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Dominik Vetrák
July 15, 2021, 10:08am
Reading time: 5:45

Top 10 Most Anticipated Series in 2021

In addition to the 2nd season of The Sorcerer, we're gonna enjoy a whole lot of great series.

Dominik Vetrák
July 15, 2021, 10:08am
Reading time: 5:45
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Top 10 Most Anticipated Series in 2021
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With the arrival of streaming platforms, it became virtually unrealistic for the viewer to keep up with all of the trends. It's humanly impossible to follow every single hyped  up series. We're bringing you 10 of the most anticipated series that we can definitely look forward to this year. 


1. Masters of the Universe: Revelations - July 23rd (Netflix)

We like animated Netflix series, regardless if it's anime or American productions. Currently we're  enjoying Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, but we're slowly about to experience the revival of the famous Masters of the Universe saga with He-Man as the main character. The series will be a continuation of the animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe from 1983-1985.


The story of Masters of the Universe takes place on the magical planet Eternia. It is a combination of science fiction with fantasy elements. The main character is Prince Adam, who turns into a superhero named He-Man. What ensues is a fight for the throne, for the power and for anything valuable, to be honest. The trailer introduces you to the animation style, story and characters.



2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - August 12th (NBC)

Popular comedy series will end with the upcoming 8th season. Originally, the plan was different, but due to what happened to George Floyd, and the company's overall view of the police system, NBC and the creators decided to cut the series short. Therefore, they reassessed the story and script of the last season and we'll get to enjoy our beloved detectives one last time.


Crazy sketches and evolving relationships between the characters await, and we hope that the creators didn't have to also sacrifice the greatness in jokes and scenes due to the situation in the States. We are very happy that they got a chance to properly end the series at least. Several television projects about police officers have been canceled. How do you think Jake Peralta will end up?



3. What We Do in the Shadows - September 2nd (FX)

We saw the movie, but we totally ignored the show. And that was indeed a huge mistake. The story of vampires living in the modern society, despite not yet coming to terms with today's world and its technologies, has absolutely delighted us. The best ingredient of the project is without a doubt the unique, juicy and extremely original humor.


Often, it stems from the material that the story offers. Other times, it's situational comedy or simply hilarious ways in which certain scenes are presented by the genius actors. If you want to have fun, get a good laugh and find out what's new in the world of vampires, we fully recommend this series to you. 



4. Money Heist - September 3rd (Netflix)

La Casa de Papel, global Spanish hit that got canceled before it was purchased by Netflix. Although the quality was always there, the audience couldn't really find a way to enjoy this joint. As soon as it appeared on Netflix, it became one of the most popular series in the world. The story traces a group of armed thieves who, under the guidance of the brilliant Professor, plan to steal the Royal Mint of Spain.


This was followed by 3 more seasons, during which we had to part ways with some of our favorite characters. However, we also got a chance to welcome multiple new ones and experience a few decent plot twists. The fifth season will be the last, but fortunately it'll come with more episodes, divided into two batches.


5. Sex Education - September 17th 

The series is mainly all about the characters. At the end of the 2nd season, they got left at life's crossroads in most cases. The biggest question remains whether Maeve finds out about Otis's feelings. He confessed his love for her through a message on the phone, which was deleted by Isaac, causing himself to be antagonized by most of the viewers.


Interestingly enough, several relationships between the characters have progressed. Humor, embarrassing situations, sexuality, but also typical teenage problems. Sex Education has it all and it's extremely fun to observe what happens next to these characters.



6. The Book of Boba Fett - December (Disney Plus) 

The Mandalorian is taking a break this year. The creators have focused on creating a series about Bob Fett, Ewan McGregor is currently in the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he'll also get a mini series on Disney+. In addition to all that, Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) is currently filming The Last of Us series.


Many well-known characters from The Mandalorian are also expected to appear in The Book of Boba Fett, but the primary focus will be on Fett and Fennec Shand. Qualitatively, we're expecting something very similar to The Mandalorian.



7. Stranger Things - 2021

Exactly 2 years have passed since the premiere of the 3rd season. Despite the pandemic, the wait for the 4th season is too long and the creators are well aware of it. There hasn't been an exact date announced yet, but we bet it'll premiere before the end of this year. Waiting for a new season for 3 years would be insane. Also, it seems that the 4th season will be second last.


The children's actors have been all grown up for a while, and unless the series changes radically theme-wise, the creators might want to wrap it up as soon as possible. All we know about the 4th season is that Hopper will spend some time in a Russian labor camp.



8. Succession - Autumn 2021

The 2nd season ended in a slightly shocking way, so you already know what the 3rd season will be about. The members of the Roy family go against each other and their business is shook to its core in the most radical way ever. Succession is a business drama with great actors and a great script. That's why the plot twists and slower episodes seem to also work quite well. Overall, there is a lot of talking and it's more of a conversational drama, situated in the field of large conglomerates.



9. Cowboy Bebop - Autumn 2021 

The beloved and legendary sci-fi anime is finally getting a proper feature version. Not only is it necessary, but we're also quite curious about how will the visual transformation of the beyond 20-year-old series go down with real cameras and actors at hand. We don't know how big it will be yet, but if the feature series sticks to anime, a blockbuster hit is to be expected. Cowboy Bebop is about a bunch of bounty hunters in space.


There will be a lot of shooting, explosions, killing, and also more emotional scenes and captivating storylines. It's a genre classic and we're curious whether the new presentation can get close to the original quality-wise. The main roles will be played by John Cho (Searching) as Spike Spiegel, Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine and Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black. See you space cowboy, on Netflix this fall.



10. The Sorcerer - 2021 

The first season was a giant hit for Netflix. And then we had to wait 2 years for the next one? Not fair. Unfortunately, covid ruined everything. Now you can expect a whole new batch of episodes that will focus on the other books, but they'll also add original storylines, and we'll probably slowly begin to get into the story of the main saga. Geralt and Ciri separated for the most part, battling their own fights.


Let's be honest, the first season was far from perfect, so we're hoping that the creators have used all this room for improvement. The screenwriters also took some criticism in the aspect of the constant time leaps in the story, and we believe that the individual stories will be processed in a much better way. Finally, Nilfgaard will drop the cheap toy-store-looking armor.



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Bonus: Ted Lasso 

The 2nd season of the excellent comedy series from Apple TV+ will arrive on July 23rd and we're counting down the days already. Jason Sudeikis will return as an American football coach who has decided to coach a Priemier League team. The incredibly relaxed, pleasant and positively tuned series will put you in a great mood even in depressing times. Find out more about the series here.



Lord of the Rings, Peaky Blinders, Barry, Killing Eve, Atlanta, Ozark, Better Call Saul, Hawkeye, The Boys, Dexter and many other series don't have 100% confirmed release dates yet. Some of them will premiere this year, but due to the coronavirus it is impossible to predict which of them will make it.

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