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Denisa Šútorová
September 20, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 5:27

What To Do When Your Zipper Gets Stuck, And Why Should You Order A Coke For A Blood Stain? These Tricks Will Save Your Clothes.

Some ready-made disasters can be solved quite easily. No need to run to the dry cleaners or buy new clothes right away. Save your clothes with these simple tricks.

Denisa Šútorová
September 20, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 5:27
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What To Do When Your Zipper Gets Stuck, And Why Should You Order A Coke For A Blood Stain? These Tricks Will Save Your Clothes.
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Nothing better than a hole in a stocking you notice on your way to an interview. Nothing quite as annoying as when the drawstring comes out of your sweatshirt and you can't get it back in. However, spots on the white T-shirt must be the most thrilling. After all, we all like our morning coffee and evening glass of red showing on our outfit. 

The common denominator is the fact that these "little joys" happen to you whenever you least expect it. Murphy's law works just as well as gravity.


Why should you order a coke if you've got a bloodstain, and how does putting it in the freezer help your jeans? These and other tricks will help you out of those unpleasant situations.


You can loosen a stuck zipper with a piece of soap

With the arrival of the autumn season, you can enjoy not only long coats and comfortable scarves, but you can definitely "look forward" to a stuck zipper or two. During the useless attempts to pull the zipper up and down, you probably did not think that soap could be a downright brilliant solution. Just rub the teeth of the zipper with moistened soap, then pull it slowly and a small miracle is born.


Source: Unsplash/averie woodard

Use a straw or a safety pin to fix the drawstring on your sweatshirt

What could be more annoying than the drawstring coming out of your sweatshirt? Getting it back was almost impossible. You read that right - it was. From now on, you will remember that instead of making several knots on the strings, you can push them back using a straw. You can also fix it by attaching a small safety pin, which will allow you to grab the string and pull it through the fabric to the other side.


You can stop the hole in torn stockings with nail polish or hairspray

Are you rushing to an important meeting or even to an interview and notice a hole in your stocking? It's probably going to be a huge hole in no time. You can stop it with nail polish, of course, transparent, so that it does not leave visible stains. If you carry it in your purse, you are saved. Hair spray can also be a rescue, thanks to its sticky texture. The torn fibers harden and are less likely to move and tear the hole further.




White deodorant stains on a black t-shirt? Baby wipes will save you

White spots are perhaps most visible than on black clothing. All you have to do is reach for wet wipes that perfectly remove marks on a T-shirt or blouse. It doesn't matter if you use them to remove make-up or disinfect your hands, their effect is the same and it only takes a few seconds to get to the result. The advantage of napkins compared to plain water or a wet paper napkin is that, thanks to the consistency of the napkins, they do not soak the fabric or leave marks on it.

You drink red wine... pour milk, sprinkle salt

If you prefer this type of wine, you have surely managed to "pour" a drop of Cabernet Sauvignon on a sofa, carpet or favourite sweater at least once in your life.


Source: Youtube/FastKlean


If something similar happens again, reach for table salt, which has absorption effects and works magically on colored stains. First, press a napkin or cloth on the stain to remove all excess liquid. Then sprinkle salt on it. Leave it on for a few minutes and watch how it gradually extracts all the wine from the fabric. Baking soda can work as an alternative.

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Milk has similar absorption effects, which can be increased even more by boiling it and pouring it on the fabric warm. If the stain still doesn't seem 100% cleaned, we recommend finishing the process with lemon juice. Lemon has whitening effects and is definitely more gentle than chemical peroxide.


Chewing gum and ice

Chewing gum on clothes sounds horrible. No matter how hard you try to remove it, there will always be at least a piece of it or a greasy stain. Again, lemon juice will help, just a few drops are enough. However, be careful with colored clothing, the aforementioned bleaching effects of lemon could remove the color from your T-shirt in addition to the chewing gum.

In the case you are wearing softer materials, we recommend using the freezer method. Yes, you read that right. Put the clothes with chewing gum in the freezer for at least two hours. The chewing gum hardens so that you can easily peel it off. If there is no room left in the refrigerator for a t-shirt or jeans, an ice cube will suffice.


Brown stains from coffee will be defeated by toothpaste or baking soda

All coffee drinkers know it, coffee tastes better than it washes out of white clothing. Baking soda, which you mix with water to create a fine paste, will help with coffee stains. Scrub the stain until it disappears, and rinse with cold water. You can also use toothpaste (white in colour) on a dried coffee stain. Vinegar can also be helpful, but a bit more aromatic.


Source: Youtube/Real Simple


You will probably be surprised by how you can remove your makeup


Shaving gel and makeup? This trick went viral a few years ago thanks to YouTuber Kalea Lagunero and is an easy way to remove oily makeup stains. All you have to do is apply a little shaving gel directly to the stain, wait a few minutes and wipe off the make-up from the cloth with a damp cloth or napkin.


If you're out and about, always have wet wipes handy. They work equally well on your face and on your textiles.



Spray the lipstick stain with hairspray

A white t-shirt and bold lipstick is a perfect combination until they come into direct contact with each other. Spray hairspray with alcohol on the lipstick stain. Let it dry and then wipe it with a damp cloth. If you wet your lipstick right away, it's quite possible that you'll end up with an even bigger stain. The hairspray is colorless and dries out the greasy area.


Blood stains? Don't despair and open a coke

The first important thing to remember when cleaning blood stains is to use cold water. Hot water could cause the blood to absorb even more thoroughly into the fibers of the garment, and then there is nothing you can do about it.

If the stain is fresh, quick action with cold water and plain soap will solve the problem. It is interesting that Coca-Cola also reacts to blood, thanks to its carbonic acid content. According to the LIVESTRONG portal, Coca-Cola has less acidity than your gastric juices or even a lemon and does not have the same effect on the stomach as, for example, a dirty coin. You can easily continue drinking it.


Fruit and dish soap? A strange but ideal combination

If you are in the office or at school, you most certainly don't have laundry detergent at hand. However, the kitchen dish soap can be found almost everywhere. It is especially helpful for stains from fruits, such as apricots or blueberries. Thanks to its special composition, the dish soap is able to remove grease, but also to remove colour. This also applies to a fresh or dried stain. It is ideal to mix dish soap with hot water.


You can beat ink with perfume, but it's an expensive gamble. You can also use antibacterial gel

If you managed to scribble on the inside of your new handbag or T-shirt by mistake, don't despair. Antibacterial gel (or any hand sanitizer) and perfume will help. Thanks to the alcohol content, they can effectively remove the ink. It's a little more expensive with perfume, you'll probably regret spending your Dior on a small stain.


Source: Youtube/Shubham’s Lab


You can also use nail polish remover. However, handle all products with care, because they have a high concentration and can have an aggressive effect on some substances. Be sure to clean them later with water and wash them thoroughly.






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