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Jakub Paulík
December 27, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 6:19

She Served The Sexual Predator Epstein. She Brought Him Girls For 3 Orgasms A Day. This Is The Twisted Story Of Ghislaine Maxwell

The girls weren't just for Jeffrey Epstein. Some were also sexually abused by Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jakub Paulík
December 27, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 6:19
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She Served The Sexual Predator Epstein. She Brought Him Girls For 3 Orgasms A Day. This Is The Twisted Story Of Ghislaine Maxwell
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He said he needed orgasm three times a day. The women he sexually abused were often not even of legal age. Ghislaine Maxwell brought young girls to the sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.

What do we know about the pyramid scheme of sex slaves that she managed to create and manage for many years? Why did sex victims become part of the pyramid and match other girls?


Source: Florida city police department/video screenshot


Three orgasms a day with girls who went to primary school


Jane was only 14 years old when she started sleeping with businessman Jeffrey Epstein on a regular basis. She met him in 1994 through Ghislaine Maxwell. For the next three years, she had sex with him roughly twice a month. Maxwell was also present when Jane was sexually abused.

A woman under the fictitious first name of Kate also described similar experiences in court. The first contact with her in 1994, as in the case of Jane, was established by Ghislaine Maxwell, writes The Guardian. She gave the girl her number and later invited her to tea, which was attended by Jeffrey Epstein. The debate in the trio gradually turned into a massage of Epstein's legs and shoulders, to which Maxwell invited her.



A few weeks later, Maxwell asked her to come to Epstein's place to replace a masseuse who had canceled an appointment. In the room with the massage table, businessman Epstein was already waiting for her, who soon after stripped naked and sexually abused Kate. It was not the last time. As a rule, Epstein required three orgasms a day, writes The New York Post. Ghislaine Maxwell's job was to provide him with a supply of young women, who were often underage.

"These were mostly girls from poor backgrounds, some were described as one step away from homelessness, others as being neglected by adult caregivers. Maxwell was the one who desensitized the girls to sexual content and physical contact, which is another stage in the process of manipulating them into submitting to sexual contact. This can happen by trivializing or normalizing sexual behavior," Barbora Burajová, chief manager of the Coordinating and Methodological Center for Gender-Based and Domestic Violence, told Refresher.


Source: Netflix


Used to a life of luxury

Robert Maxwell, influential media mogul and Ghislaine's father, brought both joy and pain to his daughter's life. In his family, the children experienced mental and physical abuse because of him, but of all the children, Ghislaine was his favorite.

Her mother Betty wrote in her memoirs that Robert spoiled her, the BBC reports. Maxwell came from a poor Czechoslovak background. He was born in Slatinské Doly, Slovak territory that now belongs to Ukraine.

He managed to build everything from scratch and showed his daughter life in the company of high-ranking men and women. In the past, he even planned to marry her to John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the 35th US president.

When Robert Maxwell died in 1991, Ghislaine needed someone to fill his place. A born British woman accustomed to life among the cream of the crop started dating the charismatic businessman Jeffrey Epstein. During the 1990s, they jointly ran a pyramid scheme with sexually abused girls.


Annie Farmer and her sister Source: Netflix


She was massaging the breasts of 16-year-old Annie


Maria Farmer worked for businessman Jeffrey Epstein and introduced her 16-year-old sister Annie to him. In 1996, Maxwell and Epstein invited her to a ranch in Santa Fe, where the young woman had to learn how to properly massage the businessman's feet, writes The Guardian. Later, Ghislaine wanted to show her what a professional massage should look like.


Therefore, following Ghislaine's instructions, sixteen-year-old Farmer undressed and covered herself with a sheet in nervous anticipation of the massage, which she was not even interested in. However, Maxwell crossed all limits by removing the sheet from her and started massaging her private parts.

"She pulled the sheet down and exposed my breasts and started rubbing my chest and upper breast," Annie Farmer told the court. Even though they communicated with the FBI about the sister's case and spoke about the sexual abuse to the media, the punishment for the culprits did not come.


Source: Netflix


The underage girl was also "sold" to Prince Andrew

Through Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, a member of the royal family - Prince Andrew - also got involved in the sexual abuse of underage girls. Maxwell met him while studying in Oxford. According to the indictment, Andrew had repeated sex with then 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre in the past.

According to the victim's statement, she was his companion who rode horses with him, they went swimming together, but also had sex many times. Virginia described in detail that she had to lick the places between Prince Andrew's toes, for example, writes new.com.au.


The royal family stripped the prince of his royal and military titles on suspicion of sexual abuse, but paid an out-of-court settlement that he could not have afforded himself.

"With the consent and permission of the Queen, the Duke of York was stripped of his military titles and royal patronages. The Duke of York will no longer hold any public functions and will continue to defend his case as a private person," the palace wrote on Twitter in early 2022. Giuffre allegedly had sex not only with Prince Andrew, but also with other influential men. She was also part of a threesome sexual abuse involving Epstein and Maxwell.


Source: Netflix


When the sex victim helps the offender

Ghislaine Maxwell was not the only matchmaker for young women. Over time, she began to create pyramid structures of abused girls, who themselves attracted other underage young women. One of them was the aforementioned Virginia Giuffre, who at the beginning of the millennium offered 14-year-old Carolyn a quick income for a massage she would give to a certain rich man on an island in Palm Beach.

How could a victim of sexual abuse, after all she had been through, cooperate in such a way with the perpetrator? According to Burajová, the answer lies in grooming as a mechanism of sexual abuse and its consequences.

“Grooming is a sophisticated cocktail of abuse that leads survivors to think: this person provided me with what I needed, so I must accommodate them; I trust this person to care for me, so it won't be so bad. Since sexual abuse is typically an ongoing condition, not a one-time event, perpetrators use strategies to facilitate further opportunities and prevent escape, while also calculating with feelings of guilt, shame and fear, if the abuse has already occurred," says Burajová.



Epstein's mansion is currently demolished, according to the Palm Beach Daily News

Source: Google Earth



What police found in Epstein's home:

Epstein boasted a collection of sadomasochistic books and photographs of naked women, including those of his lady-in-waiting, Ghislaine Maxwell, reports The Sun. According to a description from court documents, the house also contained a butt shot resembling a pre-pubescent girl, writes The New York Post.


They were said to be nothing but garbage

Fourteen-year-old Carolyn met Ghislaine Maxwell at the villa after a proposal from Virginia Giuffre, who came with instructions. Virginia allegedly showed Carolyn what was expected of her. So she led Carolyn to an upper room with a massage table where she undressed. She gave Epstein a roughly 45-minute massage, after which they had sex. In a similar manner, Carolyn was sexually abused more than a hundred times over the next four years.


Maxwell arranged the planned meetings in advance via mobile phone. Before one of these massages, she came up to her, felt her body from her breasts to her hips to her bottom, and callously declared that she had "a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends." She showed no empathy or pity. "Those girls are nothing. They are trash," Vanity Fair quotes her saying. Carolyn thus became the new sexual victim of the perpetrators and Virginia Giuffre pleased the perpetrators by bringing them a new victim.


"The question is also what options the survivors had to refuse the request to bring other girls. Some testified that they hoped that by mentoring another girl, they would escape the abuse themselves and maintain support or escape altogether. These were children who had formed a bond with the abuser. At the same time, it was not only a material bond. Maxwell offered friendship, confidence and support to the girls. Survivors also testified about Epstein, that he was interested in their plans and ambitions, and provided them with money to realize their dreams. The survivors' participation in recruiting other girls was part of their abuse in Epstein's scheme and deepened their sense of complicity," explains Burajová.

Another factor that could have played a role, according to her, is the mechanism of coping with one's situation or the expression of distrust in the possibility of protection. "Sexually abused children do not think of themselves as victims," she added. That's also why they didn't necessarily perceive the attraction of other girls as something negative.

Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison at the end of 2021. Her lawyers appealed. Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in prison in 2019. The count of victims given in the article is only a brief sample of what the couple Epstein and Maxwell were doing. The number of their victims is estimated at hundreds. Many of them did not have the opportunity to tell their horrific story in court. Maxwell's family has not come to terms with the verdict and believes in her innocence. He publishes his version of the case with detailed information on the web realghislaine.com.

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