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Richard Balog
September 29, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:40

Old Money Aesthetic. The Old-Fashioned Atmosphere Is Complete With Knitwear, White Shirts, Headbands And Loafers

We've rounded up everything you need to know about the dressing aesthetic that has taken over the young generation of fashionistas.

Richard Balog
September 29, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:40
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Old Money Aesthetic. The Old-Fashioned Atmosphere Is Complete With Knitwear, White Shirts, Headbands And Loafers
Zdroj: Getty Images/Tim Graham Photo Library
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Users of the social network Tiktok have discovered a style with the attribute Old Money Aesthetic - a minimalistic and at the same time luxurious aesthetic designed for both women and men, and we have no reservations.

Scandinavian bloggers have been convincing us of this through #ootd shots on Instagram for several seasons, and in videos on Tiktok you can see a lot of young women in white shirts with knitted vests and leather moccasins enjoying life on the streets of the world's capitals. The hashtags #oldmoney and #oldmoneyaesthetic on the aforementioned social network have garnered more than 1.3 billion views.

In the following lines, we have summarized everything you need to know about this fresh trend, which is perfect for the autumn season.


Princess of Wales Diana is one of the biggest icons of the Old Money Aesthetic style, and you can find inspiration in a number of her outfits from the turn of the 80s and 90s.


Source: Getty Images/Tim Graham Photo Library


What does the term Old Money mean?

It refers to people from established families of the upper social class who have received or will receive an inheritance in the future. They were educated in private schools in their youth and are said to have acquired good manners. That's the official definition. Many "old money" giants did not build their empires in entirely moral ways.

Among the most famous families with large assets are the Rockefellers and the Carnegies. In Great Britain, the term is associated with the local aristocracy and monarchy who profited from colonization.

A perfect example of the "old money aesthetic" from contemporary pop culture is most of the main characters of the series Gossip Girl.


Source: HBO Max


Why do people want to look rich?

We are not just referring to the generation of millennials who love TikTok or Instagram and are willing to spend 300 euros for a new pair of shoes or a thousand for a designer handbag, even if they have to work part-time for the entire summer vacation.

A rich look, whether we like it or not, allows us to navigate the world differently. It often opens doors and helps us get opportunities we never even dreamed of before.

After all, this is also one of the main reasons why products from the workshops of fashion houses are popular and why the industry built on counterfeiting original models is worth almost 500 billion dollars a year.


What pieces are mandatory equipment and how to combine them correctly?

The Old Money Aesthetic style is also known as "quiet luxury" and often consists of a combination of "preppy" uniform models, monochromatic color shades and understated clothes from the workshops of fashion houses. In contrast to the aesthetics with the attribute New Money, the individual models are without significant logos or graphic motifs. In first place are products from the workshops of luxury manufacturers such as Loro Piana, Hermes, Chanel, Giorgio Armani or Prada.

The entire aesthetic is dedicated to the lifestyle that comes with family wealth. However, you can achieve the desired effect in your outfits even without blue blood in your veins and without a golden credit card in your wallet. It is enough if you show a little effort and explore the offers of online stores of the brands COS, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ganni or Róhe.

Basic white shirts, knitwear of various kinds (vests, turtlenecks, shorts), moccasins, elegant accessories such as headbands, scarves or leather handbags, minimalist jewelry and, last but not least, simple dresses are mandatory equipment.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you can find a lot of inspiration in the style of Old Money Aesthetic on Instagram and videos on Tiktok. We have selected a short sample of outfits with which you will score at school, in the streets, but also at an evening drink with friends.



Black and white color combination, oversized sweater with a neckline and quality leather accessories in the form of riding boots and a handbag. Sunglasses are a must, of course.



@ilaydasherifi the types of outfits I would wear if I was a rich girl in NY 🌆🏇🤎 #fyp #oldmoneyaesthetic #gossipgirl #outfitideas #classyoutfits ♬ original sound - Melania Trump ICONIC 🤍



A simple long dress is also the right choice. In this case, we were interested in the combination with a white shirt with ruffled sleeves, elegant pumps and a handbag from the workshop of the fashion house Chanel, which added a touch of luxury to the outfit.





Light blue jeans with a vintage effect, a white tank top, a silk scarf around the neck, a jacket with an elongated line and a leather shoulder bag. That's exactly what you need for an outfit in the style of Old Money Aesthetic.




Grace will show you six outfits that will inspire you. It depends only on you, whether you choose a short skirt with a slit in combination with a shirt and knee-high boots, or if you prefer a woolen sweater with a classic trench coat and moccasins.




If you care about details, then try combinations dominated by accessories in the form of a pearl necklace, rings, silk scarf or headband. You might find hidden treasures in your mother's or grandmother's wardrobe and you've won the jackpot.


@luforesti Old money outfits ✨💖 vocês gostam desse estilo? #fyp #foryou #oldmoney #outfits #aesthetic ♬ original sound - ☆
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Thumbnail: Getty Images/Tim Graham Photo Library
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