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Timea Krauszová
August 15, 2021, 8:44pm
Reading time: 7:57

One of the Most Popular Categories in the World is Incest. What Brings People to Watch "Stepmom" Videos?

What attracts people to the most taboo form of sex, and what does it mean if you ever click on a stepmom video?

Timea Krauszová
August 15, 2021, 8:44pm
Reading time: 7:57
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One of the Most Popular Categories in the World is Incest. What Brings People to Watch "Stepmom" Videos?
Zdroj: Unsplash/Charles Deluvio
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Blood Is Thicker Than Cum. That's not a new proverb, but the name of a groundbreaking porn film. Actress Bree Mills even won a "porn Oscar" for it in 2015. She won in a category that hadn't even existed before: Best Taboo Relations.


"You can ask any young female performer what bookings she has this month, and she’ll tell you she’s playing 17 step-daughters," Whitney Wright, who's an actress and a director, told Esquire. She made several films for Pure Taboo studio, which also opened up the taboo topic of sex between family members.



Incest, or "fauxcest" (artificially enacted among half-relatives, usually siblings or one adult child and one parent), has climbed to the top of the popularity charts in the last five years or so. At PornHub, it appears in the top ten in various forms (usually the keywords include incest, stepmom, stepdaughter or stepsister). It also reigns on the lists of videos on the xHamster portal.


What attracts people to the most taboo form of sex? What does it mean if you ever click on "stepmom porn"? Should we be afraid of the increased occurence of actual incest, or is it just people being tired of watching ordinary porn? We've looked into what's going on.


In this article you'll read:
  • Since when has feature incest porn become popular.
  • What attracts people to such porn, according to experts.
  • Whether it says anything about our lives or our state of mind.
  • How it can affect our private lives.

"Forbidden fruit" as a constant topic in porn trends

Fauxcest is nothing new. In 2009, Czech studio Bel Ami reached for a controversial topic, moreover, in this case it was sex between male twins. Peters brothers are one of the few actual brothers who do gay porn.

Stepmom has climbed to 4th place in the search on PornHub ("mom" was on the fifth). It remained in the top ten until 2019 (PornHub has not yet published the results for 2020). This naturally raises the question of why people are seeking it out.



"It's a taboo topic, forbidden fruit that attracts people," says Veronika Ragan, psychologist and relationship therapist. The Internet is oversaturated with porn. The scripts have been becoming darker, harder, and more outrageous over the long run.


At first it was lesbian porn, displayed according to male fantasies as opposed to real intercourse between two lesbians. Later twosomes, threesomes or group sex started popping up. In recent years, BDSM and various fetishes are coming to the forefront.


After a while, the same level of erotica won't suffice for you, if you watch regularly. This may be the trigger to get you to click on "family" porn for the first time.

Fauxcest has certain rules, largely due to the illegality of incest. "Every scene I do is always a 'step,' it’s never my real father," porn actress Riley Reid explained to Esquire. "And usually they're fairly new [relations]—like, 'my mom's new husband,' so it's not somebody who has raised me."

The actress further describes that in every fauxcest video, it has to be made very clear that the participants are adults (for example, a stepbrother returning home after graduation or completing college, meeting a "new sister"). There is always a very convincing rejection in the sense of "we shouldn't, it's not right, we are half-siblings / you are my stepmother".

Boredom and shifted sensitivity to arousal

Although it is clear to viewers that the actors aren't really related (Peters are a rare exception in this), videos with such content have a huge number of views. The problem with hardcore or taboo scenes in pornography, especially in the case of the "forbidden fruit" in the case of incest, causes the pushing our boundaries.



As types of pornography that were less common in the past become more available (such as violence, or various fetishes), the more easily bored the viewer getss, thinks Paul Wright, a professor of media communication at the University of Indiana. "Consumers need the extremity and deviance upped a notch to once again become aroused and excited." Only few sexual activities are more deviant or extreme than incest.

Clinical psychologist Lonnie Barbach also agrees with this opinion. According to her, pornography has been pushing the boundaries since the beginning of times. "Sex has alway been about the forbidden, and here it’s just about as forbidden as you can get."


The eternal question of experts is whether we and our demand have influenced the existence of incest scenes or whether those scenes are influencing us. It's like the classic chicken or egg situation. What came first, no one knows.


Regardless of your origin, this may be reflected on your private life. Several experts warn that porn - which is in itself unrealistic, fake and often accompanied by human rights violations - could affect your real life view of sexuality.


"Unhealthy patterns in our actual life can lead to ordinary sex ceasing to entertain," says psychologist Veronika Ragan. She adds that one of the side-effects of self-knowledge is awareness of the motives of sexual activity: whether it is to satisfy the need for closeness and intimacy through sex or physical satisfaction and relaxation.

Excessive porn watching shifts the dopamine limit. Over time you will need more stimulation to achieve the same level of excitement or satisfaction. Ragan explained to Refresher that some people, although watching pornography, do not become addicted, or they have no further direct problems with it. Sometimes people are simply looking for relaxation and in the given situation it is the best option.

Do you reflect what porn you watch?

"Let's try to think about why we sit alone in bed at 4 in the morning and masturbate over a video," says psychologist and relationship counselor Veronika Ragan. Rather than directly emphasizing concerns about incestuous porn, she encourages caution and self-awareness in any pornography. According to her, we should always ask ourselves why we want to turn it on in the first place.

She reminds us that sex is a participatory activity, but we are usually alone in porn - even if we consume it while we are in a relationship. "It may reflect something that doesn't work in our relationships," Ragan says. She also experiences in her practice that people often use porn as a simple form of escape from something they can't solve, or don't want to.

She doesn't think everyone's got it that way. Although she doesn't watch porn herself, she likes good erotic literature or beautiful nudes. She says there are people who can consume porn and be healthy or "okay." But among her clients, people usually have some other problem (such as addiction or a broken relationship), from which they escape into the world of porn.


"It's important to ask why I'm looking at two actors who were very likely to have been physically or mentally abused in the past." the past too. According to the psychologist, there are extensive studies about the environment porn actors come from. We have also written about the human rights aspect in the past, especially when it comes to unpaid porn.


Long-term loneliness, looking at something you would never do in real life, or at people who have sex but you're not participating in it… These things may indicate that something is wrong. The psychologist therefore emphasizes the need to know your "why".

Daughter category is in sixth place, sister in tenth

"The industry does these movies because that's what sells. And, very simply, they sell for their taboo factor," said Dan O’Connell, producer and founder of Girlfriends Films, for Vice. The studio produces one of the most famous incest series, the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club. O'Connell denies that he should be responsible for shaping young people's minds and pushing their boundaries.

According to a 2013 study of 10,000 actors and actresses, family roles are among the top 20 female characters. Daughter category is in sixth place, sister in tenth.


Over the course of one year, the interest in incest porn rose about 178 percent in the USA (where at the same time the rate of newly established family units is growing, with one of the parents remarrying after the divorce). According to Gamelink data, it was mostly in the state of Utah (almost 800 percent).


The problem is if we consume porn without context. Without sex education that would talk about security (even on an emotional level), intimacy and relationships that wouldn't only focus on biology and the law. We all know that one shouldn't have sex with own parents and siblings.


Nevertheless, many people look at the actors who perform exactly such intercourse. "A young person who is not educated about media may certainly get off mark ideas about actual stepmoms from the fauxcest version of stepmoms in adult content," warns sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals.

In her book and lectures, she appeals primarily to parents to talk openly with their children about porn. So that it is honest, true and appropriate. This includes - given their popularity - attractive stepmothers.

Can it get out of hand?

"Through sexualizing a female character who is overtly or covertly linked to a feeling of powerlessness in childhood, we can gain a sense of mastery of the situation and turn something unpleasant into something pleasant, " Mark Vahrmeyer, a psychotherapist, told Fatherly. According to him, fantasizing about sex with, for example, a stepmother or a mother can be based on a childhood trauma, which concerns this relationship.


Well, it doesn't have to. Scientists still don't seem to agree on this, and a detailed psychoanalysis of a particular person and their relationship to themselves, others, or porn would be necessary.


For example, some of the porn actresses the Daily Beast talked to stopped filming fauxcest. "One fan told me that he and his wife led their son in such a way that he joined them in bed as an adult. That really got me. I felt like I was helping the child experience sexual abuse," said the porn actress.

Rather than fears that it will turn into real incest (psychologists have not been able to comment on this and it's not clear whether this case was unique), there's worries about what the viewer will take from the video as a "lesson".


It changes expectations from family relations, but also ideas about sex. It may then seem normal to some people that they need to be insisting about sex, enforce it by persuasion or blackmailing, or even use their body or authority over another person to do so.


According to this study, people who regularly watch taboo porn (such as sex with an animal or sex violence) are more likely to think that such behavior is normal. The more often we are exposed to it, the more normal it may seem to us. And that can lead to a higher probability of trying it out in some form.



It is mainly about how often we consume pornography and whether it interferes with our normal functioning. We don't necessarily notice that right away. So it's not possible to say with certainty that watching porn is always bad or always good. A general verdict could cause reassurance to someone, despite having a serious problem, or scare someone, even if it's just an unusual but safe manifestation of sexuality.


Rather than making resolutions, it may be better to follow Veronika Ragan's recommendation: ask why you want to watch that particular video. Maybe you'll learn something about yourself that you haven't even noticed before.


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