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refresher team
September 22, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 2:42

Technological Progress Is Changing The Labor Market. Are The Fears That Machines Will Take Over Our Jobs Justified?

It is possible that in a few years you will no longer be able to work as a cashier, storekeeper or financial analyst. But you don't have to worry. Automation will create new jobs.

refresher team
September 22, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 2:42
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Technological Progress Is Changing The Labor Market. Are The Fears That Machines Will Take Over Our Jobs Justified?
Zdroj: Unsplash/Aideal Hwa
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The ordered package will be delivered to you by a drone instead of a courier, and if you are not feeling well, an artificial intelligence will be able to diagnose your health condition instead of a doctor. Technological progress seems to be unstoppable. And that's why some people fear it. When this phrase is used, disaster scenarios from sci-fi movies automatically flood their heads, or at the very least, the fear that robots and rapid automation will deprive them of their jobs and livelihoods.

However, those who value and support innovation still prevail. You yourself are certainly grateful for every technological innovation that makes your life easier. If you can't think of anything, remember your electric toothbrush, wireless headphones or smart watch. You can easily turn on the washing machine or adjust the temperature in the apartment without even coming home.


Source: Pexels/Tara Winstead

The Internet of Things brings a more comfortable life

Most of these innovations are provided by IoT, i.e. the Internet of Things. It is the name of a technology that enables low-cost wireless connection and communication of various sensors and devices. The benefits of this technology are truly groundbreaking. The Internet of Things speeds up automation, makes production processes more efficient, enables remote measurement of quantities, and makes our lives better and more comfortable.


What does it look in practice?

IoT is far from being just about a smart thermostat, smart LED light bulbs or a robotic vacuum cleaner, as many mistakenly think. In addition to households, it helps in industry, agriculture and the environment. In cities, IoT helps improve public lighting, enables smart parking or even monitors the level of filling in waste containers. The possibilities of the Internet of Things are really wide.


Fear for our jobs

However, some of us have great respect for the rapid pace of technological progress. The fear of how accelerating automation, advanced robotics and new technologies will change the situation on the labor market is for many still just a question without a clear answer. But are the fears that machines will take our jobs justified?


Source: Pexels/Cottonbro


According to economists from the consulting company Deloitte, the development of the labor market and the impact of technology cannot be accurately predicted. However, they point out that technological progress is causing an increase in jobs rather than a decrease in them. In addition, these professionals have seen a sharp increase in new job positions due to technology in several industries. And so, despite the fact that the labor market is changing due to technology, the work of humans is not threatened.

Of course, it is important to mention that some jobs have actually disappeared with the coming advancements. It has been so with every technological leap in the past, so the future will most likely bring such a scenario. It is possible that in a few years you will no longer be able to work as a cashier, driver, storekeeper or financial analyst. However, automation will create new jobs.


Machines do not take our jobs, they just make it easier

Although technologies are faster and more precise than humans in many ways, they simply cannot replace us in some activities. But they can effectively help us, increase work productivity or reduce costs. A great example is, for example, the CT device, which did not cause the demise of the medical profession, it only facilitated diagnosis and became an irreplaceable aid in the examination of patients.


Source: Pexels/Mart Production


The next industrial revolution


The industrial revolution, which you know from history lessons, was far from the only one. It was only the first in line. Today, we are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0, which is continues smoothly from the steam engine, electricity and gasoline engines through computers and the Internet to its fulfilment - the development of artificial intelligence and the robotization of workplaces. You may know this through the term digital revolution. What is certain, however, is that, like the three previous industrial revolutions, the current fourth one has the potential to increase incomes and improve the quality of life of people around the world.


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Thumbnail: Unsplash/Aideal Hwa
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