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Zuzana Gaľová
September 25, 2022, 1:00pm
Reading time: 2:16

Dear Quiet Quitter, It Annoys Me That You Don't Hustle, You Often Say NO And Everyone At Work Likes You! Your Burnt Out Milleniall

In 2022, the phenomenon of young people who do not hustle at work "just because", was labelled quiet quitting. What can it look like in the workplace?

Zuzana Gaľová
September 25, 2022, 1:00pm
Reading time: 2:16
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Dear Quiet Quitter, It Annoys Me That You Don't Hustle, You Often Say NO And Everyone At Work Likes You! Your Burnt Out Milleniall
Zdroj: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio
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Do you know what quiet quitting is about? It's not that you really want to quit, so you're doing less and less. It's a philosophy that health, personal life and fulfillment are more important than proving to colleagues that you can shoulder the most and that you are the biggest, baddest hustler around. And so it happens that you turn down a job opportunity or turn off your phone on the weekend.


As a true workaholic millennial, I had both my first burnout and promotion before I was thirty. In therapy, I regularly repeat that work does not stress me, I just have a lot to do now. I do feel a permanent tremor, but that could also be because it's time for another coffee. A colleague is sitting next to me, who, according to the diagnosis on TikTok, is a quiet quitter. I would be very happy if he knew that it annoys me the most when:

1. He leaves for home just as the clock strikes five o'clock. He has a smile on his face and a racket sticking out of his backpack. He greets everyone loudly and feels no shame at all when he actually leaves first.


2. Since he is engaged in tennis and other godly activities after work, he no longer replies to any messages on Slack. Sometimes he even has the audacity to read the message, but he doesn't reply until the morning. He pretends to have his own life as well. Absolute hypocrite.


3. He goes to lunch with the other quiet quiters outside of work and stays there as long as the lunch break allows. Actually, when I think about it, I've never once seen him eat with a focused expression at the computer.

4. During work, he gets up several times with the excuse that he needs to walk around a bit. He does this despite the fact that he goes to the toilet and to the kitchen to get coffee several times during working hours.


5. During work, he doesn't hesitate to take a quiz on whether he is a chocolate cake, stocking stuffer or cheesecake. And even when it's not Friday.


6. He takes time off when he's not feeling well. And not only when he has covid, smallpox or shingles. He considers it normal to stay at home even with digestive problems or a mild autumn flu.


7. He says "no" quite often, too much for my taste. What's worse, sometimes he smiles. At the meeting, he calmly admits that he is running out of time and will complete the task later. Without tears in his eyes and furrowed brows.

8. He also brings his dog to work and sometimes plays with it. He even takes him outside. The others tolerate him because he's freaking adorable, and they don't care about it, because he's a distraction from work and nervous breakdowns.


9. When I have a nervous breakdown at the computer (because I can't keep up), he tries to calm me down and convince me to rest a little. I'm supposed to take time off. But how, when no one is competent enough to take over my agenda?

10. He looks like he's actually happy at work.


11. The management is eating it up.


12. Colleagues genuinely like him.


13. It doesn't bother him at all that he is a quiet quitter.




Your Burnt Out Milleniall

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Thumbnail: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio
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