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Adam Novosad
September 13, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:49

Britney Spears In The Most Honest Confession Yet: I Would Spit In My Family's Face For Everything They Did To Me

In the 22-minute recording, the singer talks about her life under the control of her own father.

Adam Novosad
September 13, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 3:49
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Singer Britney Spears released an audio recording in which she opened up to her fans like never before. Last year, Spears won a lawsuit against her father, who had almost complete control over her life for 13 years through a court-ordered guardianship.

"I was scared, I was broken, and I'm sharing these things because I want people to know that I'm only human," the singer says in the 22-minute recording. She reveals to fans that she decided to tell the story of her past on her own without having to go in front of the cameras in a TV studio.

In her own words, Spears received several offers for interviews in recent months, for which American television stations wanted to pay her handsomely. "They called me for an interview, they called me to Oprah," says the singer, adding that she doesn't need any money for her story. She just wants to tell her version of events, which she says made her feel like she was "abandoned by her own family."

"After these experiences, I feel like a victim, and how can I fix all of this if I don't talk about it?" Spears muses in the recording.



Because of the guardianship, her father told her what to do

Spears has repeatedly struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past, but at the time her father arranged to become her guardian, she had not been drinking or using any drugs. She took medication to help her function, which she says allowed her father to control her and make her his personal project.

According to Spears, her father, James, had a police squad and dozens of reporters and photographers called to the house to portray her as a drug-addicted woman who needed to be hospitalised. She says, that when her father managed to turn the singer into a mentally unstable person in the eyes of the public, he began to control all aspects of her life and "tell her what to do."

The singer spent four and a half years in Las Vegas, where she had her own show and sang for guests every day. "Every day they told me I was fat," she recalls in the recording, saying that she was deliberately trampled on in Las Vegas, but she was afraid to fight back because she didn't know what her father was capable of.


She couldn't even enjoy the night life in Vegas because while her dancers went drinking after the concert, she had to sit at home. Only in 2016, according to her own words, did she get more courage to talk about what was happening in private. She began recording the album Glory and attracted the attention of fans to her story.


Source: Instagram/Britney Spears


My heart froze when they locked me in the medical center

These initial displays of courage and ambition apparently angered her father, who had his daughter locked up in a medical center where she was supposed to be treated. "The next day I was told that I had to be transferred to this center and I should write on Instagram that it was because of my father's health," she explains in the recording. Her father allegedly had her locked up to demoralize her again.

"You have to listen to the doctors, the doctors tell you what to do. I can't help you," said her father on the phone when Britney called him from her bed. At that time, according to her, he threatened her with a lawsuit if she decided to leave the center and disobey what he ordered. "My heart froze," the singer recalls of that time.

While she was forcibly confined to the medical center, her family was vacationing together in Florida. When she found out about it, she was said she was heartbroken. However, in 2019, the Free Britney campaign gained momentum, through which the singer's fans tried to influence public opinion and force the courts to cancel the guardianship. That's also why, according to her, the owner of the center where Britney ended up relented and allowed her to leave.


Source: Getty Images/Kevin Winter


My family abandoned me as if I had died

In the recording, the singer repeatedly wonders where her family was all those years when her father controlled her as if she was delirious. "I felt like I was abandoned," she says of her mother and sister, with whom she once had a close relationship, but who, she says, did not help her in the one and a half years she spent at the center. According to Britney, her mother would be able to secure a lawyer for the singer "in seconds".

She finally got a lawyer thanks to a close friend. "I cared so much about them, but they literally killed me. They dumped me. That's what I felt," she recalls in the recording. Britney accuses her father of wiretapping her residence and room in the center, so he confiscated her cell phone every time she wanted to arrange legal representation.

"I haven't had contact with them for so long that my heart wants me to stand in front of their faces and scream and cry and get angry. I would go back in time and do what I wanted. I might even spit in their faces. Why? For the pain my family caused me. [...] How could they get away with it?" concludes the singer's confession.

In the meantime, her mother Lynne responded to these words with in a post on Instagram, where she begs Britney to come talk to her. "I love you very much, but this conversation is only for us, between four eyes and in private," she told her in through the status.

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Thumbnail: Instagram/Britney Spears
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