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Denisa Šútorová
November 20, 2022, 6:45pm
Reading time: 4:35

Sex Toys And Drinks Replaced Chocolate. These 10 Advent Calendars Could Make An Unusual Gift For A Loved One

Some might hurt your wallet, you can be sure of happy kisses under the Christmas tree

Denisa Šútorová
November 20, 2022, 6:45pm
Reading time: 4:35
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Sex Toys And Drinks Replaced Chocolate. These 10 Advent Calendars Could Make An Unusual Gift For A Loved One
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The Advent season is approaching at an unstoppable speed, and to make it easier on you, we are bringing you tips on how to make it pleasant for yourself, your significant other or whoever you decide to give a gift this year.

We have selected for you inspiration for advent calendars for film fans, for couples who want to spice up their wait for the holidays, but also for those who like an exotic drink or a quality cup of tea. 


1. Advent calendar with cocktails from John Lewis


We're jumping right in, so don't forget, be careful with alcohol. If you or your significant other have meetings with friends and a full house waiting for you, the John Lewis advent calendar, which includes a special selection of mixed cocktails, will take care of bartending this year. You can have it for 142 euros on the official John Lewis website.


From December 1 to 24, you can enjoy a margarita or an old fashioned every day, a martini while baking cookies, a daiquiri before buying gifts, but the selection also includes a special offer of exclusive gins. If we haven't convinced you yet, the raspberry cosmopolitan might just do the job for us.


Source: John Lewis


2. Le Mini Macaron gel manicure calendar

Besides the fact that you can't imagine Christmas without good food and your loved ones, you can't miss having the perfect manicure in December. In the Le Mini Macaron advent calendar, you will find everything you need for a home nail studio, in 12 windows with special gift packaging.


Source: Le Mini Macaron


In addition to gel polishes in Christmas colors (cherry red, cinnamon and gold are also included), the package also includes festive nail stickers, wipes for removing the gel, a file and especially a mini LED lamp with a USB cable. For 69.90 euros, you will please many a friend or sister, with whom you can also do a manicure during the evenings while watching a good movie. You can find this special calendar here.


3. Sex toys for couples from Lovehoney

This sexy calendar suitable for couples was probably not created in Santa's workshop, but it is guaranteed to refresh your waiting for Advent. Instead of sweets, for 24 days you will find, for example, the elite Womanizer Liberty Pleasure Air massage device, a discreet minivibrator, handcuffs, erotic toys, massage oils and cards with sexual positions.


Source: Lovehoney


You can get the exciting advent from the official Lovehoney website for 150 euros, in a luxurious purple design, combined with gold and black.


4. For the Harry Potter fans

If you too have been waiting for a letter from Hogwarts, we have a themed sock calendar for you, which you can buy online here for around 44 euros. During 12 days, you will find socks with the design of Hedvig or the famous platform 9 and 3/4 in its windows. The sizing is universal and promise warmth during long winter evenings.


Source: Harry Potter


5. Fragrant advent with French luxury candles Diptyque

If you have someone around who cannot imagine their home without candles, they will be delighted by the French brand Diptyque and its special Christmas edition. Even celebrities have fallen in love with their "insta-famous" candles. The Diptyque advent calendar in dark black is inspired by all the shades of the night and is decorated with the phosphorescent Milky Way. The smell of the pine forest will enchant you in particular.


Source: Diptyque


You will have to pay extra for this 25 day luxury (the price on the official website is 420 euros, which hurts a lot), but if you have a larger or unlimited budget for this holiday season, you will get an unforgettable gift.


6. Bird & Blend Tea Co. calendar for matcha lovers


Matcha is gaining popularity especially in the latte version. Bird & Blend Tea Co. brand. decided to seize the opportunity this Christmas and put this special Japanese tea in the Christmas calendar, in which you can find popular blends for 24 days. There are classics among them, but also special flavors such as salted caramel, cocoa or pumpkin cake. For 60.95 euros, you can buy it here.


Source: Bird & Blend Tea Co.




7. Game of Thrones beauty calendar 

After the hype caused by the series Game of Thrones, the British cosmetics brand Revolution decided to make the countdown to Christmas more pleasant for all fans of the series. The Makeup Revolution x Game of Thrones beauty advent calendar for 12 days contains exclusive lipsticks, eye palette, mascara, primer and other products in an elegant package inspired by the successful series. All cosmetic products are PETA-friendly,  a mirror with the design of the Iron Throne is included as well.


Source: Revolution Beauty


In addition to the design, which will take the breath away of all Daenerys and Stark enthusiasts, the very affordable price will also please you. You can have this exclusive calendar for a very affordable price of 52.99 euros and you can buy it at the Revolution e-shop. Will we see a calendar inspired by House of the Dragon series next year?


 8. A luxurious cup of tea from Fortnum & Mason

The luxury English premium food brand Fortnum & Mason built its reputation during the Victorian era. This Christmas, we bring you a calendar that offers English tradition, and in addition to the red festive packaging with gold ornaments, you will find 24 selected flavors of loose tea in containers that can be refilled.


Source: Fortnum & Mason


There you will find loose teas with jasmine, apple and pear, strawberry, lemon or peach flavors. The package also includes classic Earl Gray and Queen Anne tea. You can have all this on the seller's website for 176 euros. We say, it's exclusive, both in terms of content and price.


9. For the Marvel fans

The best gift would be a new Marvel book. Lovers of comic stories and collectors will also be pleased with a special advent calendar with Marvel characters in the Christmas edition.


Source: Funko


You can add cute Groot, Iron Man, who looks like a Christmas gingerbread man, or Spiderman, sometimes in a Santa hat and sometimes in a really festive sweater, to your collection. You can have a Marvel advent from 69.80 euros.


10. Rituals calendar for those who love wellness

The Rituals brand, which is inspired by the scents of the Orient and the traditions of Asian cultures, offers unique products for body care and home coziness, thanks to which even an ordinary shower turns into a wellness experience.


Source: Rituals


You will find shower foams, scrubs, home fragrances and relaxation bars for 24 days. The calendar includes collections such as Sakura with the scent of Japanese cherry, soothing Jing, Hammam, which draws on ancient bathing rituals, or Mehr, inspired by the energy of the sun.

The exclusive Christmas tree also includes four candles for each Advent Sunday with the scents of the aforementioned collections. You can order it in the Rituals e-shop or buy it in a brick-and-mortar store.

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Thumbnail: Fortnum & Mason
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