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Martin Adam Pavlík
November 18, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 4:17

Casino, Goodfellas Or The Wolf Of Wall Street. 10 Best Martin Scorsese Movies

One of the leading personalities of the New Hollywood era celebrated his 80th birthday on Thursday, November 17.

Martin Adam Pavlík
November 18, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 4:17
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Casino, Goodfellas Or The Wolf Of Wall Street. 10 Best Martin Scorsese Movies
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His films are full of anti-heroes, brutal violence and sex (but never just for its own sake). He always knew how to tell rough stories from the street, mostly inspired by reality, but at the same time, elegant. He went through ups and downs, but today he is deservedly among the recognized greats of cinema.


World acting stars Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio grew up under his wings, he won one Oscar, four Golden Globes, three BAFTA awards and was awarded a statuette twice at the festivals in Venice and Cannes. He inspired and significantly influenced other filmmakers, such as Quentin Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson.


Together with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Brian De Palma, he shaped New Hollywood, a period that forever changed the history of world cinema. American director Martin Scorsese celebrated his 80th birthday on November 17, and we have prepared a selection of his best works for you.


Source: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for FLC


10. The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 164 minutes
RT rating: 8,1 out of 10


The extremely bold and controversial work for its time contains a scene in which Jesus Christ has intercourse with Mary Magdalene. It was this that outraged Christian conservatives around the world and started massive protests against the film. Scorsese adapted the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, which portrayed Christ as an ordinary person with ordinary and natural temptations and needs. It was this unusual, original look at the story of the savior of mankind that amazed unlimited film critics to such an extent that Scorsese was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

9. New York, New York (1977)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 155 minutes
RT rating: 5,7 out of 10


This breathtaking musical romance almost buried Scorsese forever. Despite the fact that it is one of his best and most beautiful pictures, it did not meet with audience success. It was this first box office failure, that deepened the director's addiction to cocaine. As the Telegraph writes, it led him to the point that in 1977 he had to be hospitalized with a suspected brain hemorrhage.

8. The Aviator (2004)

Where can you watch: HBO MAX
Length: 170 minutes
RT rating: 8,6 out of 10


An almost three-hour opus in which Scorsese gave another chance to the talented DiCaprio after the successful historical drama Gangs of New York. In the film, he portrayed the legendary director, pilot, philanderer and mentally unstable savage Howard Hughes. This is also why The Aviator is a paradoxically ingenious tribute to classic Hollywood that will make you forget how to breathe.

Source: Warner Bros. US


7. Shutter Island (2010)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 138 minutes
RT rating: 6,8 out of 10

A deep and not the most pleasant dive into the mind of a disturbed killer. Scorsese takes you to a terrifying psychiatric hospital full of the worst patients, designed to mislead you, confuse you, lie to you and finally slap you unexpectedly hard. It's a first-class subtle game with the viewer and expectations, with the bonus of DiCaprio's absolutely riveting performance and the icing on the cake, which is the disarming ending, during which just one like takes everything up a few notches.


Source: Paramount Pictures


6. The Departed (2006)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 151 minutes
RT rating: 9 out of 10

The best Scorsese gangster film in the new millennium. It loses points perhaps only because it is an American remake of the lesser-known Chinese crime film Infernal Affairs (2002). This isn't just any remake, though, as this Scorsese work handily beats the original. If you love unpredictable pictures that mess with the viewer and like to shock, you'll definitely get your way.

5. Goodfellas (1990)

Where to watch: HBO MAX
Length: 146 minutes
RT rating: 9,6 out of 10

Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci... A hit that needs no further explanation. A brilliant acting concert by all three masters and Scorsese's fascinating directing masterclass. In the movie Goodfellas, he used all his characteristic elements from long steadicam runs, freeze-frame to crazy zooms to the painfully honest commentary of the main character.

4. Raging Bull (1980)

Where can you watch: Amazon Prime Video
Length: 129 minutes
RT rating: 9,4 out of 10

If you love combat sports, or boxing, Scorsese will fulfill all your desires and take you directly to the ring. But he will do it in such a way that you won't want to get out of it. Paradoxically, this is not a sports motivational film, but a dark and intimate drama telling the sad story of the American boxer Jake LaMotta, a former middleweight champion. It was his autobiographical novel that Scorsese transferred to the screen.

3. Casino (1995)

Where can you watch: Voyo
Length: 178 minutes
RT rating: 7,9 out of 10


Do you love gambling? Maybe this movie will clip your wings. An ultra-violent ride that will leave you sore. You may need to visit the toilet. An essential gangster, which shows you the merciless and cruel world of organized crime, where the most ferocious wolves rule and where one small mistake can cost you your life in a second, without any frills or unnecessary words. It's cinematic perfection.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Where can you watch: Netflix
Length: 180 minutes
RT rating: 8 out of 10


A perverse, lewd and outrageously vulgar celebration (and thoughtful critique) of hedonism and mammon. It takes guts to make such a film after seventy. Fortunately, Scorsese never lacked it. The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie where, at first, you will be ashamed of which scenes make you laugh, but over time you will stop caring and start enjoying all the twists and turns, the depravity of the characters and their bizarre events .


Source: Paramount Pictures

1. Taxi Driver (1976)

Where can you watch: Netflix
Length: 113 minutes
RT rating: 9,6 out of 10


Scorsese shows us the horrors of the Vietnam War without leading us through the jungle and showing us napalm or severed limbs. Taxi Driver depicts the mental state of a veteran, an outsider who cannot fit into society after traumatic experiences from the war and allows himself to be more and more absorbed by disturbing voices in his head. The amazing Robert De Niro as a lone avenger disgusted by the dirty streets of New York, Harvey Keitel as a slimy, nasty pimp and young, only 14-year-old Jodie Foster in the role of a prostitute. A classic that you simply have to see.


Source: Columbia Pictures/Getty Images
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