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Martin Adam Pavlík
June 4, 2022, 3:25pm
Reading time: 2:11

PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK: New Post Malone And His Unique Guests, Metal Pump-Up From Bleed From Within And More

Find out what new music is coming out in the coming days and worth listening to.

Martin Adam Pavlík
June 4, 2022, 3:25pm
Reading time: 2:11
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PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK: New Post Malone And His Unique Guests,  Metal Pump-Up From Bleed From Within And More
Zdroj: Getty Images/Erika Goldring/WireImage
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1. Post Malone – Twelve Carat Toothache

The 26-year-old Californian returns to the scene after three years to dominate the charts, finally break the curse and turn at least one nomination into the most prestigious Grammy Award. He has been nominated nine times so far, but he has not won yet.


Twelve Carat Toothache was released on June 3 and contains 14 songs, but paradoxically it will be the shortest of rapper's albums so far, with a total of 45 minutes. You can look definitely forward to interesting guests. Malone will be joined by Kid Laroi, Gunna, Doja Cat or Weeknd. He released two singles before releasing this fourth studio album.

2. Poliça – Madness

If you want to explore new worlds, dream or shut down completely, Poliça will be happy to take you on an exciting walk, after which, you will never be the same again. The charming singer Channy Leaneagh will immediately mesmerize you.


Poliça is a fascinating quartet from Minnesota that you will immediately fall in love with if you like playful electronics mixed with trip-hop or alt-rock. Their new release Madness offers seven atmospheric songs with gloomy lyrics and beautiful music that you just have to hear.

3. Bleed from Within – Shrine

They kicked open the doors into the metal world in 2005 and have certainly not been idle since then. Shrine will be their sixth record. Five Scots from Glasgow will might scare you, but at the same time enrich you and broaden your horizons, with really dark and provocative lyrics, crazy blastbeats and beautiful transitions between pure vocals and aggressive growling.


Bleed from Within takes the best of contemporary metalcore and groove metal and combines it into a functional whole that will please even the greatest skeptics. In addition to highly distorted guitars, you will also find strings or keyboards that soften and balance everything, while also adding the necessary grandeur and urgency. If you are not too afraid, definitely try it ou.

4. Angel Olsen – Big Time

The charismatic 35-year-old American Angel Olsen from Missouri and her pleasant indie-folk / country might just be getting more and more enjoyable. You can feel that she is maturing musically and is enjoying life. It definitely gives her listeners a dose of optimism and hope that better times will come. It is full of elegance, self-confidence, but also (just as important) humility. Angel Olsen is undoubtedly a full-fledged artist who makes music with maximum feeling and without calculation. It simply flows naturally, from the heart. That's why Big Time is so honest and you will enjoy listening to it again and again.

5. Zoo and Aquarium – Sealed

Well, jazz rhythms, electronics with post-rock gradation and playfully changing moods. Zoo and Aquarium instrumentalists from Bratislava are still successfully dodging being put in a box. They prefer to run up down and across multiple genres, try new things without a hint of fear, and continue to surprise as if it were their mission.


In 2018 they released a great album Free Range, which was characterized by fascinating unpredictability, on June 1 they came back with a new EP called Sealed. The original trio of musicians will be complemented by multi-instrumentalist Sasha Mamaev, who will enliven the rendering of new and old compositions with a saxophone, bass guitar and synthesizers.

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