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Denisa Šútorová
December 1, 2022, 10:45am
Reading time: 2:37

Gothic Look From The Series Wednesday Is Taking Over TikTok. These Three Products Will Make You Look Like Jenna Ortega

If you stick to the following steps, you'll fit right in with the Addams clan.

Denisa Šútorová
December 1, 2022, 10:45am
Reading time: 2:37
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Gothic Look From The Series Wednesday Is Taking Over TikTok. These Three Products Will Make You Look Like Jenna Ortega
Zdroj: Instagram/Wednesday Netflix
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The series Wednesday, Tim Burton's latest hit, has been streaming on Netflix since November 23, and Jenna Ortega in the lead role has already managed to build a large fan fallowing around the world. Although it was anticipated with some hesitation about whether the modern-day Wednesday will surpass the performance of the iconic Christina Ricci (who played the Addams family daughter in the 90s), according to Twitter, Jenna Ortega has succeeded in her role and officially become the next generation's Wednesday Addams.

Fans on social networks are literally obsessed with her, and this is, of course, not only related to her perfect acting performance, but also to her appearance. If you also love the new Wednesday, in the article below, we bring you tips on how to easily recreate her makeup and hairstyle.

We will also show you some specific products that the serial make-up artists used for Jenna Ortega's make-up. If you stick to the following steps, you'll fit right in with the Addams clan.


Perfect black braids and bangs

The first thing you'll undoubtedly notice about Wednesday's goth look is her long black Addamsian hair in perfect braids. When we say perfect, we mean it. Director Tim Burton was very specific with their appearance.


Source: Netflix, Paramount Pictures


“We were trying to create the perfect braids and then we were two hours late to the set because Tim Burton, the director, kept saying, 'It's not right. No, this is not straight enough," admits Jenna, according to the portal Cosmopolitan

In addition to the symmetrical path and thoroughly braided hair, don't forget the voluminous and eye-catching bangs. While 90's Wednesday didn't have it, it gives Jenna a girly and slightly softer look. Last but not least, take care went into ensuring a sufficiently dark shade of black.


Gothic look 

The character Wednesday is endlessly sarcastic, morbid, and supposedly without feelings. The fact that she looks half-dead on the outside is achieved by a strong contrast of black and white, and this applies not only to the clothes, but also to the make-up itself.



Makeup is simple. Blogger Stephanie Stokkvik used contouring with a shade of brown to narrow her face, which she applied to her cheeks and chin, nose and near the corners of her eyes.

You can achieve a fine detail of the freckles under the eyes with a brown eyebrow pencil or liquid eye shadow. Don't forget to soften and shade the dots you create with them. If you want to brighten up your face, we recommend a highlighter, which will make your skin look natural and a little... more alive.


Smoky eye makeup

Part of the eye make-up according to Wednesday, which Helen Theresa also demonstrated on Tiktok, is black gel eyeliner in the area of the lower lash line. To achieve a smoky effect, don't forget to smudge it gently and add some ash and brown eyeshadow to soften it. Use a similar color palette on the eyelids. Finally, add some sparkle and drama by applying a gray eyeshadow with subtle shimmer.


Source: Instagram/Wednesday Netflix


Even though Wednesday's lashes are dark, they look very natural and you hardly notice the curl layer. Dark mascara is a great make-up detail, but be careful. Celebrity make-up designer Tara McDonald and make-up artist Nirvana Jalalvand, who created the serial make-up, used Limitless Lashes mascara from the Ilia Beauty brand.

If you want to avoid the curler, do it like Jenna Ortega herself and curl your eyelashes with tweezers (it will guarantee their extension).


Make-up artist Nirvana Jalalvand used Limitless Lashes mascara from Ilia Beauty for Wednesday's make-up. You can buy it on their website for affordable 30 euros. Source: Ilia Beauty



Lips are an important and distinctive dot at the end of the entire make-up look. You can also touch up the gothic look with bold black lipstick, but if you want your make-up to look exactly like Wednesday's, we recommend a matte lipstick or lip pencil in a burgundy shade.


Makeup artist Tara McDonalds used MAC lip pencil (shade Nightmoth). She achieved a juicy effect and optical enlargement of her lips with a translucent balm from the brand Dr. PAWPAW.


To achieve the effect of Wednesday's lips, you will need a burgundy lip pencil (shade Nightmoth) and a glossy balm from Dr. PAWPAW. You can buy a MAC lip pencil, specifically the shade Nightmoth, on Amazon for €27.95. You can buy Dr. PAWPAW at ASOS for €4.50 Source: MAC, Dr. PAWPAW


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Thumbnail: Instagram/Wednesday Netflix
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