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Dominik Vetrák
November 22, 2022, 6:15pm
Reading time: 4:00

10 Celebrities And Movie Stars With Ordinary Jobs

These are 10 famous faces from Hollywood movies that you don't see much on the screens these days.

Dominik Vetrák
November 22, 2022, 6:15pm
Reading time: 4:00
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10 Celebrities And Movie Stars With Ordinary Jobs
Zdroj: Lionsgate/Paramount Pictures
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Not all actors are comfortable in show business. Some stopped acting in childhood, others stop enjoying it and decided to pursue other hobbies. Producers lost interest in some, so they had to find another job. This article is about famous and popular actors who work regular jobs.


1. Jeff Cohen

Do you remember the character Chunk from the 1985 sci-fi classic Goonies? He was played by Jeff Cohen, who subsequently appeared in several films and series. However, he eventually chose a career as a lawyer and founded the law firm Cohen Gardner LLP.




2. Chris Owen


Who could forget the legendary Sherminator? The American Pie star never experienced the same fame as his teenage years, but Chris continued to act. But it's just his side hustle full of small roles, and he's currently working at a sushi restaurant called Sushi Roku in Los Angeles.


Source: Universal


3. Jack Gleeson

Loved as an actor, but hated as his most successful character. That's how you can describe the Hollywood career of the promising young actor, who you may remember from the movie Batman Begins, but especially from the series Game of Thrones, where he played the unbearable character - Joffrey. The actor took a break from acting after Game of Thrones and decided to study. In addition, he is the producer and founder of the Collapsing Horse Theater Company in Ireland.




4. Cameron Diaz


Like Jack Gleeson and Arnie, Cameron Diaz is preparing to return to Hollywood after a long acting break. She will star with Jamie Foxx, Kyle Chandler and Glenn Close in the action film Back to Action from director Seth Gordon (For All Mankind, Atypical). The actress left Hollywood due to problems with her mental health in 2011. Since then, she has written two books, organized startup companies and created her own wine brand.


Source: New Line Cinema


5. Danny Lloyd


The star of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining was only seven years old at the time of filming. Despite his great performance and praise, he and his parents decided that acting was not the right path for him. Who knows where he would be today if he had decided to stay in Hollywood. But he seems happy as a farmer and teacher.


Perhaps the fact that the crew and the director protected him from morbid and overly stressful scenes is also responsible for this. For some of them, a doll was used instead of the boy so that he would not witness the bloody scenes.


6. Arnold Schwarzenegger


In the case of the American muscle, it's a bit complicated. After the action masterpieces of the 80s and 90s, he did not do so well in the new millennium. Instead of acting, he decided to take a political path and in 2003 the citizens of California elected him as their governor.

They elected him once more and he finally left politics in 2011, when he gradually returned to acting. He hasn't made many hits since then, but we're still glad he's back.


Source: YouTube/Arnold Schwarzenegger


7. Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes (She's the Man, What a Girl Wants) started out as a TV star, which certainly helped her rise to celebrity status. The actress fell into drugs and it took a really long time before she could stand in front of the camera again. Since then, he has been engaged in fashion and design. Her latest film is the teenage comedy Easy A starring the charming Emma Stone.


Source: Lionsgate/Paramount Pictures


8. Daniel Day-Lewis


Three-time Oscar winner and outstanding actor Daniel Day-Lewis retired from acting five years ago when his last film, The Phantom Thread, was released in theaters. Since then he has been involved in various other activities, currently heading to Italy to learn how to make shoes.


Source: Universal


9. Gene Hackman

Hackman has two Oscars and you know him from the films Unforgiven, Bonnie and Clyde and The French Connection. After acting, he started writing novels. He has released three so far: Escape From Andersonville, Justice for None and Wake of the Perdido Star.


Source: Warner Bros.


10. Olsen Twins


The child stars from the series Full House recently starred in mediocre or even worse projects. They have several family films and series from their childhood. However, they have not filmed anything else since 2011.

They quit acting to study at university. They also didn't like the fact that they didn't have control over the final product, whether it was series or movies. Nowadays, they are fashion designers. Their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen is a Marvel star.




Bonus: Angus T. Jones


The child star from the series Two and a Half Men disappeared from the screens basically immediately after the end of the series. Angus T. Jones played Alan's son, the slightly slower Jake, whom we fell in love with for his catchphrases and childlike sincerity. He outraged the public and his colleagues with statements in which he urged fans to stop watching the series, as very inappropriate things happen in it.

Unlike the other actors in the article, he hasn't found a new job and doesn't appear to be currently employed anywhere. However, he has enough money, as he receives money every year for the fact that televisions around the world broadcast the series Two and a Half Men.



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Thumbnail: Lionsgate/Paramount Pictures
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