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Adriana Královičová
November 3, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 6:20

Secret Entrance To The Restaurant, Brutalist Gallery-Like Interior. 9 Fashion Boutiques Which Look Like Out Of This World

Fashion brands are often associated with the best names in architecture and design. This combination creates a unique concept of exteriors and interiors, most of them reminiscent of museums or galleries.

Adriana Královičová
November 3, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 6:20
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Secret Entrance To The Restaurant, Brutalist Gallery-Like Interior. 9 Fashion Boutiques Which Look Like Out Of This World
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The most famous fashion brands know very well that an interesting collection tour is not enough for good marketing. The environment of fashion houses and their brick-and-mortar stores often combines space with clothes in a very original and interesting way. After all, shopping in itself should be an experience for the customer.

Thanks to this, interesting architectural gems, innovative and design projects of the exterior or interior are created. Fashion and architecture go hand in hand, evidenced by more frequent collaborations between world-renowned architects and major fashion houses. Fashion brands are proud of the establishment of their own hotels and luxury boutiques.


1. Jacquemus in Paris represents a homecoming


The design of this store was created by the Dutch studio AMO. They chose an atypical interior with pillows, which they used to cover the entire walls and  to create racks for clothes or accessories. The idea was to give the customer the impression of being in a bedroom. The cushions were designed by Ellen van Loon and Giulio Margheri, recalling the textiles typical of the Provence region, where the founder of the brand, Jaquemus Simone Porte, comes from.


You can find the boutique in Paris in the well-known shopping center Galeries Lafayette, and visitors should feel the energy from the materials used in the interior design. Thanks to them, Simone wanted to return home, to the south of France.


As designboom.com writes, the studio drew on the atmosphere of Provence and its typical gems, such as lavender fields, ancient houses on hills, limestone cliffs, long vineyards and even historic monasteries. The design with pillows is intended to induce a feeling of well-being. Cushions serve as pedestals for goods or a rest area. You can sit in them as long as you want.


Source: AMO/Benoit Florençon


2. Louis Vuitton Osaka, inspired by Japanese ships

The Louis Vuitton store in Osaka, Japan, in the Midosuji district, will delight all lovers of contemporary art. A multi-story building designed by Japanese architect Jun Aoki, the store has a striking facade inspired by the traditional Higaki-Kaisen cargo ship and its billowing sails, as the city has a rich maritime history. It was opened in 2020.

During the day, these "sails" let in pleasant daylight into the interior, and at night they illuminate the entire street. The building thus creates an effect reminiscent of large illuminated lanterns. Not only the design is unique, but also the attractions for customers.

On the top floor is Le Café V, the first Louis Vuitton cafe, created in collaboration with chef Yosuke Sugo. Inside the cafe, there is also a secret entrance to the exclusive Sugalabo V restaurant, which is part of the store, writes Archdaily website.


Source: Louis Vuitton


3. Dior in Seoul combines French style with Korean nature

The original space represents the magnificence of the Dior brand with everything that goes with it. It stands in a former industrial area where shoes were once manufactured. The venue combines gardens, salons and a café inspired by Christian Dior's childhood villa in Granville. The exclusive furniture was provided by Kwangh Lee and Jeonghw Seo, who primarily work with metal and natural materials such as wood and straw.

The interior of the store boasts design elements, namely floral details, as Dior has always had a penchant for flowers. According to the Frame portal, this exclusive all-glass space is designed to adapt to every season and is suitable for displaying the latest collections. This stunning concept creates a link between French haute couture and Korean culture. The opportunity to open this space was a brand tour in South Korea.


Source: Dior


4. A cool brutalist space by Rick Owens

The Rick Owens boutique is located in New York's Soho area. This space was designed by Rick Owens himself in collaboration with the New York studio. His life-long muse, his wife Michèle Lamy, with whom he forms an inseparable creative duo, could not be missing when setting up the store. The interior is decorated with pieces from his own furniture collection.

The furniture of the boutique is exactly like its furniture line, it looks luxurious, but at the same time minimalistic. They created a brutalist, even gothic impression. The space is dominated by white color and concrete, which creates a cold look in the space. On the first floor, shoes, bags and other accessories are displayed in the store much like works of art in a gallery.

The concrete staircase that leads to the second floor of the boutique is eye-catching. In the open space, customers will find men's and women's models of the brand. The interior comes close to an industrial style, which is made special by LED lights. These are located along the edges of the ceilings, crystals and camel fur stands are scattered around the store. These accessories undoubtedly belong to the brand identity. Rick and Michèle not only allow customers to buy clothes, but also offer them the opportunity to admire interesting artistic accessories, just like in a gallery.


Source: Rick Owens


5. Gucci in an ancient palace

When the Gucci brand celebrated its 100th anniversary, it prepared a spectacular gift for its enthusiasts. It presented a unique palace that has up to 5 floors. It is located on Via delle Caldaie in Florence. Throughout history, this residence served several purposes, it was a factory, a laboratory, and later a showroom.

“My job was to bring home a lot of items as if we were helping them get back to their family. In a place where the past is apparently preserved, it represents a bridge to the present. Like fashion, the ancient palace is a living thing," creative director Alessandro Michele told the Italian magazine lofficielitalia.com.


The magnificent interior is inspired by the nineteenth century, on the walls you can see traditional Florentine frescoes from the seventeenth century. The interior is complemented by significant pieces of furniture, from Wunderkammer display cases to sculptural lamps and historical archival cabinets made of iron and glass.


Source: Gucci


6. Armani with a monumental staircase

The premises were designed by the couple Doriana and Massimiliano, who work under the name Fuksas. You can find it in the center of New York, right on one of the most important streets in the world, 5th Avenue. The shop has its own basement, so together with it it has four floors. They are connected by a massive staircase, which will certainly be the first to catch your eye with its monumentality and unconventional shape. At first glance, the moving staircase guaranteed uniqueness and originality to this interior.

The structure is primarily made of a steel grid, the material used to cover the staircase resembles the surface of the sculpture. The lighting of the exterior of the building is constantly changing. On the floors there are changing rooms, VIP lounges, cash desks and places that offer visitors other products of the brand, namely Armani Dolci.

On the top floor is the Armani restaurant, the dominant feature of which is the view of 5th Avenue and Central Park.


Source: Armani/Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas


7. Diesel in Tokyo brings a typical red and white interior

The Diesel brand boutique was created under the creative direction of Glenn Martens. The brand has changed significantly in recent times, whether in communication on social networks or the presentation of its latest collections. Her new store in Tokyo is also proof of this.

The two-story store is located in the Marronnier Gate Ginza shopping center. The walls and floor of the shop match the characteristic color combination of white and red, which you know from the Diesel logo. Individual pieces of the interior, such as racks and tables on which clothes are displayed, are also designed in shades of red.

The raw ceiling dominates the shop, the furniture is minimalistic and unobtrusive. This style gives the shop an industrial look. The velvet curtains in the cabins also have the red color characteristic of Diesel, he writes hypebeast.com.


Source: Diesel


8. Glossier tropical atmosphere in art deco style

Glossier's tropical-inspired store is located in Miami. It enchants visitors with neon colors inspired by the local energy. Glossier tries to get the most out of a particular environment when designing its stores. It is inspired by cities and their traditional, authentic atmosphere. The Miami operation is inspired by art deco style and tropical immediate energy.

The design was done by Madelynn Ringo, who was inspired by the architecture of Miami. "We checked out the murals and vibrant street life of the Wynwood Arts District, strolled down Ocean Avenue, studied the facades of the city's most famous hotels, and fell in love with the tropical fruit carts in Little Havana," Madelynn tells architectualdigest.com.


The interior of the store boasts a non-traditional element, namely an underwater room, which adds an oceanic theme to the store. Not real water, a large mirror spans the wall, providing a photogenic spot for visitors to take the perfect selfie with the words "You look good."


Source: Glossier


9. Romantic classic style of the brand Maison Valentino

Fans of the brand could recognize the boutique right away, because it is dominated by the color pink, which appears very often in the latest collections. It was designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli together with the renowned British architect David Chipperfield, the brand informs on its website.

The entire design of the boutique preserves the classic romantic philosophy of the Maison Valentino brand. Furniture includes white Carrara marble tables, velvet sofas and benches in green or the very popular pink.

Color palettes, textures, surfaces and special lighting give the unmistakable atmosphere of the store. Customers can shop for clothes, accessories and fragrances there.


Source: Valentino


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