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Tímea Krauszová
March 6, 2021, 12:04pm
Reading time: 5:54

These Beautifully Designed Sex Toys Are Gonna Blow Your Mind

Humbly selecting the most good-looking sex toys.

Tímea Krauszová
March 6, 2021, 12:04pm
Reading time: 5:54
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These Beautifully Designed Sex Toys Are Gonna Blow Your Mind
Zdroj: Unbound Babes
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Some of the most visually beautiful pieces in sex shops are clearly the modern vibrators, which have a simplified design and usually several interesting functions. Usually, those that don't try to resemble a human penis or vagina tend to be more appealing.


But what if you could combine a functional vibrator with a minimalist and elegant necklace? What if your dildo was so beautiful that you could proudly display it in a show case?


Gold-plated rings, hand-made quartz dildos or glass anal plugs with a unique design, are all in existence today. Thanks to modern creators, the purchase of erotic toys is now transforming from an incognito activity into a joyous pilgrimage for pleasure.


Here comes our selection of the most beautiful sexual aids available. Although none of them guarantees a happy sex life (that depends on your satisfaction and composure as such), these products are unique, have set the bar high and are pioneers in the nonchalant combination of luxurious design and utmost satisfaction.

Shine at all occasions and accessorize with pleasure

The company Crave has created an elegant gem that you'd never classify as a sex toy at first glance. Vesper is an inconspicuous, less than 10-centimeter-long stick made of stainless steel that operates in four vibration modes.


You choose by pressing a button and to turn it off, just hold it down a bit longer (like with most other vibrators). It looks discrete when dangling on a chain, but if you don't want to risk others knowing what's really hanging around your neck, it's also removable.


Of course, vibration stimulation can be enjoyed by women and men alike, but manufacturers warn that it is not suitable for penetration. In addition to design products, Crave also spreads awareness in the field of sex education and equality between women and men. They have their own foundation that supports projects focused on women's rights, especially in the field of violence against women (such as female circumcision) or sexual exploitation.


Melody is wearing the Vesper vibrator as a necklace. It's a subtle sex aid, hidden in an elegant piece of jewellery Source: Instagram / @lovecrave via @_melodypk


The Crave website hasn't been working properly in the EU for a while (apparently no one has redesigned the site since the introduction of the new GDPR rules). However, you can easily order their stuff through  Amazon, which is also recommended by the manufacturers. It costs about 70 EUR.



You can also top up your accessory game with gold-plated rings from the Unbound company. Distinctive piece of jewellery and a strong vibrator in one combine the unique and bold taste of creators with a passion for fashion.


With a tiny motor hidden inside, you can easily switch between five vibration modes by touching or tilting the top of the ring. During the creation of this piece, they have used an accelerometer, like the ones found in cell phones. Needless to say, there's an option of magnetic USB charging. Also, it is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about damaging it when washing your hands.


Palma ring comes in two versions: golden and silver. It's a multi-functional waterproof vibrator that you can even buy in monthly installments. Source: Unbound Babes


The entire presentation of the Palma ring screams detachment and passion. Not afraid of strong colors, transforming the purchase of a sex toy from an embarrassing task into a joyful investment in ones self. It can be yours for about 80 euros.


"Everybody was coming out with vibrators that were paired with Bluetooth, so that you could have an app,," Unbound founder Polly Rodriguez told Dezeen. She says that women usually dismiss  such smart toys because you have to roll over and get your phone in the middle of a moment. She therefore wanted to create a more intuitive design that would respond to the body naturally.


The entire Unbound development team is purely female and focuses on truly functional qualities to bring pleasure to women. You can easily use the vibrator on your finger to stimulate the clitoris during sex, something that up to 70 percent of women need to orgasm, according to Polly Rodriguez.


So aesthetic, they'd easily pass for house accessories

Artistic gems made of natural crystals and minerals will amaze even those who do not otherwise believe in the healing power of stones. Handmade erotic toys by Chakrubs simply could not be missing from our selection: possessing a sense for detail and a luxurious look, they offer a comprehensive sensory experience.


Not only do they "get the job done", they also look beautiful, have perfectly balanced shapes, and thanks to the fact that they are made of natural materials, you can also play around with the temperature: cool them under water or heat them in your hands. Manufacturers even say that not only do they bring sexual pleasure, but also peace, healing and fresh energy. That's what we like to call a great offer.


Beautiful dildos from natural materials will bring you to slow down and enjoy your body free from disturbing vibrations. It's not about the speed, but the quality. Source: Instagram / @chakrubs viac @brittguimond


The name comes from the word chakra in Sanskrit, which translates as energy center. Again, this is a brand that is backed only by women and creates products mainly for women, but we do not think that this should limit you in any way. They have several types to choose from: cold and calm pink quartz, mysterious jade, incredibly luring amethyst and obsidian. Gradually, they're adding other colors according to the available sources, while the products may differ slightly. After all, the material is natural.


One of their most successful products is The Heart - Cock, stunningly crafted from rose quartz and hopelessly sold out. Beware, this is a luxury design; each product is carved by hand and this reflects in the price. Under $ 150 (about 125 EUR) you can hardly find any toys here, unless they're on sale. But there really is a lot to choose from, when it comes to shapes. Chakrubs makes dildos, venus balls, yoni eggs for practicing the pelvic floor and other aids. On top of that, there are also books and a lot of educational material as well.


They focus on self-knowledge and encourage people to discover their own pleasures, to explore what they enjoy. Quality sex is not only about your partner, but also about your mind, they say in the blogs on their website.



Among the most beautiful erotic products on the market, we must absolutely include the dildos from ONNA Lifestyle. It's not only due to the content of elaborate quality, which they inspire with and educate by on Instagram or in their newsletter, but also their almost mystical presentation on social networks and websites, which reminds us how precious and beautiful human sexuality can really be.


ALLURE PEARL by ONNA is one of the most beautiful products of this brand. Source: ONNA Lifestyle


Each product is made by hand and revamped to the last detail. Usually the collections are limited, although some bestsellers regularly return to circulation, mostly in new colors. One of the favorites is The Drop with two ends, designed to stimulate the G-spot, but its thinner end is also preferred by men in experimenting with prostate stimulation. The Pearl dildo is also regularly sold out, which is probably one of their most magnificent creations ever.


Their products are bold and many people - both men and women, according to their stories on Instagram - have learned to love their bodies again after a traumatic experience. Or opened up a new world of pleasure that they had never explored before. And all of this through a discreet, downright decent design, without vibrations or any other mechanical movements. Only you and your toy in bed (or anywhere else). And your partner, if you will.


It is certainly not a cheap purchase, their anal plugs made of borosilicate (tempered glass) are among the most available pieces, going for 130 EUR. Of course, there is a discreet, ecological packaging and a beautiful piece that doesn't necessarily have to be hidden under the bed. It would certainly deserve a proper exposure on the bedside table. They also offer underwear, candles and several more products for the body (lubricants, massage oils).


Everyone deserves pleasure, regardless of gender

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Vibrators are for women and masturbators for men.


Maude throws such gender stereotypes into the trash and replaces them with a neutral design, which concerns not only the choice of colors, but also the use of their products. They offer clean design, quality mechanism and a vibrator that both women and men will enjoy. Eva Goicoche and Dina Epstein, who previously worked in marketing and product design for a long time are the masterminds behind the brand. They wanted to create something that everyone could use - regardless of gender or sexual preference.


Maude calls their vibrator "personal massager", while discarding gender stereotypes. Instead, they offer clean design and top quality. Source: Instagram / @getmaude


Supposedly, their goal was to simplify sex - from excitement through protection to supplements in the form of massage oil. They offer thin, comfortable condoms made of natural latex, which you could unblushingly buy while shopping in the store. They are not packed in a disgustingly kitchy package. Also a natural lubricant with a comfortable dispenser and a nice package that will not scream "pervert" at your new partner.


"Mission of Maude is to redefine the culture of this industry," the founders told Dezeen. The core of their company is inclusion, simplicity and quality, and these features also emerge from their products. They are wrapped in simple, minimalist packaging, nothing extra. In addition, their vibrators are affordable - you can buy them for $ 45 (approximately 33 EUR). At Maude, they rely on a universal and simple design, because sex should not be complicated, full of shame or prejudice.


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Thumbnail: Instagram / @lovecrave via @_melodypk, @chakrubs via @brittguimond
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