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Tereza Šnajdrová
October 20, 2020, 8:54am
Reading time: 9:48

Clitoral, Vaginal, Anal, Wet or Even Endless. What Types of Orgasms Are There and How Important are They?

30% of women never reach vaginal orgasm. For some men, searching for the G-spot is more difficult than finding the Loch Ness Monster.

Tereza Šnajdrová
October 20, 2020, 8:54am
Reading time: 9:48
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Even though we'd love for all of our readers to experience orgasm, there's probably some that have never felt it. What is it all about? And how many types of orgasm is it possible to reach? 

Explosive reaction in the brain

Orgasm a.k.a. climax, is actually an intense physical pleasure that is accompanied by rapid muscle contractions in the lower pelvic muscles surrounding the genitals. Unlike female orgasm, male orgasm results in a release in form of ejaculation. However, it's not always so. Sometimes a person can have a problem called dry orgasm, but we'll get to that later. 

Achieving female orgasm is therefore not as visible as with the opposite gender. The partner can still recognize it through muscle cramps or audible vocalizations and moans.

All in all, orgasm is a beneficial thing for the body that ensures our well-being, has a positive impact on our mental health and our relationships. 


An expert Paulina Petrasova has explained to us what exactly is going on in the body. „We consider orgasm to be the peak of a sexual activity. When orgasm is reached, we're in a so-called fight or flight mode that causes our sympathetic nervous system to be active. Our pulse is increased and so is our blood pressure and respiratory rate. Our muscles are also active. Sensations from repeated stimulation of body parts, but also visual, auditory and olfactory sensations accumulate in the brain, which leads to an abundant neurochemical reaction. In men, orgasm is manifested by ejaculation, while in women the contractions of the uterus and vagina might lead to female ejaculation, in some rare cases. Hormone oxytocin is released into the brain, which ensures muscle contractions and helps to ejaculate. Our brain also becomes flooded with dopamine, a hormone that is responsible for the euphoric feeling during orgasm and so-called happy hormones, endogenous opioids, that also reduce any feelings of pain. That's why we usually don't mind if someone lightly slaps us or pulls our hair during sex.


There are several types of orgasm, not just the "movie kind"

You might remember some scenes from American teenager movies (or adult films), depicting a man that is trying to please a woman with a simple back and forth movement. But everything is not just as simple as it may seem. There are several types of orgasm and roughly only 10% of women reach the finish line vaginally. 

The most frequent type of orgasm is clitoral. Shortcut is masturbation, which can be accomplished even without a partner (oftentimes faster than with a partner). All that's necessary is to properly stimulate the clitoris and its surroundings using hands or toys and "voila". Clitoris has more than 8000 sensory nerve endings that guarantee a strong experience for the woman. 
Then there's the already mentioned vaginal orgasm. First of all, it's important to say that about 20 - 30% of women never reach orgasm vaginally. In this case, it is really important to find the G-spot and let's be honest, for some men, it's more likely to solve the Loch Ness Monster mystery. The length of intercourse is also important for successful vaginal orgasm. It should be longer than 15 minutes. 


Paulina Petrasova told us what happens during vaginal orgasm. „Although I might not know the exact percentage of women that reach vaginal orgasm, anatomically speaking, every woman should be capable of achieving it. What we think of as vaginal orgasm is in fact stimulation of the inner part of clitoris. We only see its outer part (glans clitoris), inner part is surrounded by the vagina. The more the vagina is stimulated, the more the inner clitoris enlarges and comes into closer contact with the penetrating penis. Therefore, if the penetration is long enough, every woman should be capable of vaginal orgasm. However, it's more of a long-distance run, which is why many men resort to the stimulation of more easily accessible outer clitoris instead.“


Source: pixabay.com

 Of course, there's also mixed orgasm, meaning clitoral and vaginal at the same time. It most often occurs in long-term relationships, when the couple has known each other for a long time, knows what they like and is able to relax 100% around each other, both physically and mentally.

Another common type of orgasm is anal orgasm, that can both be achieved by women and men. Logically, it occurs during anal sex. The rectum, an important erogenous zone is stimulated here. It has a number of sensitive nerve endings and is separated from the vagina only by a thin wall. 
Our friend Paulina agrees that anal orgasm is definitely not unusual. „In my opinion, the best combo is traditional sex with a toy inserted in the rectum. In that case, my orgasm comes within 2 minutes!“


Extended orgasm is certainly also worth mentioning here. Oh, you haven't heard about it? Well, that's unfortunate, but don't worry, it's not really that common. Typical features of extended orgasm are muscle contractions throughout the body, mainly in the belly region, inner thighs and genitals. It is considered the most intense and extensive orgasm that includes several different sensations. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Some lucky people get to experience it. 

The opposite can be spontaneous orgasm. It occurs without any direct stimulation. A lot of people consider it embarrassing and it often happens in dreams or while performing certain activities, such as cycling, exercising or even yawning
The last type of orgasm that we'll be taking a look at today is a wet orgasm, the so-called squirt. Even though most women claim that they felt ashamed after having a wet orgasm, it is definitely not something to be ashamed of. After reading incredible quantities of discussions, we can confidently say that men will appreciate this type of orgasm and it gives them confidence. Perhaps the only downside is the mess the wet orgasm can cause. A large amount of fluid is excreted out of the body and no, it definitely is not urine, but a female ejaculate.  



Our friend Maggie is quite familiar with wet orgasm. „I still remember my first wet orgasm. I thought it was because of the size of my partners penis, but it started happening more regularly with my other partners as well. I still get a bit uneasy about it sometimes, but all of my sexual partners that have experienced this with me were quite impressed with it.“


Every sex has to end with an orgasm!

As for the male orgasm, it's probably obvious that it's easy to confidently distinguish the moment when it happens. In many cases, sex is ended by a male climax. For this reason, and also based on the results of the survey that we conducted, it appears that men reach orgasm far more often than women do.

According to the Instagram survey it turns out that only 35% of people finish sex with an orgasm. Majority of these lucky people was male. 

It's a little different in a relationship...

We've also asked about the importance of orgasm in a relationship. Our friend Dana told us her opinion. „I personally enjoy sex with my boyfriend even without climax. Sometimes I just don't relax enough or don't reach orgasm during repeated sex. For me, the act itself is more important than reaching orgasm.“

Although this might sound like justification of male selfishness, it certainly isn't. Victor also agrees with this opinion: „It's physically important, but if we really like each other, I don't need to climax every time. If we're just hoeing around, then yeah.“
Instagram poll shows that only 43% of people consider it important to orgasm during sex. It is apparent though that reaching the set goal is more important for men. Women perceive sex more as an expression of love, whereas men do it mainly with the vision of that sweet climax. However, we advise everyone to not be selfish during sex. That way, reaching orgasm could be equally frequent for both sides. Because if it doesn't work, partner can become really frustrated, that can also influence their self-confidencefrequency of sex or even infidelity.

Klitorální, vaginální, anální, smíšený nebo mokrý. Jaké jsou typy orgasmu a opravdu je ve vztahu tak důležitý?
Zdroj: pixabay.com/
Difference between male and female orgasm

These statements are also confirmed by the hormones that our bodies excrete during climax. Men receive a big dose of dopamine, which is a hormone of pleasure and enjoyment. It's also activated during cocaine use and it causes men to crave more and more of it. Their sexual appetite rises due to this. 


So why do men reach orgasm more often than women? Paulina Petrasova answered this question for us: „In general it is easier for men to reach orgasm, because majority of the body parts that need to be stimulated in order to reach orgasm are easily accessible. With women the orgasm is less frequent, which may be related to the psyche. During sex, the part of the brain that regulates emotions is less active, therefore they 're more likely to come to the forefront. Women also tend to guard themselves more during sex  (making sure they look good etc.) and they're also more sensitive about their comfort. That surely doesn't apply to all women and men can feel stress and all kinds of mental blocks as well. Overall, many women perceive sex in a more complex way. In their case it's essential to stimulate multiple body parts and create a comfortable environment. For the majority of men it is sufficient to stimulate the penis (and oftentimes, the appearance of the woman isn't even that interesting for them, so our worries about certain things are quite pointless).“

Women mainly excrete oxytocin, a.k.a. the hormone of belonging, during orgasm. For that reason, women tend to fall in love with their lovers, even if their intention was a one-night-stand. The body can't recognize whether it's a long-term partner or a one-time-only type of situation. The amount of oxytocine is the same in both cases. 


So we can blame the hormones, Paulina says: „During sex, the aforementioned oxytocin is released in both genders. In women it mainly releases after orgasm, but also throughout the entire intercourse. In men, its concentration decreases after sex and on top of that, testosterone is released and that suppresses the effect of oxytocin. Oxytocin is responsible for that feeling of connection, affection and is released even during breastfeeding. Of course, in this case it doesn't cause orgasm though.“


So we finally know the reason why women so often end up falling in love with their lovers. You can't blame us for that, have a little understanding


On top of all that, orgasm also has a positive effect on human health. It strengthens the immune system, releases headaches, insures restful sleep, prevents common colds and many other beneficial effects.


Does orgasm also have negative effects?

There is no direct negative effect on the human body. However, due to the wonderful feeling that comes after the climax, addiction to masturbation is a real threat. People who masturbate several times a day can not only destroy their relationships, but also their work and personal life. Because suddenly, their whole life revolves around masturbation and self-satisfaction

Even though addiction to masturbation may sound trivial, it can actually seriously affect the life of the victim. He then becomes alienated from his partner,  stops seeking out quality time together and wants to spend more time alone instead. That can even lead to anorgasmia where the affected person can only achieve orgasm through self-satisfaction


Paulina Petrasova agrees that the addiction to orgasms can be a huge problem. „The negative side of orgasm may be related to the effect of dopamine, which is a major player in the brain's so-called reward system. This hormone is also released while listening to music, during consumption of food, gaming or taking certain drugs. Dopamine is the main hormone that is responsible for addiction so if we treat ourselves with activities that cause release of dopamine often, we're gonna start craving it more and more. The less of it we have, the more sensitive we are to its effects and so we reach for higher doses, simply put. Of course, it's not as easy to develop an addiction to orgasms as easy as with other drugs, but the principle is identical. Often people can't reach orgasm during regular sex and so they seek out various other methods to climax. Some risks may also be related to the body's response to excessive masturbation and orgasm.“

There's also a risk that the affected people stop interacting with the society, avoid friends and family, drop any hobbies and interests and stop paying attention to their leisure activities in general. In the worse case scenario, they may also stop going to work. 
If you feel like your masturbation is starting to get out of hand, especially now, during quarantine, we recommend that you seek out professional help. It is not recommended to take such addiction to masturbation and orgasm for granted


Klitorální, vaginální, anální, smíšený nebo mokrý. Jaké jsou typy orgasmu a opravdu je ve vztahu tak důležitý?
Zdroj: pixabay.com

Beware of orgasmic disorders

If you have trouble reaching orgasm, maybe you'll recognize some of the following disorders


One of the probably most common disorders is anorgasmia, or the inability to reach orgasm. It mostly affects women on a psychological or emotional basis, but it can also be caused organically. Usually it's caused by stress, anxiety, fatigue, fear of pregnancy, guilt, depression, fear, pain, alcohol poisoning, effect of medications and chemical substances. 
Vaginismus, in which strong involuntary muscle spasms interfere with attempts for penetration of the vagina, can also be an issue for women.  It's impossible for the intercourse to happen, let alone orgasm. Women who suffer vaginismus don't do this voluntarily though, it's practically impossible to control the muscles. In this case, mental discomfort, nervousness or trauma are the most common causes. 
Another disorder may sound a bit amusing, but there's definitely nothing to laugh about. Men can sometimes suffer a retarded ejaculation. What does this mean in practice? Affected person is unable to achieve orgasm during regular sex, he can only achieve it with long and intense masturbation. The cause of delayed orgasm can be age, medications (mainly antidepressants and antipsychotics), or simple decline of sexual appetite.  
We have discussed wet orgasm, but did you know there's also such a thing as dry orgasm? This is another dysfunction that affects men, and it is becoming more common in the last decade. Dry orgasm can have two possible causes - one of them is a so-called retrograde ejaculation. That means that the ejaculate doesn't escape the body during orgasm, but it relocates to the bladder. Another cause is anejaculation. Although an individual suffering this disorder does reach orgasm, the semen simply doesn't come to the surface and it stays inside of the body
The last disorder we'll be looking at today is endless orgasm. And it may sound like something all of us would want to experience but it really is not the case. Also called persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), it is nowhere near pleasant and women who suffer from this disorder experience hundreds of painful orgasms every day. Slightest stimulation of clitoris like putting pants on can trigger an orgasm that lasts up to several days.  


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Source: wikipedia.org, durex.cz, euro.cz, erekce.czThumbnail: pixabay.com
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