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Dominik Vetrák
Katarina Vlkova
February 28, 2021, 1:05pm
Reading time: 5:17

WandaVision Theories: Who Really is Scarlet Witch, How Do Mutants Fit in the Story and Will We Get to See a Whole New Vision?

Newest Q&A from the WandaVision miniseries.

Dominik Vetrák
Katarina Vlkova
February 28, 2021, 1:05pm
Reading time: 5:17
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The penultimate episode of WandaVision has finally  focused on the reason why these Disney+ miniseries are actually being made. To offer some more space to the characters that didn't get a lot of shine in the films. That way, we got to see Wanda's past, the bomb explosion that killed her and both Pietro's parents, and what had helped her cope with Pietro's death after the Avengers: Age of Ultron. 


It was a great episode, although we got the impression that the completion of the picture of the story and the whole mystery behind the origin of Hex (the barrier in which the sitcom takes place), could've come sooner than in the penultimate episode. Or, at least, blow our minds a little bit more. However, the truth is that it was not shocking at all. That is, if you are following our articles where we discuss perhaps all of the essential details and possible explanations of the phenomenon that exists in this miniseries. 


The next episode will be the last one and we already can't wait for all of the answers that will explain all of the lingering questions around multiple characters. Some of them arose after the last episode as well. 


Who did Wanda see in the room with Mind Stone during the Hydra experiments? 

Hydra used to be in power of Scepter, where the Mind Stone was previously hid. Later it became the source of Vision's power. Wanda was the first one to not die on the spot after coming in contact with him. On the contrary, it has given her abilities. Even though, in fact, Mind Stone had "only" strengthened them. 


In the previous episode, we are told twice that Wanda had her powers already and Mind Stone has lifted them to another level. The bomb that was dropped in the apartment wasn't defected. Wanda has stopped the explosion, though she later suppressed that in her head.


When she subsequently teamed up with Mind Stone during the Hydra experiment, she saw the silhouette of someone powerful. After playing with contrast and colors, we can safely deduce that she saw herself. (click here to display the picture). It is not known whether this is a scene from the future, a hunch or some other version of Wanda. It is likely that Wanda saw her full potential, or the future.  


Zdroj: Marvel Studios/The Walt Disney Company

Who's Scarlet Witch and what does Chaos Magic mean?

What is Wanda? Is she a mutant, a witch or something completely different? We'll find out soon enough, although Agatha has named her Scarlet Witch, able to spontaneously create something out of nothing. We saw that when Wanda built her house and created Vision. Wanda is said to be able to manipulate Chaos Magic. What does the name Scarlet Witch and Chaos Magic mean though?


First, let's focus on Wanda as such. In comics, she has been a mutant capable of magic manipulation for decades. She and Pietro are the children of Magneto, but since Marvel did not yet have the film rights to the X-Men, they couldn't mention Magneto. A few years ago, though, new comics have changed her birth completely. Wanda gained her powers from her mother and her bloodline of witches and magicians. The title  Scarlet Witch was given to her by her ancestors.


She is a powerful being whose potential in magic has been boosted with experiments. Over time, Wanda was also referred to as Nexus Being - a being at the centre of the universe. She was the best candidate for the next Sorcerer Supreme, replacing Doctor Strange as a protector of the Earth from everything magic-related. However, that was before her meltdown. 



Scarlet Witch is more than just her name in the comic. It is of profound importance in terms of her mental state and magic abilities. Chaos Magic is related to that. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe we've already encountered several kinds of Magic. We've got Doctor Strange, The Ancient One and the pulling of power from the dark dimension, Dormammu, Wanda, Agatha and more. The magic is far from being explained deep enough to us, so all we know is that someone is gesturing with their hands and that creates magic. 


One type of such magic is Chaos Magic. It's associated with the color red, the color of magic that Wanda uses. It's a dangerous and extremely powerful magic that can create objects and alive beings. Wanda created her own children Billy and Tommy. Just like the new Vision. 


Aside from that, she can manipulate reality on a much larger scale than we've seen in the series so far. And just by the way, the existence of Chaos Magic within the abilities of Wanda and Doctor Strange, was announced by Marvel boss, Kevin Feige, in 2016 already. This is a clear proof of the stories being planned many years in advance. 

So who's this Quicksilver guy?

We don't dare to guess. There's been a number of possibilities and even this far in the series, we're not sure. Is it a creation of Agatha, Wanda, or someone completely different? Agatha said that Pietro is her ears and eyes, so he was clearly acting on her command. However, we still hope that it's Quicksilver from the Fox films that breaks out of mind control in the last part and shows us his super-speed in some crazy scene. 


If it's really just an easter egg and the fact that Pietro is played by the same actor as the real Quicksilver, that would make it a very ugly and annoying move. 


Čo znamenal Vision v potitulkovej scéne WandaVision a čo znamená Scarlet Witch s Chaos Magic?
Zdroj: Marvel Studios

Post credit scene and white Vision?

SWORD's Project Catarac has turned out to be an attempt to revive Vision. We don't know if they tried to make use out of him for military purposes, but they definitely tried to bring him to life. In the end, they've succeeded thanks to the energy produced by Wanda. But the whole thing seemed very simple and plain to us.


Vision probably could've been fully brought to life if SWORD had joined forces with Wanda right at the beginning. So they're either just some other B-class government agents with a cliche agenda or they've been trying to create a Vision with exact same powers this whole time. This time, one that would act on their orders.  



White Vision has a pretty important role in the comic books. The fans must be pleased with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There's an abundance of easter eggs from comics and big events in the comic world are often incorporated into the series. White Vision appeared in the comic books after the dead Vision has been brought to life. He remembered everything that had happened to his previous version. Only he had lost all emotions and acted based on logical reasoning. 


This will probably be the case in the series as well and we'll get to see the duel between Hex Vision and SWORD Vision. Maybe the new Vision will have a different choice and maybe Wanda will have to kill Vision again, which could totally destroy her mentally. Her transformation into a villain would be complete. 

The last, and supposedly the longest, episode awaits us. We should see the confront between the two Visions, Agatha vs. Wanda and Agent Woo will probably also enter the picture. Hopefully also his "missing person", a.k.a. Darcy and we shouldn't forget about Pietro and Monica that might accept the Spectrum name just like in the comics. She already has superhuman abilities after all. 
Will they also bring up the mutants and are we gonna find out what's next for Tommy and Billy?


Will there be any other villain like Mephisto or Nightmare? What about the mysterious „aero-space engineer“ that Monica mentioned? We still have many questions and it's more than likely that the series won't answer all of them. After all, WandaVision events are set to directly interfere with Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. 


P.S.: Marvel is already so good at rejuvenating its characters that you won't even notice the computer tricks. They come across extremely natural, which you can see for yourself here and here.

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Thumbnail: Marvel Studios
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