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Jakub Paulík
August 20, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 8:44

She Punched A Dancer In The Face And Sniffed Cocaine Every Day. 10 Interesting Facts About Demi Lovato.

She came close to losing her life in 2018. Allegedly, her dealer raped her when she overdosed.

Jakub Paulík
August 20, 2022, 9:30am
Reading time: 8:44
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She Punched A Dancer In The Face And Sniffed Cocaine Every Day. 10 Interesting Facts About Demi Lovato.
Zdroj: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
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The days of Demi Lovato mixing cocaine with Xanax are supposedly long gone. She nearly lost her life after an overdose in 2018 and was allegedly raped by a drug dealer at the time. Meanwhile, she experienced sexual abuse as a teenager.


The singer is not afraid to speak openly about not only her bad experiences with drugs, childhood traumas, but also her sexual orientation. She is attracted to both men and women and sees herself as a non-binary person.



Her classmates were signing a petition for her to kill herself

Demi Lovato developed social anxiety at the age of 12 as a result of a bad experience in a peer group. According to the documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, a petition was circulated in her elementary school classroom urging the singer to slit her wrists.


At the same time, she also began to develop an eating disorder. Peers left letters for Demi Lovato calling her a "fat b*tch". In a podcast with Joe Rogan, the singer said that as part of her later therapy, she tried to get in touch with the girl from school whose bullying had left the biggest marks on her. However, instead of apologizing to Demi, the woman harassed her with questions about her fame.

Demi Lovato has been having suicidal thoughts since she was seven years old. She regularly cut herself, and her mother feared that one day she would find her dead in her room. "She didn't know if I was going to be alive or not because every time I cut myself, I went deeper and deeper." On the show with Dr Phil McGraw, she said she was "fascinated by death" as a child.




She punched a dancer and constantly sniffed cocaine

Childhood difficulties with alcohol and drugs began to take their toll on her in adulthood. In 2010, 18-year-old Demi Lovato was a Disney Channel star and the idol of many young girls. Childhood fans were therefore very surprised when she assaulted one of her dancers and ended up in therapy.


In the documentary Simply Complicated, Demi Lovato mentioned that she had broken up with Joe Jonas at the time of the attack on the dancer, but the reason behind her aggressive behavior may be looking for something completely different. During one night of celebration at a hotel where people were consuming both alcohol and marijuana, the party got a little out of hand.


Dancer Alex Welch revealed to hotel management that the singer had Adderall in her system, causing her to snap. An angry Demi Lovato figured out who had "painted" her, and subsequently punched the dancer in the face with her fist.


The incident ended in an out-of-court settlement and the singer paid her an unspecified amount, reports the Daily Mail. However, the therapy Demi Lovato embarked on didn't help her much. She continued to wallow in alcohol and drugs for several years afterwards. She reportedly used cocaine several times a day and liked to combine it with Xanax. There was also heroin.



Rape instead of sex after marriage

At the beginning of the millennium, many Disney stars like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez talked about waiting until marriage to have their first sex. Demi Lovato, however, has spoken publicly in later years that her first sexual intercourse, which she had at 16 (some sources say 15), was a rape.


"Hey, it doesn't go any further than that, I'm a virgin and I don't want to lose it that way," the young Lovato told an unnamed person who reportedly worked with her at Disney. The latter, however, did not heed her words. Demi Lovato's processing of the trauma took some time, and she initially blamed herself. She told herself that she had gone into the room with the rapist willingly.


Although she confided the incident to certain adults, it supposedly went nowhere. The unnamed sexual assailant suffered no consequences for his actions and went on to star in a Disney movie, Demi Lovato said in the documentary: Dancing with the Devil.


Victims of sexual violence often take a long time to process their trauma. Often they only confide their experiences after a period of time. Because of society's misunderstanding of the subject, they are sometimes blamed for 'should have come forward sooner'. 



She is still battling eating disorders

Demi Lovato's eating disorder began to manifest itself at a young age. Ever since she started working in show business, she has often dealt with stress by overeating. In the documentary Dancing with the Devil, she recalled how she baked cakes for her family but then ate them all herself.


Similarly, she coped with her difficulties after her break-up with Wilmer Valderrama, with whom she was a couple for 6 years, writes Self. Bulimia in Demi Lovato also worsened as a result of the approach of her managers, who strictly controlled her eating regime.


She revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres show that they used to take away her phone so that she couldn't order food, and because of the higher sugar content, they also forbade her to eat fruit. For a long period of time, she didn't even have a slice of cake on her birthday. In later years, when new management made her a cake for her birthday party, she cried tears of joy.


On her Instagram, she told fans that recovering from an eating disorder is not a quick process, nor is it linear. "I'm still struggling with it. Every single day. There are times when I forget about my eating issues and other times I don't think about anything else," she confided.


"People suffering from eating disorders also have a distorted perception of themselves, can be insecure and spend over 5 hours a day thinking that their body is not slim enough. They may also have extremely caring parents and it is losing weight that gives them a sense of control over their own bodies," psychologist Andrea Hrašková told Refresher.




When manic, she could write seven songs in one night

In the life of Demi Lovato there are constantly alternating periods of decline and mania. These changes, at first, the singer could not explain. People told her that she was depressed. However, these were mixed with bouts of completely different feelings.


In 2011, the singer was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was hospitalised at the age of 19. She would sometimes stay up all night and write seven songs instead of resting. Other times, she couldn't function at all. Because the singer realizes the weight that the word celebrity carries, she speaks openly about her mental difficulties.


"It's my passion - to spread the truth about mental health - and I decided to work with Be Vocal (Demi Lovato is the spokesperson for the Be Vocal campaign: Speak Up for Mental Health - ed. note) because when it comes to informing people about mental illness and explaining what you can do to get help, there's something very intoxicating about it," she told Women's Health.



She nearly died during an overdose in 2018

In July 2018, fans of Demi Lovato were hit with the news of her heroin overdose. The twenty-five-year-old singer was found naked and bruised. Paramedics promptly rushed her to the hospital. After about six years of abstinence from drugs, she fell to the bottom again and almost lost her life.


"I had three strokes. I had a heart attack. The doctors said I had five to ten minutes to live," she explained in the documentary Dancing With The Devil. At the hospital, she was told that the drug dealer she was with that night had had sexual intercourse with her.


She didn't remember too much of the sex, but she assumed she consented to it. Later, however, she realized that she was not in her right mind for consensual intercourse at all. So, according to Demi Lovato, the drug dealer sexually abused her and left her for dead.



The pronoun "they" and coming out in front of her parents

Demi Lovato speaks openly not only about her mental health and addiction problems, but also about sexuality. She told SiriusXM host Andy Cohen about how she confided in her parents in 2017, fearfully, that she was also attracted to women.


"It was really emotional and beautiful. I was still shaking and crying for a long time after I told them," she expressed. She was mainly scared of her mother's reaction, but she said she wanted her "to be happy".


In 2021, Demi Lovato came out with the announcement that she was a non-binary person and would like people to address her by the pronoun "they". "Every day we wake up, we get another opportunity and chance to be who we wish and want to be," Demi Lovato wrote on Instagram.


Our editors, like many other media, respected her wish, and that is why we wrote about Demi in the plural (we also spoke with experts from the Institute of Linguistics of the Linguistic Institute of the Czech Republic about how to proceed in this case. Štúr SAS).


In August 2022, however, the singer clarified that she was also starting to use the pronoun "she" again, NBC reports. "When it comes to my gender, sexuality, music and creativity, I'm very fluid. Last year, my energy was in between masculine and feminine. (...) I just felt like a man. Lately, I've been feeling more feminine again, so I'm starting to use the pronouns she/her," she said.



Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Demi Lovato (@ddlovato)


She claims she saw an UFO

Demi Lovato, in collaboration with streaming company Peacock, made the documentary Unidentified in 2021, in which she and her friend Matthew and sister Dallas search for UFOs. Although both were skeptics before the documentary, they changed their minds after filming. The singer, who believes in extraterrestrial civilizations, made her case in an interview with E! News, she recalled an alleged UFO experience.


In the California desert, she reportedly managed to see an unidentifiable flying object, blue in color, flying just a few feet above the ground. "You have a hunch about something, then all of a sudden it turns out that hunch is really true. It changes your whole perception of reality," Demi Lovato expressed.


As a big enthusiast of the topic of extraterrestrials, she stresses that we shouldn't call them "aliens", but "extraterrestrials". The former is offensive, according to the singer, writes Rolling Stone. At the same time, Lovato told people that they don't have to be afraid of aliens. In her opinion, they do not pose a threat to us. "I think if there were beings that could harm us, we would be long gone," she said.



The reason why she showed her naked body to the world

She had always been unhappy with her body, but later learned to love it. In 2015, she decided to shoot a series of erotic shots for Vanity Fair. The photos are unedited and the singer didn't even use any makeup.


"The reason I decided to undergo this photo shoot was because when I think about feeling confident, I think about a lot of things, but mainly about feeling comfortable in my own skin," she told the magazine.


"I've suffered from eating disorders in the past and basically went from hating every single inch of my body to working on myself and trying to figure out ways to love myself," she further stated.


The singer continued the body positivity trend in her later years. On her Instagram, she posted several photos of herself in a swimsuit, which she didn't modify in any way, and she didn't mind the cellulite visible in them. In the past, on the contrary, she edited all of her photos, which she says she has stopped doing.


"Everyone thought I had the perfect body, but that wasn't me. I want to put it all behind me and start a new, authentic chapter of my life. I don't want to meet some made-up standards of others. I'm proud of the body I have," she wrote.



Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Vanity Fair (@vanityfair)


Her grandfather came out in the 60s

Demi Lovato supported the LGBT+ community for years before announcing to the public that she was attracted to women. She filmed the video for her 2013 song Really Don't Care at Rainbow Pride in Los Angeles and was named a marshal in the 2014 LA Pride Parade for her outreach to the community.


That same year, she publicly spoke out about her grandfather, who wasn't afraid to come out of the crowd as gay in the 1960s, according to The Huffington Post. Shortly after he and his wife fathered the singer's mom, they separated because he embraced his homosexual orientation. "My grandfather was a pioneer. He was brave enough to make a coming out in the sixties," the singer said, adding that she senses a big part of his personality in her.


At the 2017 American Music Awards, she performed on the red carpet with Danica Roe, the first transgender female legislator for the state of Virginia, Billboard reports. Both are part of GLAAD, a non-governmental organization dedicated to controlling the perception of gays and lesbians in the media space.



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