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Martin Adam Pavlík
September 27, 2022, 5:00pm
Reading time: 4:50

They Will Mess With Your Head, Frighten You, Outrage And Astonish You. These Are The Most Bizarre Music Videos

You will play them around with your mouth open in disbelief.

Martin Adam Pavlík
September 27, 2022, 5:00pm
Reading time: 4:50
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They confuse your head, bring up a million questions, excite, terrify, surprise or outrage you. Without music they are useless and artists depend on them. Maybe you too got to discover several interesting performers thanks to the video clips.

Many songs only make sense with the clip, or the listener/viewer is better able to understand them and decipher their hidden message. The video clips that we present to you today are controversial, erotic, morbid, perverted, strange, but at the same time fascinating, funny or subtly engaged.


1. Igorrr – Very Noise

Igorrr (real name Gautier Serre), a French instrumentalist, has stopped enjoying playing with people who don't understand him. As he revealed in an interview from 2011, he was tired of whether his teammates would approve of what he composed, so he preferred to create his own project. And he did well, since he can play the piano, guitar and drums perfectly and can also sing.


In the clip for the song Very Noise, you will be captivated by the dynamic montage and animation in the rhythm of the drums, but also by the imagination of the screenwriters David Nicolas and Kevin Van Der Meiren. Their vision was brought to its final form by the director Meat Dept, who also produced the Netflix series Love, Death & Robots.

 2. Little Big – Hateful Love

If you know this foursome from St. Petersburg, Russia, you certainly know that bizarre video clips are an integral part of them. They are provocative, harsh, but often carry a strong message thanks to well-thought-out symbolism and metaphors. The clip for Hateful Love is no exception.


In it, you will find a time bomb made of roses, a bullet as an engagement ring, smoked meat on wheels in the shape of a skateboard, a balloon in the shape of a machine gun, dolls burning on a grill or many other wild ideas. The band's singer Ilya Prusikin himself took care of the direction together with Alina Pasokova.


 3. Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

They look and act like they flew in from another planet, and their songs sound like they were composed in another universe. The extravagant duo of Watkin Tudor Jones alias Ninja (also the director of their video clips) and Yolandi Visser from South Africa will certainly not appeal to everyone, but their originality cannot be denied.


Their work is among the strangest things you can come across on the internet. If you catch their wave, be sure to continue with clips for the songs Rich Bitch, Ugly Boy, Baby's In Fire or Cookie Thumper! and Fatty Boom Boom. 

 4. Salvatore Ganacci – Horse

Bosnian-Swedish DJ and music producer Salvatore Ganacci definitely does not like animal cruelty. In the clip Horse, he portrays their merciless avenger and saviour at the same time. He has no problem punching a nice old lady in the face at first sight or breaking the spine of an aggressor. In addition to everything, he still shows dance creations that are not seen every day.

 5. Rammstein – Deutschland

Choosing the most bizarre video clip from these already legendary German metallers is a superhuman task, so we chose it randomly. Each of their clips is an unforgettable experience. Mann Gegen Mann, Pussy, Mein Herz Brennt or Keine Lust are definitely worth mentioning. Not to mention the solo work of frontman Till Lindemann.

 6. MGMT – Kids 

If you first listened to this song without the clip, you probably thought the same thing as us: "What a nice, cheerful song." And yet the clip looks as if the devil himself produced it. But it was only Ray Tintori who made a terrified little boy constantly cry in front of the camera, seeing terrifying mutilated monsters around every corner.

 7. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

A cult song from 1997 with an even more cult video clip, which was absolutely groundbreaking at the time. The innovative visuals in the POV style, i.e. from the first person point of view, caused quite a stir and MTV even banned it. The use of drugs, casual sex, gross violence and vandalism in the clip upset not only staunch conservatives.

 8. Katy Perry – Bon Appétit (Official) ft. Migos

Would you have Katy Perry for dinner? In the Bon Appétit clip, she offers herself to you and also wishes you a good appetite. The pop star played the main role in the clip directed by Denta de Cuira - a delicacy that is supposed to satiate the "high society". It would be hard to find a more original music video among the songs of the popular 37-year-old singer from Santa Barbara.

 9. Tool – Prison Sex

Surreal delicacy from 1993 created with famous stop-motion animation. Everyone finds something different in it and understands the plot differently. Although the title of the song suggests a lot, it can also be misleading. Who and where is the split robot doll actually fighting? With an insidious monster or with yourself and the demons in your head? Probably only the director Fred Stuhr knows that. In the same year, he recorded another visual gem for the song Sober for the kings of progressive rock.

 10. Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet

Sweet Dreams, The Nobodies, The Beautiful People, We Know Where You Fucking Live... we could go on until morning. It's the same with Manson as it is with Rammstein, it's simply impossible to choose the weirdest clip. They all seem as if they were filmed in hell based on the script of Satan himself. The tourniquet will give you chills like you've never experienced before.

 11. Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage

Glowing breasts, glowing crotch and high sexual tension. A video clip that is difficult to write anything about, you just have to watch it. And there are only two scenarios for how you will react to it. Either you'll shake your head incomprehensibly and ask yourself, who could even think of this, or you'll laugh uproariously and play it again.


12. Puscifer – The Arsonist

Donald Trump as a giant lizard with a tail versus MMA fighters Ronda Rousey, Cat Zingano, Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg and Meynard singer James Keenan. And who else could comment on this bizarre match than the well-known UFC commentator Joe Rogan? 

13. DJ Snake, Lil Jon – Turn Down for What

Can you smash a baseball bat with your penis? Director duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert will show you that it is. Unstoppable dance orgies in one apartment building, which get more perverted the longer they last. Two years later, the mentioned pair filmed a full-length debut called Swiss Army Man, full of similarly black and absurd humour. Daniel Radcliffe played the most bizarre role of his career - a mute half-dead man who can only burp and fart.


14. Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

If you have nightmares at night, you better not even play this. Dark electronica, roaring "I want your soul, I'll eat your soul, come to daddy" and little kids doing mischief with the face of Richard David James (that's Aphex Twin) will keep you confused long after listening. Director Chris Cunningham, who also made music videos for Madonna and Björk, has created such a disturbing atmosphere in Come To Daddy that you'll want it to end as soon as possible.


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Thumbnail: Youtube/@Katy Perry
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