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Dominik Vetrák
July 1, 2021, 4:01pm
Reading time: 6:03

5 Worst Movies That Came Out This Year: We Expected More Of These

We made a selection of the worst flicks we saw this year, not only in cinemas, but also on Netflix.

Dominik Vetrák
July 1, 2021, 4:01pm
Reading time: 6:03
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5 Worst Movies That Came Out This Year: We Expected More Of These
Zdroj: Universal/Warner Bros.
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We were very much looking forward to the reopening of the movie theatres. Especially the blockbusters that you can simply enjoy best in the proper cinema instead of at home on the screen. We were all the more disappointed and sad when some of the highly anticipated feature films arrived and their quality was absolutely unconvincing. Of course, disappointments are a given every year.


This time, however, we felt a little more let down, so we decided to summarize the biggest film flops of the first half of 2021. Some of these films are average or "fine", but we expected much more from each one of them in a way, so they are definitely disappointments for us.




1. Fast & Furious 9

The last two parts of the main series got 8/10 in our reviews and the Hobbs and Shaw spin-off  7.5 / 10. We enjoy the series for its bizarreness, great action scenes, fun melodrama between the characters and great chemistry among the actors. However, Vin Diesel co-directed the ninth edition together with director Justin Lin. They wrote off the screenwriter Chris Morgan, Jason Statham as Shaw and Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs. If you've already sensed a "cringe" worthy the size of Dwayne Johnson's natural biceps in this sentence, you can go ahead and reward yourself with an extra point for yourself.


The absence of these masters is apparent in a bad way. Justin Lin absolutely failed to bring anything original and fresh into the picture. There is also less humor, and it felt as if they were running out of ideas as well. John Cena proved once again that sometimes you just don't need to know a thing about acting if you have muscles in Hollywood. And even the script didn't help.


He's portraying a terribly boring villain. In addition, there wasn't a single person in the entire film who could keep up with Superman Vin Diesel and his Dom Toretto. This resulted in an unfocused, uninteresting, non-innovative and, given the previous parts, also quite boring and useless Fast and Furious sequel.


We would only be looking forward to Fast & Furious ten if Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham returned and some interesting director appeared with original ideas.


The best thing about the film is a few seconds with Statham and Paul Walker's Nissan Skyline. The ninth sequel is so arguably dry that it still has to rely on the actor who has been dead for almost 10 years. The cinemas deserved a much better blockbuster to reopen with (for this reason, we recommend you to go to Silent Place 2 instead).


Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez in Fast & Furious 9 Source: Universal


2. Godzilla vs Kong

Unlike Fast and Furious, we've praised this film quite a bit in the review. The action was really amazing and some scenes were really a pleasure to watch. The film, which was supposed to capture with its playfulness and two huge monsters smacking each other has fulfilled its mission, but did not try hard enough, and this disappointed us.


Characters with IQ below zero and about as relatable as a political discussion on a Sunday? Check. Absolutely nonsensical script and behavior of characters? Check. Boring villains and a script that makes you cringe? Cheeeck.


No one was expecting a Tarantino script from this epic blockbuster. But to be in constant disbelief, rolling our eyes every time the characters started talking, the creators could have spared us of that.


The action and the duel of the giants, was not a bummer, and if that's the only thing you've expected from this flick, you might have actually enjoyed the film. However, if you hoped that it would not be completely stupid or that it would at least have likeable human characters (when all the previous films from this universe were already based on them), you must have been disappointed.


Source: Warner Bros.


3. Army of the Dead


Zombie blockbuster from Zack Snyder and Netflix got 5.5 / 10 from us and we could probably be even less generous. Once again, an exceptionally flat, emotionally empty and actor-sterile film that Snyder ruined completely. There was only a fairly fresh zombie infestation in Las Vegas. Bold action scenes, well filmed, for which Snyder deserves praise.


Everything else was more or less of an insult. A minimum amount of humor that didn't always work, incredible clichés, a dysfunctional, useless and boring storyline about a bad relationship between father and daughter, the behavior of characters that won't let you sleep for at least a week after watching… yes, we are aware that it's a zombie movie genre. Series and films from this environment can in almost any case be described as everything, but sophisticated.


If the film Army of the Dead was not an expensive blockbuster, but a low-budget B-flick, it would basically be impossible to watch. In this aspect, Snyder has treated us with an unfinished canapé, which cannot possibly satisfy any film enthusiast.


Films like this one can be reluctantly played in the background during Sunday lunch at grandma's, at most. It's really nothing we should spend our time on (and it's not a movie you would want to show your friends at all when you want to convince them to subscribe to Netflix).


Army of the Dead. Source: Netflix


4. Mortal Kombat

The latest feature adaptation of the famous video game received 4 points out of ten from us in a review and that was us being really generous. Today we would go even lower with the evaluation, but it's already done. The new Mortal Kombat is awful in every single way. It doesn't honor the game template, which would be nice if it tried something interesting in it's own version of the story instead. But even the story isn't interesting or original.


On the contrary, the characters are literally horrendous, and you just want an asteroid to fall on them, so the movie is over. The action is allright, but except for the intro section with the past of the characters and the quite nice finale, nothing else will stick with you after a few days pass. We can only praise the film for the fact that it looks quite ok despite of the lower budget and you don't get bored, because something is constantly happening. Yet, the appearance of the captions at the end is the most exciting part of this experience.


P. S .: Warner Bros. deserves praise for the representation of acting minorities in this film. Apparently Goro, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, must've suffered some physical disability for which he was absolutely hopelessly inefficient.


Mortal Kombat Source: Warner Bros.


5. Those Who Wish Me Dead

This thriller is not as horrible in its essence. Normally, it would simply fall into the dust and no one would remember it after the premiere. The script and direction were provided by Taylor Sheridan, the author of such amazing works as Sicario, Yellowstone, Hell or High Water and, last but not least, Wind River, which he also directed. Those Who Wish Me Dead was supposed to be his expected return to the cinemas 4 years after the excellent Wind River.


If foreign reviews hadn't warned us, we would probably would have experienced quite a shock while watching it. In every way, it's basically an average film that doesn't offend, but it's rather a tacky flick you would've expected from every other Hollywood director, not from a man with the talent and filmography like Sheridan has.


A simple story follows the character of Angelina Jolie, who protects the forest from fires as she takes a little boy under her wings. Two professional killers are after her. I mean, professional… let's say that even Tom from Tom & Jerry was actually a more competent killer than those two dudes.


The peak of the absolute bizarreness is the scene where Angelina Jolie is hiding behind a tree and the killer can't find her because she jumps from left to right. The author of this text has been writing about films every day for 10 years, but this scene cannot be described without verbal attacks on the creators. You better watch the scene and then go cool off in a pool, or something. By far the biggest disappointment of the year.


Those Who Wish Me Dead Source: Warner Bros.


We wanted to add Outside the Wire from Netflix to the bonus. However, it is the definition of a sterile and uninteresting film. We realized that everything necessary about it has already been said and it simply doesn't deserve any further exposure. And if you still want to see it, you must really hate yourself.

Special bonus: Love, Death & Robots

We will definitely not disgrace the best quality project from today's article. It has definitely earned its place in this article. After the fantastic first series, our expectations were simply too high. The quality of the animation has improved in this anthological animated series (which is a miracle, given the pandemic situation, and we bow down to Netflix and its animated studios), but everything else has definitely went downhill.


There were fewer episodes, but that part is understandable. However, we would expect that the quality would be higher and less of those episodes that are uninspiring. A month after the premiere, however, we can positively recall about maybe 4 episodes, while the rest is more or less forgotten. It's still a great project full of amazing animation, original ideas and great story moments. Still, we were expecting more. The wow moment from the first series wasn't delivered.


Love, Death & Robots Source: Netflix


Honorable Mentions a.k.a. movies from which we did not expect anything and nothing is what we got indeed: Without Remorse, Woman in Window, Conjuring 3, Chaos Walking, Locked Down, Tom & Jerry, Thunder Force, Unholy, Infinite ...

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