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Jana Chovancová
October 31, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 5:17

These Are The Most Chilling Airbnb Accommodations. Can You Imagine Spending The Night In One Of Them?

If you want to experience a truly special Halloween, check out these spooky accommodations offered by Airbnb.

Jana Chovancová
October 31, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 5:17
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These Are The Most Chilling Airbnb Accommodations. Can You Imagine Spending The Night In One Of Them?
Zdroj: Unsplash/Ehud Neuhaus
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Halloween is popular among young people. It was originally celebrated by the Celtic population of the British Isles, which is where it comes from. Later it became popular and expanded not only to the United States. Today it is celebrated by people all over the world.

Halloween is associated with various traditions. Among the most popular is carving a pumpkin, which people usually give a scary or cheerful human form. In addition, children as well as adults dress up in costumes and masks, which can portray well-known personalities, funny or scary creatures. Many also decorate their dwellings and turn them into haunted houses.

If you like Halloween customs, but don't want to turn the house upside down, we have a solution for you. The company Airbnb, which mediates the rental of accommodation for its customers almost all over the world, offers a wide range of accommodation. Even for those who like older buildings whose walls radiated fear. And that's what we're going to focus on this time.


Source: Unsplash/Dillon Kydd


Medieval tower in Tuscany


Accommodation in the tower, which is the oldest building in the center of the medieval town of Seggiano, offers its guests an exceptional experience. It is located in the heart of Tuscany, which is world famous for its quality wines and traditional Italian cuisine. You can enjoy quality meat, olive oil or delicious wine while there.


Source: Airbnb


The tower apartment dates back to 1200 AD and was recently renovated. They preserved traditional elements, so the accommodation still has a medieval feel. It is furnished with ancient furniture, has high ceilings decorated with wooden beams. Here you can warm yourself by the fireplace or enjoy dinner in the large dining room with a crystal chandelier and a view of the Tuscan hills. The accommodation is also dominated by spectacular windows, from which, by the way, there is a wonderful view of the hills of the Val D'Orcia valley. The two-story house offers accommodation for six people.

However, if you decide to travel here without company, keep your eyes on the traffic lights. There is no wifi in the high tower and the apartment can be scary in the dark. And don't forget, just to be safe, close the windows. At night, one of the visitors had an unexpected visit in the form of a white owl. A lovely creature indeed, but not at night. In the medieval tower. When you're alone.


200-year-old church in Ireland


Have you ever thought about spending the night in a church? Probably not the most common idea, but definitely doable. A church called Bookeen Hall, which has been standing for two hundred years, is located near the city of Galway, Ireland. It was once part of the Dunsandle estate and was used for church services.


Source: Airbnb


The rectangular stone building with its spectacular windows and bell tower can be seen from afar and is an important landmark for the locals. In 1920, the church was consecrated and recently the owners converted it into a residential house for a total of five people. The interior is modernly furnished, and if you forget the giant church windows, it can feel quite cozy there. However, the exterior of the church, the stone wall with the church tower and the surrounding forest will convince you otherwise. So reading a book in the church tower will be a better choice. If you are not haunted in the tower.



Rensow Castle in Germany


If you want to go to a place with no one around far and wide, where it is as silent as the grave and in the evening the sight of the pitch-black sky gives you chills, this accommodation is for you. It is located in the northern part of Germany, approximately two hours by car from Berlin. There are attractions and shops nearby, but you will need a car to visit them. There is nothing near the accommodation except the forest.


Source: Airbnb


The rooms in this establishment are full of ancient accessories from the 17th century and you can light them only with candles. The foundations of this ancient house are believed to date back to around 1,200 years ago, when Slavic gods were worshiped in the area. It is rumored among local residents that it is the souls of these deceased people who haunt the accommodation. Whether they are telling the truth or it is just a myth, you probably have to check for yourself.


The accommodation provides overnight accommodation for two people. Among other things, you will find there a library full of books, a fireplace, ancient furniture, and visitors talk about the eerily peaceful atmosphere that pervades the entire accommodation.


Haunted Bedroom in Talliston

Prepare for something you can't imagine in your wildest dreams, or expect the unexpected. Let your senses work at full capacity. That's also what the reviews of the haunted room on Airbnb sound like.


Source: Airbnb


There are more rooms in Talliston. Each is furnished in a different style, so the visitor has the feeling of traveling through time and space. The main one is the scary one. It is furnished in Scottish Art Nouveau style and represents a boy's children's room, where you will find books and toys. The room is quiet and dark, the light source is a few candles and the window is covered with heavy curtains.

The owners of this unique house say that it is the concept of the extraordinary in something ordinary. The foundation of the experience is the realization that each of us has the power within us to be whatever we want and live the life we can only imagine. Despite the fact that some are convinced that the house is haunted, for others this accommodation is a magical experience.


Craigston Castle in Scotland


While you fulfill your dreams of royal life in the castle, don't forget that all old buildings have their secrets. Sometimes even dark and sinister. Craigston Castle also has a bit of a haunted past. One of the rooms, which they call red, once served as a children's room. However, they allegedly practiced exorcism in it. Today, however, no one knows whether it is true.


Source: Airbnb


The castle was built in 1604 and currently still serves its owners as a family home. It is rented to guests for 12 weeks a year, approximately from May to October. The rooms feature original antique furniture, including four-poster beds. In the living room you can warm up by the fireplace and you can choose which of the two dining rooms you will have lunch in. During your free time, you can shoot clay pigeons or read books in the library.

Accommodation is suitable for up to 10 people. And definitely with this accommodation, the more you are, the better. A haunted past, remote location and surrounding forest don't sound like the best idea for one. Except they would sound.


Bonus at the end: House from the horror movie Scream


"As the local sheriff, I am obligated to be your host and keep everything under control during your stay in the Scream horror house," begins the property's description on Airbnb.


The house from the horror film Scream is already sold out for this year, but it is definitely one of the most haunted in the world. It is located just over 100 kilometers from San Francisco, North Carolina, USA. Go back in time to 1996, to the town of Woodsboro, where the horror movie takes place. In the haunted house you can be alone or together with three other friends. If you think it's safe, of course. Ghostface can come back at any time, so you have to be careful.

In the house from Vreskot, all the scary movie elements are waiting for you, including the legendary telephone. But be careful, someone can call him. You will also find all four parts of Scream on tapes, so you can have a movie marathon in the living room with your friends. If you live.

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