year.


Tiktok trend is "weird girl"

The Tiktok platform is famous for its strange trends. This year, according to the Lyst rankings, her aesthetics and hashtag wierd girl reigned supreme. A fashion mix that combines colours, textiles and special layering under the Heaven line was also presented by Marc Jacobs, who incorporated grunge, vintage, nostalgia of the 90s, but also a dose of contemporary fashion into his products.


Source: Marc Jacobs Heaven


Generation Z is literally going crazy for this trend. After Kendall Jenner wore a colorful dress in this style, searches for this style on the Lyst platform increased by 376 percent.


Products of the year

Lyst's report did not miss even the best-selling fashion products. The 2022 Shoe of the Year award went to Boston Clogs Birkenstock, and the bag of the year was a mini bag made of regenerated nylon from Prada.


Source: Prada, Birkenstock



The handbag, which returned from the beginning of the millennium and was also popularized by Kaia Gerber this year, had more than 4.2 million views under the hashtag #pradanylonbag, according to Lyst on Tiktok. The world was captivated by a black silhouette decorated with silver rhinestones and a mini Prada logo.




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Thumbnail: Getty Images/Pierre Suu
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