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Jana Chovancová
December 7, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 2:29

5 Practical Gifts For Everyone Who Loves To Travel. Most Of These Will Not Cost You More Than €50

Practical gifts for travel lovers. We highly recommend a hooded airplane pillow!

Jana Chovancová
December 7, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 2:29
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5 Practical Gifts For Everyone Who Loves To Travel. Most Of These Will Not Cost You More Than €50
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Christmas is a couple of weeks away, so we here at Refresher decided to help you choose a suitable gift. Hundred people, hundred tastes. Each of us is passionate about something different. Someone likes fashion, someone likes to travel.

It is for adventurers who are never just sitting around at home that we bring these tips. below, you will find tips for practical aids, creative things or experiential stays.


Scratch map of the world

If you want to remember your experiences, or be cool before your visit and show them how many countries you have traveled, this a scratch-off world map for you. It will create not only a material memory, but also a nice decoration for your apartment. For many, the map is a motivation to travel even more. In addition, it is also an ideal gift for students who want to improve their geography. They can use it to scratch off places they have already learned about in school.


Using a coin, nail, or other sharp edged object, simply scratch off the top layer of the map, just like you would a lottery ticket, revealing the name of the country. You can find it in different sizes and colours, the price is around 45 €. You buy HERE.

Source: uncommongoods.com



A practical gift under the tree is always a crowd-pleaser. If you too can't make it to work in the morning, in a hurry you forget whether you turned off the iron and closed the windows because it's going to rain, and in the car while driving you check whether you have your keys, mobile phone and wallet, this little helper is for you. You can attach it to your wallet or keys, for example.

If you lose things, you can easily locate them using your iPhone. A tag marked as lost sends the owner's contact information, so anyone with an iPhone or Android can find it. Price: €35, you can find it HERE.


Source: Apple


Balenciaga pillow with hood

This gem is not just any ordinary pillow. It is made of pleasant fleece material and includes a hood. It can be tightened with laces and thus adjusted to the size of the head. The pillow fastens with a snap.

The Balenciaga travel pillow is a great companion for the plane, for example. It will provide not only neck support, but also protection from strong air conditioning. The price is, of course, directly proportional to the brand - $610 (approximately €591), you can find it HERE. If you are (quite understandably) confused by the price, we also found a cheaper version, the HoodiePillow will cost you around 30 euros and you can buy it HERE.


Source: Balenciaga


Steam iron

Traveling brings with it many joys, but also worries. If you travel often, especially for work or to events that include a dress code, you will definitely need a steam iron in your luggage. You can easily straighten your wrinkled clothes after an eight-hour journey and they won't look like they were chewed on by a goat.

For example, the Phillips Azur iron removes creases from clothes without a single movement. Price: €170, you can find it HERE.


Source: Philips


Hydrogel mask for the plane

Traveling by plane is physically and mentally demanding. It not only causes so-called jet lag, but also torments the body from the outside. The air in the plane is dry, so it is very important to hydrate the body. Drinking water and proper skin care will do a lot. The hydrogel mask helps to hydrate and soften the skin.

The content of the mask is 75 milliliters, so you simply pack it in your hand luggage and they won't give you a second look during the airport security check. Price: €26, buy it HERE


Source: annemarieborlind.co.uk


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