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Zuzana Gaľová
September 20, 2022, 5:00pm
Reading time: 6:35

We Tried The "Audio Onlyfans". For A Few Euros, You Can Listen To An Erotic Story Or An Exciting Voice Message

Audio is the future, says the co-founder of the audio porn portal. What will you find there and how much does it cost?

Zuzana Gaľová
September 20, 2022, 5:00pm
Reading time: 6:35
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We Tried The "Audio Onlyfans". For A Few Euros, You Can Listen To An Erotic Story Or An Exciting Voice Message
Zdroj: Instagram/Danika Maia, screenshot Voiyalvoices.com
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You log on to a porn website, find your favourite actress or actor and start... a voice message. Or a retold story of how they had sex with someone. Or an audio recording of the sex itself. Does it sound bizarre? Welcome to the 21st century.

Audio is the future, says Florian Pontalti, co-founder of Berlin-based startup Voiyal. He also calls his platform "Audio OnlyFans", since it works on a similar principle, but only with audio recordings. We tried the service and then connected not only with Pontalti, but also with one of the creators on the platform, who goes by the name Danika Maia.


You have to imagine everything, you only hear moans 

Unlike classic video porn, where you watch the sex of strangers, audio porn allows you to create your own experience in your head (and in your body). With the same audio recording, you can experience hot sex in your mind with an unknown person in a bar or enjoy it with the person you love in your favorite place.

"Creators are excited about it," Florian Pontalti, CEO and co-founder of Voiyal, told us. He has spoken about his startup at various conferences for people in the sextech or erotic industry, and he says that people in the business simply "get it". "A lot of them are already selling audio, they understand the potential is there and they want to go for it," he says.

Outside of Onlyfans, for example, it was possible to buy customized audio recordings from porn actors via Telegram or Whatsapp. However, these services are not flawless and technically not as suitable for pure listening pleasure as a standalone web application.


Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Voiyal (@voiyalvoices)



Pontalti says that he doesn't want to hide behind different labels, such as wellness or sexual health. They make audio porn and are not ashamed of it. Voiyal is a modern version of former erotic lines, which, according to him, were once a billion-dollar business. “Audio is still growing. Today, we spend 30 percent of our time on mobile listening to something. Trends in technology and media, as driving forces in innovation, will always be reflected in porn.” He believes that this decade will be the decade of audio.



Such platforms have been growing in recent years. Voiyal currently offers audio in German and English, operating on a similar principle to Onlyfans. Creators log in there and add their recordings, which users buy with tokens. These are aptly called drops, with the value of one drop being one dollar. They have a free script library available, but of course they can also upload their own ideas.


Source: www.voiyalvoices.com


You pay one drop per minute of audio, the first minute is usually free (most often these are "trailers" for longer recordings or introductory voice messages from the creators). You'll find men and women of various ages here, but there isn't much content yet. It is gradually increasing, since it is a startup, they are still working on acquiring resources. This is also the reason why Pontalti did not want to reveal to us how many people Voiyal uses and how they are doing financially.

When it comes to listeners, audiences vary from one content creator to another. Some naturally attract younger people, others older people. Some have a larger female audience and others are listened to more by men. They don't want to strictly divide it into categories, according to Pontalti, it doesn't matter what gender identity or sexual orientation people have, they'll figure it out and find their favorites.


Ideal for amateur lovers

The content itself can be divided into several categories. The first is erotic voicemails, that's something a girl or boy would send you when they're excited. You hear sighs, smacking, the sound of a vibrator or simply longing whispers about how the actress or actor misses you and what they would do to you.


Source: www.voiyalvoices.com


The second category consists of erotic, let's call it, short stories. Stories on Voiyal are often not very "poetic". It is not a high-quality presentation of well-written literature. For example, we heard how actress Ana Lingus enjoyed group sex with several girls by the pool. The story is called 3 Teens and a pool noodle in English.

She laughs, sighs or whispers something while talking. He has a slight accent that makes the whole record more exotic. It's a mix of emotions, but it's still more reminiscent of a story your friend recorded about some wild night on vacation. If you are not in the mood, it may not have an effect on you. Rather, you feel awkward while listening. However, if you're in the mood, you'll appreciate the descriptive character - after all, it's more pleasant to let your mood set slowly than to immediately "turn up" the sighing.

You can hear that she has the words prepared, but her delivery is believable. When listening, we feel that she really recorded it for us. However, the dictionary is not very selective, she also uses vulgarisms to describe the genitals, and the feeling of a slow start quickly fades when she chooses less flattering names to describe individual sexual activities.

Creators can work completely anonymously on Voiyal: without a name, without a photo or without links to social networks. However, many are there openly even with a photo. These are often people who also create video porn, or have a career in the erotic industry. You can see their Instagram, photos and sometimes other recordings.


Erotic voice notes from "girlfriend" or "boyfriend"

Unlike the short stories that dominate, for example, the Dipsea platform, Voiyal promises a "girlfriend experience", i.e. the feeling that the porn recordings are intended directly for you. Adding to this is the fact that many "voices" are good night wishes or short greetings.


You can also write to the creators, for each sent message, one drop will be deducted from your account. You can therefore maintain such a virtual "relationship" for a long time. This is more like Onlyfans.

Originally from California, Danika Maia lives in Denmark and specializes in adult art and writing. She is one of Voiyala's ambassadors who has agreed to answer a few questions for us. Of course, in the form of a voice message.

"I definitely enjoy creating audio erotica. I think that sound and voice have a great effect not only on the mind, but on the whole body. As a writer, I like to create an image through words, it's a great way to connect with people,” she told Refresher. She publishes recordings in English in various genres on Voiyal. In some, she will scold you from the position of a dominatrix, in others she enjoys her erotic toys or a little time to herself in the shower.

One of her fans likes roleplay just like her. It is from him that she receives the most memorable requests for audio recordings, she told us. "He imagined a whole world, a galaxy in which the hero goes to another vortex." In this vortex, Danika captured him and played the role of a dominant woman who can do whatever she wants with him. "I like to play a role that I don't really have in private, so I enjoyed it."


Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Voiyal (@voiyalvoices)


Although there are also professional porn actors among the creators, not all of them have experience with, for example, reading audiobooks or dubbing, and this can be felt in the resulting work. From the sound quality to the delivery to the content itself, they differ not only in length, but also in quality. For amateur lovers and those who want to establish contact with creators, we recommend Voiyal. However, for those who prefer to daydream and prefer sound stimulation instead of visual stimulation, we prefer to subscribe to something like Dipsea.

Probably the most classic category (since it most resembles regular porn) are recordings where you can hear someone having sex or masturbating. This way, we heard, for example, oral sex, which creator Christian Hunter gave to an unknown person.

It is these recordings that push the boundaries of imagination. If audio is simply not your style, you may find them bizarre or even funny. If you can't imagine experiencing the thrill of listening to or reading a sexy scene and you also need a picture, then Voiyal and similar services may not be for you at all.


How many minutes of porn can you afford?

There are currently no ads on Voiyal. Pontalti doesn't even like the idea, since people are already paying for the platform anyway. He can imagine that they would use advertising in the form of placed sponsored products, for example, if an actress uses a clitoral stimulator in the audio, the listener will see an advertisement for that particular product and at the same time know what it sounds like "in action".


However, with the current pricing, it is questionable how often fans can listen to porn. A dollar per minute can be a lot, but it can also lead to more thoughtful consumption. Interestingly, with current trends in sex tech, according to Pontalti, it is possible that erotic aids will soon be able to connect to a specific audio recording.

For now, some manufacturers offer it for videos, so in the future there is a possibility that your stimulator or masturbator will adapt to the tempo of the porn you consume. You can reach the peak together with the actors and actresses.


However, technological innovations in the field of sexual aids and services do not end there. Pontalti says that artificial intelligence will probably be used more in the future. It can enter the entire sexual life in different forms. From erotic aids to the use of simulated voices for communication. There are endless possibilities, but the lead of the startup is convinced of one thing. If the previous ten years were the era of video, now comes the supremacy of audio.



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Thumbnail: Instagram/Danika Maia, screenshot Voiyalvoices.com
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