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Dominik Vetrák
September 18, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 6:06

Rings of Power: Why is Númenor Important, Who Are Elendil, The New Leader Adar, And The Wizard Who Fell From The Heavens? (Part 3)

After reading this article, you will understand everything that happened and was mentioned in the initial 3 episodes of Rings of Power.

Dominik Vetrák
September 18, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 6:06
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We've had the first three installments of the Rings of Power series, but the history of Middle-earth is confusing for many. Many viewers only know the film trilogies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson.

However, Tolkien's fantasy world is incredibly complex and rich in epic stories spanning tens of thousands of years. That is why we have prepared a summary of the most important events and personalities of Middle-earth in three articles.


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In the first article, we addressed the birth of the planet Arda itself, on which Tolkien set his stories, and we closed the article with the end of the First Age, when the Elves, Men, Dwarves and Valar defeated Morgoth.


In the second article we discussed the Second Age, the rise of Sauron or the birth of Númenor, but in today's article we will look at the events of the first three parts of the Rings of Power series, which expands Tolkien's mythology with original characters and events, so the mysterious question marks hang over the plot for even for connoisseurs of this world.

Who is the mysterious wizard who fell from the heavens? Who really is Halbrand, what is the kingdom of Númenor and why did it not exist in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings film trilogies? Who is the new ruler of the Adar abominations and why did Tolkien divide the elves into so many groups? How are the Teleri different from the Vanyar and Nandor?

Who is the wizard from heaven?

Most people are perhaps wondering who the mysterious figure at the end of the first episode is. A tall man speaking a different language has fallen from the heavens and seems to be quite upset. Is it Sauron or maybe one of the wizards like Gandalf or Saruman? Let's call him The Stranger. He is played by Daniel Weyman and apparently can work with magic.


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If the creators stick to Tolkien's books literally, there will be no Saruman, Radagast or even Gandalf. These characters, called the Istari, are of the Maiar "race" and are sent to Middle-earth by the second highest being in this world to aid the humans in their fight against Sauron.

Of the total five wizards, the first two (Alatar and Pallondo, also called the Blue Wizards) arrived in Middle-earth in the Second Age and the remaining three in the Third Age (Saruman, Radagast and Gandalf). However, the Rings of Power series takes place in the Second Age, so it could only be Alatar or Pallondo. We know almost nothing about them from books. Perhaps only that they went east and thereby reduced Sauron's influence by weakening his army.

Maybe the creators want the audience to think that the Stranger will be Gandalf, since there is a certain visual resemblance between the two. Plus, it looks like The Stranger will have a good relationship with the hobbits. It would explain why the Lord of the Rings trilogy likes them so much. Like The Stranger, Gandalf also communicated with insects and could play with fire.

However, it is probably a delusion, just like the appearance of the meteorite impact in which The Stranger fell to earth. It looks similar to the Eye of Sauron, but we think it's another attempt to confuse the audience. So where is Sauron? At this time, he should be gathering his army after the previous defeat, and we will probably see him in later episodes.


How to split the groups of elves (Noldor, Vanyar and Teleri)

When the right hands of the god (Valar) named Eru Ilúvatar invited the elves to Valinor after defeating Morgoth at the end of the First Age, some chose to stay in Middle-earth (Avari) and some went to Valinor (Eldar). Galadriel mentions in the third installment that she is a descendant of the famous elf Finwë and a group of elves called the Noldor.



Source: Wikipedia

Teleri - led by the elf Olwë and his brother Elwë

Not all Eldar eventually made it to Valinor, as evidenced by the Teleri. Those of them who still live in the Misty Mountains are called Nandori (forest elves). Some remained in the territory of Beleriand and we call them Sindari (grey elves). Those who eventually made it to Valinor are called the Falmari (sea elves).


Noldor - led by the elf Finwë

The Noldor reached Valinor, but eventually left it. For they followed their leader Fëanor to Middle-earth. They chased Morgoth there with the goal of defeating him and taking back the three Silmarils that Morgoth had stolen.

But for that they needed the ships that their Teleri "brothers" had. When the Teleri did not want to give them, a bloody fratricidal battle broke out (Kinslaying at Alqualondë). It was the first time elves killed other elves. The Valar therefore forbade the Noldor to return to Valinor.

After the death of Fëanor, one of the bravest and wisest elves in history, Fingolfing, became king of the elves. Fingolfin was so strong that he only died in a one-on-one fight against Morgoth himself (he still managed to injure him).


Vanyari - led by the elf Ingwë

The vast majority of them made it to Valinor, where they remained.


Why are the South Lands so significant?

Orcs are digging tunnels in the South Lands, abducting people, elves, and the soil is so rotten that it poisons people and animals. All this and other events result in the South Lands becoming Mordor, the territory of the Orcs and Sauron.


Adar, the new leader of the Orcs, also operates in this area

We saw Adar for a split second at the end of the third episode. Some viewers think it's Sauron, but we don't think Sauron would bother to trudge through dirty tunnels in the heat and hang out with rank elves like Arnor.

The name Adar is not mentioned in Tolkien's books, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist in them under a different name. The creators of the series could have given him a nickname so that even the readers of the books would be in suspense and not immediately know who it is.

However, it can also be a completely new character that the creators of the series invented for the purpose of the story they want to tell. Adar can be the next big villain, but also a simple leader of the local orcs. In any case, it is highly unlikely that it is Sauron himself.


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Adara is played by Joseph Mawle, who you may know as Benjen Stark from Game of Thrones. Adar may be of elven origin. On the one hand, it would surprise the viewers, on the other hand, the name Adar is of elven origin, as revealed by Arondir. In the online Elvish dictionary Oarf Edhelen we learned that Adar means father. In this way, the orcs can also perceive their new elven master as a paternal role model.

This is also evidenced by one of the orcs, who is willing to work for Adar even in the light of the sun's rays, which obviously tortures the creatures. It should not be forgotten that Morgoth created the first orcs from elves, so Adar may be one of the very first orcs of Middle-earth. It is quite possible that he will also have elven features, the result of imperfect transformation and Morgoth's first attempts to create them.


Will Halbrand be a major figure in all of Middle-earth?

Another revelation in the third episode was Halbrand's parentage. The man who saved Galadriel at sea belongs to a noble family. His ancestors allied themselves with Morgoth in the past, so he is no heroic stock. However, he still has a right to his royal throne.


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Halbrand could become king of the South Lands and Sauron later gives him one of the rings of power. Halbrand can thus become one of the Nazguls and easily their leader - the Witch-King of Angmar.


The Kingdom of Númenor

But first he has to get out of the kingdom of Númenor, which we discussed in the previous article. This is the island of Elenna, which the Valar brought up from the depths of the sea and gave it to the people who fought on their side against Morgoth (the opposite of Halbrand's ancestors).

These people founded the kingdom of Númenor on the island, whose first king was Elros, Elrond's brother. They live hundreds of years and have physical advantages over ordinary people.

The history and meaning of Númenor is quite complex, so we recommend that you read this article, in which you will also learn more about Elendil, Isildur and Anarion, who will later establish human kingdoms in Middle-earth, including Gondor. You will also learn how and why Númenor fell. 


Source: Amazon prime Video


As you can see, in the past few days we have introduced you to the rich history of Middle Earth. So why didn't Amazon start building the story gradually from the beginning of the existence of the planet Arda where Tolkien's stories take place? The reason is simple - Amazon does not have the necessary rights to film these stories and periods, which are still held by the custodians of Tolkien's books and his descendants.

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