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Denisa Šútorová
November 15, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 4:45

Foxy Eyeliner Or Sexy Smokey Eyes? Winter Makeup Trends Recommended By A Makeup Expert

Seductive "fox" eye make-up is one of the most viral make-up trends that has hit the internet thanks to model Bella Hadid.

Denisa Šútorová
November 15, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 4:45
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Foxy Eyeliner Or Sexy Smokey Eyes? Winter Makeup Trends Recommended By A Makeup Expert
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Together with make-up artist Tomáš Vida, we have prepared trends that you can be inspired by.


Extravagance will reign this season, but it's important to take it in moderation. "The trend is not to have a lot of everything. Expressive eyes or expressive mouths or perfect eyebrows. That's how it works today. A little imperfection is also good in make-up, so that it doesn't look artificial. Visible contour is also out," he told Refresher. The key is naturalness, and you can achieve that with high-quality blending.

"When applying make-up, we should also pay attention to the outfit. If a woman wears bold clothes or jewelry, I would avoid bold makeup so it doesn't look cheap. On the contrary, if we have a simpler, flowing dress, we can afford to experiment with make-up or hairstyle as well," he says.


1. Seductive foxy eyes

The trend went viral mainly thanks to top model Bella Hadid. Dramatic foxy eyes can be achieved thanks to a shaded eyeliner, which will guarantee you a casual, but at the same time significant lifting of the eyes. Optically, they will be narrower and longer.


Source: Instagram/Bella Hadid


"The eyeliner is still trendy, but not the classic one, that is, from the beginning of the eye to the outer corner. With foxy eyes, we use eyeliner from the middle of the lid, but it is not intended as a distinctive line, on the contrary, it can be shaded," says the make-up artist.


2. Graphic eyeliner based on the series Euphoria

"Make-up trends were also influenced by the series Euphoria, where we saw glitter, rhinestones, colors and extravagance in make-up," states Tomáš Vida. In addition to the aforementioned, the "Euphoria effect" also brought a distinctive geometric eyeliner to the fore.


Source: Instagram/ash_kholm, Twitter/patrickta


It was once made famous by the model Twiggy in the 1960s, but today even Tiktoker Addison Rae or actress Shay Mitchell from the series Pretty Little Liars wear it. It just takes courage and a steady hand.

3. Nude make-up, hot or not?

According to Tomáš Vida, nude make-up is a timeless trend. In case you don't intend to fall for bold make-up during pre-Christmas parties, read on. "Not everyone wants to wear heavy make-up or is used to wearing bold lips or eyes. Nude make-up is very neutral and the result is that a woman looks natural, but at the same time well-groomed and elegant," says the make-up artist.


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A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)


"No make-up make-up" has been worn by model Emily Ratajkowski for many years, not only on concrete sidewalks in New York, but also on red carpets.


4. Smokey eyes

"This type of make-up is used in variations every autumn or winter season. Distinctive smokey eyes are a trend that will probably never disappear, whether they are done in brown, other earthy colors or we reach for a colder color palette," revealed Tomáš Vida.


Source: dsdsds


The basis of smoky make-up is "blending", that is, the transition from darker colors to paler ones, thanks to which we create a dramatic effect worthy of a femme fatale. Kim Kardashian is definitely the queen of smokey eyes, but Zendaya also likes it a lot.


5. Metallic eye shadows 

Steel, light gray, pale blue, metallic or even silver are also on the list of trends today. "If a woman uses warm colors, the eye can look weepy and sad. From a distance, it can even appear as if we have red eyes. Cold make-up and cool colors will make our expression brighter, more rested and much fresher," he adds.


Source: Instagram/Lily James


At this year's Met Gala, celebrity make-up artist Valeria Ferreira scored with shades of blue and gray with the look of actress Lily James.


6. Rhinestones and crystals

Stones, sequins or crystals may seem extravagant at first glance, but there is no need to be afraid of them. "I definitely recommend this type of make-up even for an evening party. When something just sparkles in the eye, it looks very effective. With rhinestones or crystals, make-up is like jewelry," says Tomáš Vida.


Source: Getty Images/Isaac Brekken


Dua Lipa also opted for white stones around the eyes. Rhinestones line her eyeline. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out the Armani brand show, where the make-up artist scored with such applications.

7. Natural eyebrows

Despite the fact that eyebrows are subject to trends, it is not worth following them by force. "For example, lamination can look very good on some people, but not on others. It doesn't suit everyone and not everyone has the right eyebrow structure for it. I really like it when the eyebrows are nicely combed and adjusted so slightly upwards. If there are any imperfections, we can fill them in or fine-tune them, but rather in the second half, not towards the cornea," advises Tomáš Vida.


Perfectly framed eyebrows are no longer in. Better follow Kendall Jenner.


Source: Instagram/Kendall Jenner


8. Brown blush is a hit, but you can't go wrong with apricot. Keep your bronzer even in the winter

Tomáš says that the brown color dominates this season both in clothes and in make-up. In addition to eye shadow, don't forget it when choosing blush. Brown is often the first choice for actress Shay Mitchell, who can't imagine photo shoots, fashion editorials, or even the Oscar red carpet without bold cheeks.


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A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell)


If brown is "too much" for your skin tone, you can also bet on apricot, which is loved by Gigi Hadid, soft pink like Selena or salmon. And one more "friendly tip" from Tomáš, don't forget the bronzer. Winter skin looks healthier with it and can be nicely toned.


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A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

9. Slow down with the contouring

Contouring is the secret of more than one perfect Hollywood nose and Kim Kardashian's hallmark. You can use it to narrow your face, improve the shape of your face, cover a double chin, mask imperfections or perform a painless lifting. But not so quickly!


Source: Twitter/Kim Kardashian, Instagram/Kenza Zouiten


"Contouring for winter events or parties is a very good choice, but it should not be used in too contrasting shades. Especially in winter, the skin is naturally lighter and the colors we choose for contouring should also be lighter to suit us better. When the contour shade is much darker than the skin tone, it can be dangerous," recommends Tomáš Vida.


10. Matte lipsticks and dark colours

"At the moment, the color palette is dominated by pink, burgundy or marsala shade, which is similar to burgundy. We can easily go for purple and even brown," says Tomáš. "I personally really like matte lipstick colours for this season, they are also more durable," he adds. In the photo on the left, you can be inspired by the actress Sophie Turner.


Source: Instagram/Sophie Turner, Instagram/Lucy Hale


Although dark is currently trendy, optically, it is more suitable for fuller lips. You should also be aware that such shades will automatically add a few extra years. "For narrower lips, I would definitely go for lighter or vinyl shades, even with gloss," he concludes. You can be inspired by the actress Lucy Hale.





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