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Adam Novosad
September 22, 2021, 11:10am
Reading time: 7:30

Famous YouTuber Gabby Petito Went Camping With Her Fiancé. Her Dead Body was Found in a National Park.

Gabby Petito went on an adventurous road trip in June with her fiancé Brian Laundrie from Florida to the West coast of the USA. She never made it back, although her boyfriend arrived safely in their RV, as if nothing ever happened.

Adam Novosad
September 22, 2021, 11:10am
Reading time: 7:30
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Famous YouTuber Gabby Petito Went Camping With Her Fiancé. Her Dead Body was Found in a National Park.
Zdroj: Montgomery County Police Department
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"Gabby Petito never goes out," laughed the charming 22-year-old YouTuber Gabby a month ago, alongside her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. They are both smiling, scene by scene revealing their excited faces from the trip ahead. There is no indication that the couple will soon have to be separated by the police.



Almost a million followers follow Gabby's Instagram profile today, and her first video of a small van adventure across America has been seen by more than 3.5 million people. However, Gabby Petit will never upload another video again. Her boyfriend returned from their trip alone, remaining silent for eleven days. When the police came to ask about her, he only gave them his lawyer's details.


Her body was found by the police in Grand Teton National Park more than three weeks after Gabby disappeared.


In this article you will read:
  • When did Gabby and Brian set out on their adventure across America.
  • Whether there was signs of relationship trouble between them before.
  • What happened in the hour-long police video that changed the impression of the couple.
  • When did someone notice violence between the couple in public.
  • What could have possibly happened between August 12th and the end of the month when she disappeared.
  • How Brian traveled 3.5 thousand kilometers in 2 days without the love of his life.
  • Why is the last SMS sent from Gabby's mobile phone not sent by her, according to her family.
  • Where did they find the body of the now deceased YouTuber.
  • How is it possible that Brian suddenly disappeared and is still missing.



Source: Instagram/Gabspetito

Was she still alive when Brian last saw her?

When Brian was returning to Florida alone for 1,500 kilometers, how come it didn't bother him that he didn't have the "love of his life," as he often called it, in the passenger seat? He simply got in the car and left her to fate. Did he kill her? Was she still alive the last time he saw her? And what happened to Brian, who disappeared without a trace a few days ago and was reported missing by his family?


An amateur criminal investigation is currently in effect on the Internet, and it could easily compete with even the best Netflix documentary.


It all started in an idyllic setting. Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had been forming a couple for a long time. Moreover, her boyfriend must have proposed, because the North Port Police chief himself called the couple a fiancé.


Source: Instagram/Gabspetito


What can happen if they stay inside the van for long hours? 

They've embarked on their early summer adventure when Gabby announced on Instagram that it was time to discover America in a "tiny van," and the itinerary was clearly planned out.


From Florida, where the couple lived with Brian's parents, they headed all the way to the west coast of the United States to visit the famous national parks. They wanted to sleep in campsites and meet like-minded travelers on their trip.



If her family had worries before the trip about what might happen if the couple locked themselves in the cramped car cabin for long hours, they probably wouldn't even let them embark on this adventure.


They, too, sometimes fought in the relationship, but Gabby regularly reported to her parents and friends from the beginning of the trip. Adding stories from the most beautiful corners of American nature to social networks, and until August there was no sign of relationship issues between the partners. Until the point when they had to be separated in a violent situation by the police, of which there is more than an hour-long video.


Source: FOX 13


The moment when police arrived, but no one had a clue about the killing

The idyllic story of the trip gets messy in mid-August, when Brian and Gabby fought in Moab, Utah. No one knows what happened between them and where the aggression came from, but an hour-long video of a police intervention has been circulating on the Internet for more than a week.


The pair in a white Ford Transit was stopped by police officer Daniel Robbins, who was alerted about the conflict by a dispatcher on a call to the 911 emergency line. Someone called the police officers because they saw Brian hitting Gabby. Robbins stopped the van, forced both of them out. He tried to figure out what had happened between them and what mental state they were in.


"Both the woman and the man said they were in love and engaged, and that they would like to get married. They really didn't want anyone to be charged with a crime, " Robbins describes in a police report, which he saw with his own eyes when he confronted the couple. He described Gabby as confused and frightened.



Did she hit him because she was afraid he'd leave her on the side of the road?The interrogation at the side of the road revealed that they were probably arguing over a cell phone, so Gabby hit Brian. Gabby told the policeman that she was afraid her partner would get behind the wheel of the van without her, leaving her alone in the middle of nowhere. According to the Youtuber, she was anxious about driving, so she preferred Brian to be behind the wheel.


The police who stopped the couple did not detain or accuse anyone because the incident did not seem serious enough for it to be considered domestic violence. They convinced Brian and Gabby to sleep separately for one night - Gabby in the van and Brian in a hotel. The couple apparently agreed with this proposal.


Source: Instagram/Gabspetito


Man slapping and hitting a woman on a sidewalk

It wasn't clear for a long time why the police even decided to stop the white van. They recently released a recording of a 911 call, in which an unnamed citizen describes what is happening on the street in front of him, according to ABC.


"We drove by him a gentleman was slapping the girl," says the caller, to which the dispatcher makes sure that he has heard the slapping passage well. "Yes. And then we stop. They ran up and down the sidewalk. He proceeded to hit her hops in the car. And they drove off, " the caller briefly explaining what had happened.


However, only the police knew about the growing anxiety, slaps and beating after the young woman disappeared. The YouTuber apparently did not tell her family about their conflicts.


"I don't think the situation has escalated to the level of domestic violence, but rather to the level of a mental health crisis," said police officer Daniel Robbins, letting the couple drive away. Today, one can't help, but wonder about what would have happened if the couple's trip had ended prematurely at this time.


Source: Instagram/Gabspetito


What happened between the police examination and the end of August? 

Gabby and Brian continued on their journey from Utah towards the national parks. The YouTuber regularly called family and friends, but inside the van the conflict obviously kept growing to much greater proportions.


The couple appeared to have told their loved ones that they are heading for Grand Teton National Park in the state of Wyoming, but for a long time any of their traces in the area have disappeared. According to the communication between Gabby and her mother, the couple stayed in a national park for several days, because on August 24th they had a FaceTime and the text communication continues on August 25th and 27th, CNN informs.


Theories of amateur internet investigators show that if there was a serious conflict between Brian and Gabby, it must have taken place around August 28th. Grand Teton National Park is more than 3.5 thousand kilometers from their residence, and according to Google maps, such a journey takes at least 34 hours of driving. Even if Brian drove with minimal breaks, the trip would take him two or three days.


Gabby did not write the last message according to her family

The last message was sent to Gabby's family on August 30, although the YouTuber didn't keep in touch until then. It only had one single sentence: "No signal in Yosemite."


However, Gabby's family doesn't believe that she wrote these words. The distance of Yosemite National Park from Grand Teton Park is more than 1,300 kilometers, so the family assumes they would let them know in advance that they are continuing the journey with Brian.


Police hasn't yet released any information on where the cell phone was when the message left, or whether the report was actually written by a woman who may have been dead at the time.


Source: Instagram/Gabspetito


Maybe we should report Gabby missing

Gabby didn't keep in touch over the following days, didn't post any photos, and her social activity dropped down to zero. Her family doesn't live in Florida, but she was reported missing in the state of New York and the police on September 11th. Little did they know that Brian had returned from their trip without her on September 1st.


Florida police from North Port went to Brian's home on September 11th to ask him what had happened and if he knew where Gabby was. Instead of answering, the police got contact details of a lawyer. "That is the extent of our conversation with them," the police spokeswoman said.


They found Gabby, Brian is missing 

Since the report of Gabby missing, the police had been intensively searching for the places where she was supposed to be. A dead body, which most likely belongs to Gabby Petit, was found on September 20th. They reported the finding to her family, who had asked Brian and his family in an open letter to show some consideration and help find Gabby only a few days before.


In the meantime, a turn of events occurred in Florida. Brian Laundrie's family called the police three days before the body was found on September 17th, reporting that Brian had been missing. He is said to have been missing since September 14th. He then announced to his parents that he was going on a hike to a nearby nature reserve, but its area was so huge that the police is still looking for him.


Source: Instagram/Gabspetito


Gabby is dead, but what happened to her?

In response to the finding of the corpse, police broke into the house of Brian's family, searching it thoroughly for clues for several hourss. We do not know the result yet, reports The Independent.


What happened to Gabby Petito? Was she killed by her own fiancé as they argued again during a walk in the national park? And then he drove back home three thousand kilometers, acting as if nothing had happened?


Police in Wyoming, meanwhile, confirmed on September 22nd that the preliminary cause of Gabby Petit's death is that she was killed.

More new information is likely to surface in the coming days and weeks, which may eventually reveal the truth. Gabby Petito's family thinks Brian Laundrie is not missing and that he's in hiding, trying to escape justice. Without evidence, however, the presumption of innocence still applies, so for now the resolution of the case remains a mystery.


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Thumbnail: FOX 13
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